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Medicines and supplements worth bringing from India

People's tips on what makes sense to grasp Goa

Once I met in the popular Goan forum with the topic “What medication should I bring from Goa?”. The discussion immediately struck me as interesting for several reasons: first of all, the season was really over and it was time to think about what could be brought to Goa - second, all kinds of medicines in Russia are very expensive and their quality leaves much to be desired besides, in India it is better with them, besides, almost all of us have many relatives who need certain preparations so that hotels from far away we can be really useful. That's why I decided to read the advice of experienced people more closely.

In general, I try to listen carefully to what people are saying, whether they're traveling or sitting on forums. Of course, there are many lovers on the Internet who can chat with the language without entering the business, but one should learn to distinguish oneself from those who really speak buzzwords. The easiest way is to listen to the advice of the people upon arrival at the places, because if a person already lives in Goa, that state obviously knows more than the one that has never been here before. For example in the article: “Why we are interested in people who travel a lot” - I tried to tell about those who cannot sit still. You can read many books, websites, and forums but still don't understand what India is. However, there is a slim chance of meeting the layman in a foreign land, as it would be lucky.

If you just want to rest in Goa, you will probably read the tips I gathered especially for myself to travel to India:

Based on advice and personal observation, I have often compiled lists of useful and easily profitable purchases that can be made in certain countries. In one of the articles: “What should I bring back from Goa as a souvenir?” - I took a close look at the topic, all the goodies from India, and mentioned that all kinds of medicines are very popular goods brought by tourists. This is not surprising since most of the drugs sold in Russia come from India, where the price is many times lower and counterfeiting is less common.

Pharmaceuticals and Ayurveda that are worth bringing with you from India

As you've probably heard in India, and Goa is no exception, there are two types of treatment approaches: traditional use of science and pharmaceuticals and Ayurvedic based spiritual treatment. Since the use of medicinal products is only recommended after consulting a doctor, it is not advisable to take natural Ayurvedic agents randomly. There are both types of doctors and pharmacies in India. However, you can find all kinds of medicines in most pharmacies. The main thing is to know what to take.

Very important! Before taking any drugs from the head, stomach or joints, do not forget to consult a specialist. It does not matter which means you use. Herbal mixes and charges are useless at best if you don't choose them correctly.

The list of funds turned out to be huge, so I tried to split it into two groups. Depending on your approach to medication: pharmaceuticals or Ayurveda - you can choose which list is most useful to you. In my opinion, modern science cannot explain all phenomena, and yoga treats many injuries without surgery, so either approach is workable. Of course, the recommended tools will not cover the full range of diseases. I've only selected those recommended by most and tested them over many years.

Modern advances in pharmacy that Goa should bring


  • Cetirizine (Cetirizine) in Ukraine costs $ 13 in India for allergies.


  • Neurozan is an excellent vitamin complex for brain and nerve activity. Sold in pharmacies (you can bring the order with you). Costs 480 rupees. One pack is enough for a month. The clarity of thought appears a few days after the reception begins. A small side effect is possible - irritability in the first week of induction.
  • Supradin in Goa cost 20 rupees, in Russia more than 300 rubles
  • Arachitol - therapeutic doses of vitamin D3 600,000 IU / ml arachitol, therapeutic doses of vitamin D3 600,000 IU / ml.


  • Omez for heartburn and abdominal pain in Goa - 52 rupees
  • Isabgol was sitting - something like Enterosgel.

Hepatitis treatment

  • Hepcinat (Sofosbuvir), Natdac (Daclatasvir): In Russia, hepatitis C is treated with Indian pills, of course only with the prescription of the treating doctor. The two drugs complement each other. In Ahmedabad $ 690 for the minimum rate (3 packs per drug) with delivery to Russia. In Goa, Madrem of course $ 950
  • Ledifos for example in Delhi or Mumbai for $ 245


  • Femilion contraceptives in India cost 177 rupees
  • High quality fluconazole (a drug for thrush) - 16 rupees

Antipyretics and cold remedies

  • Ibuprofen with paracetamol (Loyd) 10 rupees -10 pieces, analogously in Moscow Ibuklin 100 rubles
  • For example, paracetamol is referred to here as Wallace.
  • Aspirin, Indians work better, and face masks can be made with it - 4.28 rupees per 10 tablets.


