How can I learn to fundraise

Collect donations: Schools start fundraising campaign

Collect donations: Schools can find ideas and tips for a creative donation campaign here.

Are you a teacher and interested in getting involved with your class? You are a student, enterprising, bursting with energy and not only want to debate, but specifically and now move something? Great, then you've come to the right place. Our common goal: to give children in developing countries the chance of a better life - for example with a creative fundraising campaign at your school.

Collect donations: schools at the start

Big changes often start small, think Fridays for Future. Think global, act local. Start at your school. On your marks, get set ...

Charity run

Pour happiness hormones and collect donations in the process? For every lap you do Charity run your supporters contribute a predetermined amount. Supporters can be companies from the local area, parents and relatives, friends and acquaintances. Let your fan club not only watch you sweat, but also become active as a donor and sponsor. You get applause and sore muscles - a school in Mali, for example. B. a new solar system (donation target: 3,800 EUR).

Collect donations at the school festival

Collect donations and celebrate? Fun and engagement? Goes wonderfully together! The School festival as a donation event is the perfect hub for all kinds of activities. The Open dayr the ideal opportunity to exchange ideas with visitors, to share your experiences and insights from project weeks. Turn to journalists Media representatives on site (TV, radio, newspaper, weekly paper). Inaugurate them early, let yourself be announced. Use Facebook or Insta to self-confidently draw attention to what is close to your heart. Rattling is part of the craft.

Donation bazaar

Flea markets are popular, second-hand treasures are climate-neutral. Time to clear the ship again. Things that you no longer need bring joy to others. Every euro helps - for example, to enable child-friendly learning under difficult conditions.

Cake, quiche & Co.

Vegan quiche, a delicious piece of cake - if you like to cook, bake and sizzle: great! Willingness to donate goes through the stomach. What seems perfectly normal in the First World is unfortunately not seen globally. That's why it's great that you're getting active. Every deposit donation counts. A permanent school place for a child in a village in Nepal can be set up for around 165 EUR.

Start your own fundraising campaign

Students in Nepal

School newspaper: advertising helps

Advertising helps - not just the advertiser. When advertising revenue is used to fight child poverty by building schools, orphanages and health centers. For this you can use your Abi or school newspaper use.

In addition to selling ad space, a company that contributes can also be featured - with a portrait or an interview in the magazine. What are its values? What ethical principles? In terms of content, draw the link to yours Donation request. The professional world calls this kind of native advertising. It is important to note that if content does not look promotional but is paid for, it is necessary to label it as “sponsored”, “advertorial” or the like. to be marked.

Set a donation goal

Set a goal for your fundraiser. We would be happy to advise you! For example, a goat farm can secure the preservation of an entire school in Nepal (donation target: 5000 EUR).Wouldn't it be exciting to have a partner school in Nepal?

Collect donations: schools cooperate

Sport is your thing? The Donation run principle does not stop at ball sports or other disciplines. Goal wall shooting, high and long jump, lifting dumbbells: on your way to the donation target there are hits, goals or baskets, the records tumble and the sneakers smoke.

Others may be more artistically oriented and contribute musical on stage, start one Song contest or introduce Play on. Why not cooperate? Two schools, one plan. Find suitable partners, agree on a common donation goal, get together, share your contacts and use your strengths!

Your school donation arrives

The Children's Fund Third World e. V. relies on transparency and, in order to bring about sustainable changes, on helping people to help themselves - our most important principle. We are also happy to come to your school, answer questions and tell you about our work. (Greater Hamburg area) Do you have any ideas, suggestions, questions? We are there for you and look forward to your cooperation.

Collect donations: not without my school

This article was written by Manuel Drescher.