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It was only on his death bed that the director of the CIA confessed to the Watergate investigator that he had known about the secret details of the Iran-Contra scandal. William Casey read the top-secret computer messages from the National Security Council, and he was on hand to advise and assist actors like Oliver North Stepped aside, he helped with the cover-up maneuvers.: Out of system, out of control


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Secord replied that you need expensive, modern navigation systems and all-weather radar systems.

"Damn it," interjected North. "It is time for someone to take care of it, because the situation is pretty desperate." Casey replied that Secretary of State George Shultz could turn to the Saudis. He would talk to the minister.

The State Department did not turn to the Saudis. The ten million could later be obtained from another source, namely from the Sultan of Brunei, the small oil state on the island of Borneo. The donation was the result of a three-hour conversation between Shultz and the Sultan. A year earlier, the CIA had equipped the Sultan with a security system. North provided the account number of the Swiss bank to which the Sultan was supposed to transfer the money. His secretary, Fawn Hall, switched two Digits of the number, with the result that the ten million ended up on the wrong account and not on the contras.

In the summer of 1986, North was questioned by the House Intelligence Committee, but he denied having advised the Contras militarily or had ever known of any individual military actions by the Contras. When Poindexter learned of these denials from a report, he sent a message to North: "Well done."

It was clear to North that now that the $ 100 million Contra Aid cleared parliamentary hurdles, he would have to go out of business. He dissolved his private network "Project Democracy" and on July 24th he wrote to Poindexter that the CIA must now buy up the company's holdings. North estimated their total value at $ 4.5 million; this included "six planes, warehouses, supplies, maintenance facilities, ships, boats, leased houses, vehicles, artillery, ammunition, communications equipment, and a 6,520 foot taxiway" in Costa Rica. "All of these assets - and staff - are owned or paid for by overseas companies unrelated to the US ... It would be absurd if all of this had to go away just because the CIA refuses to take over these properties so as not to get her fingers dirty. Weeks or months later she would have to invest eight to ten million to replace everything. "

Poindexter agreed to wind up the matter gradually and directed North to speak to Casey about it. But Casey wanted to keep the CIA at bay.

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