  • Sorion - a friend praises this psoriasis ointment from 70 rupees, a two-story pharmacy in Mapse is no worse than the Russian ointment for 600 rubles
  • Quickly restores the skin with burns, wounds, cuts, stretch marks, scars, etc. in Siolim in a pharmacy costs 111 rupees.


  • Saridon 6 p.m. in Moscow 300 rub. from the head + pain relievers.
  • Ketorol (Ketorol) pain reliever - importation into Russia is prohibited.


  • Buscopan Plus from post-traumatic inflammatory processes
  • Voveran (Diclofenac) anti-inflammatory drugs


  • Kufril LS falls off, you can even have babies. Alex Junior syrup is very good.

Mental disorders

  • Volapride-25 (more modern analog eglonila, a mirror molecule). If a friend or loved one got a lid (which is not uncommon in Goa), and there is an obvious need for drug therapy: a tablet at night for the first three days, then (if there is an effect, but the dynamics is not fast) - 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening. The course lasts 3-4 weeks. It is very advisable to consult a psychiatrist first. If this is not possible, then the drug is generally light and fairly safe (also used in gastroenterology). I strongly recommend not to bring to Russia.

Wounds and burns

  • Betadine powde - powder for drying open wounds
  • Placentrex and Megahill - healing of scars and wounds 121 rupees


  • Regjoint - a preparation for the restoration of joints costs almost 3,000, in Goa 10 tablets of 174 rupees for a month you need three packs. It is necessary to drink - the longer the better, ideally no less than six months

travel sickness

  • Vomistop - relief from motion sickness. Thanks to them, now mountain snakes are not terrible


  • Enterogermina is one of the best probiotics 420 rupees per pack (10 pieces)
  • Vibact is highly praised - 100 rupees

Ayurvedic and other natural products from India

Do not forget that not everything natural is useful and safe. Ayurveda is the entire direction of alternative medicine with its theories, specialists and therapists. In no case should you mindlessly recruiting drugs, even from this seemingly innocuous list, without consulting a specialist, from which India is enough. The list is based on reviews from travelers on forums and in particular the Goa People group.

Anti tobacco

  • Nicotine chewing gum (there is a different amount of mg) cost 55 rupees (bye-bye gold nicorette!).


  • Geriforte - tonic, analogous chavanprashi.


  • Pudin Hara - from indigestion, heartburn, abdominal pain, flatulence
  • Mint capsules dabur from stomach ailments, about 15 rupees per 10 pieces, analogous to our Motilium


  • Mukta vati divya from Patanjali - good for high blood pressure, costs 120 rupees.

eye drop

  • Itone eye drops, do not sting
  • Udzhala - calms and supports vision.

Head, headache, migraine, brain activity

  • Migrated from migraines, 60 rupees
  • Divya Dhara helps with migraines, high and low pressure - pencil 20 rupees
  • Intelec - for brain activity, some herbs 45 rupees


  • Cystone Hymalaya - from kidney stones, cystitis and other things 70 rupees


  • Party smart when your liver is barely digesting alcohol, and in the morning you're even suffering from a glass of dry red rupee that you drank the day before

Colds and respiratory tract

  • Yogi cantika - from a sore throat
  • Patanjali - delicious cough syrup, 50 rupees
  • Coughing helps Adulsa very well
  • Light breath - 50 rupees, there are many pharmacies. If the nose is stuffed, cut off the top and drip around you (at night). Or do inhalation (there are a lot of oils in the composition).
  • Coflet throat lozenges Himalayan 2 rupees each
  • Trishun - mainly for respiratory diseases. In each pharmacy blister 6 tablets - 22 rupees. The course of 3 days, 3 tablets per day with meals or 1 tablet per day prophylactically. The composition is completely herbal. The taste of terrible bitterness mixed with spices

Wounds and burns

  • Kailash - burns, injuries, abrasions, cuts


  • Yogoradzh Google (30 rupees) took 10 cans at a time
  • Pidantak - a drug used to restore the joints
  • Capsules dr. Ortho is very good for joint pain.
  • Rumalaya forte capsules for pain in the back, joints and bones
  • Rumawin ointment
  • Joint Health - It is classified as a dietary supplement (in addition to glucosamine - 500 mg, chondroitin -50 mg., Methylsulfonylmethane -250 mg., There are vitamins D3, B12, zinc, folic acid, copper, selenium, rose extract). In the Appolo pharmacy, the price is 300 rupees for 30 tablets.

