What is the solution to financial problems

The solution for the individual can only lie in a provision that is completely independent of the state.

Relying on the state will inevitably lead to poverty in old age that will surpass any pessimistic fears.

The solution to your precautionary problem is a complex analysis and planning process. Many insurance companies and fund companies claim that the customer's problem is solved by taking out YOUR pension product that is offered. But that does not correspond to reality.
  • There is no product that only brings advantages.
  • There is no product that solves all of your prevention problems.
  • There are no products with high yields that do not also involve risks.
  • There are no "insider tips" and "sensational product news" that solve all financial problems.
In order to be able to start a meaningful pension planning, an analysis of the current, but also the past and the still planned living circumstances is required.
  • How has your life been in the past?
  • What personal, professional and financial development have you already seen?
  • What are you planning for your future?
  • Family? House building (purchase)?
  • What professional development are you aiming for?
  • Do you expect cash flows in the future (e.g. inheritances)?
  • Or will you most likely be burdened with additional expenses in the future (e.g. house renovation)?
All of these points (and a few more) are the basis for developing your personal practical strategy. Only when this strategy has been worked out can individual products be selected and combined. There is no product that ONLY brings benefits. Just as every product has its advantages - and therefore also its raison d'etre, every product also has its weaknesses. The aim that we set ourselves is to find an optimal balance for you. Only a sensible, needs-based combination of the options offered guarantees a sensible, needs-based solution to your pension problem. We explain the advantages but also the disadvantages of the individual proposed solutions ... ... so that YOU can make your personal decisions.

IT'S about YOUR life - take it in YOUR hand!