Purification of the blood and body

  • Safi - cleanses the blood, liver and natural composition - 80 rupees
  • Bio India capsule three times of colon cleansing (taken within 1.5 to 2 months) twice a year
  • Aloe vera juice, of course
  • Neem - with skin problems
  • Wartosin is a unique Ayurvedic solution for the complete removal of protruding warts on the face, forehead, neck, cheeks, armpits, etc.

The list of drugs is far from complete. Almost any type of medicine can be found in India. The tourist's recommended first aid kit is not necessary here, the counterpart bought in Goa will cost much less. In any case, before consuming any of the most recommended remedies in tons, you should simply travel to India first. Who knows, you might find your way to healing mostly with spiritual injuries. In the article: "The cheapest tickets to India from 18 000 rubles round trip" - you can find a suitable plane ticket or simply use one of the offers of our sponsor.

What medication do you bring with GOA?

When you travel to India, you cannot come from there without souvenirs. It can be various pieces of jewelry, and there can be useful things, for example world-famous Ayurvedic preparations. And now we want to consider which medicines should be brought from Goa.

What are good preparations from India?

Based on Ayurveda - the ancient system of traditional Indian medicine - all medicines that can be bought in pharmacies in India are made on the basis of natural herbs, berries and roots. Its popularity is steadily increasing, which has resulted in some travel companies selling Ayurveda tours in India.

For this reason, it is worth paying attention to buying various medicines that are related to Ayurvedic remedies and thus cope with almost any disease.

Which medications should be considered?

One of the most popular and famous in India is the Himalayas. As a leading manufacturer of dietary supplements, it also produces high quality and highly effective pharmaceuticals. A large number of decorative cosmetics and cosmetic preparations for caring for the human body are particularly popular.

Different types of biologically active additives should be drunk for a result of 2-3 months, while the cost of one drug varies from 135 rupees, or $ 2 per glass, which is provided for a month. And now it is worth considering what medicines can be purchased in Goa for personal use.

Basic Ayurvedic Medicines

Let us consider what can be brought from Goa in terms of health and beauty.

Preparations that help with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

If we look at the products of the Himalayas, among the medicines we can mention:

Bael - supports the work of the intestines, especially in the case of diarrhea or diarrhea, as well as intestinal infections and inflammations;

Triphala - allows you to treat constipation and make digestion easier. In addition, the laxative effect is quite mild, which does not cause any negative sensations. In addition, the drug is not addictive and gradually strengthens the digestive tract;

Trikatu - helps in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, improves digestion, stimulates appetite and helps get rid of flatulence;

Sunthi is an excellent remedy for nausea and motion sickness. It helps with indigestion and migraines for headaches. Can take people who have had surgery.

Allergy remedies

Cetirizine is an effective natural product that costs only $ 0.30 in India.

Skin care products

Neem - allows you to protect the skin from various types of bacteria and keep it young and fresh. Great for acne.

Haridra - Copes with different types of skin diseases, including infections and allergic reactions.

Vitamin complexes

Neurozan - is a great way to improve brain function and stimulate nerve activity.

Supradin - such a complex in Goa can be purchased for only 20 rupees, while in Russia the price exceeds 300 rubles.

Arachitol is a good complex that is rich in group D vitamins.


Femilion is the most effective contraceptive.

Fluconazole - good with choke and cheap - only 16 rupees for high quality.

Great antipyretic, as well as remedies for colds

Ibuprofen with paracetamol - well-known means, but very cheap, only 10 rupees for 10 pieces.

Paracetamol in India is called Wallace.

Indian aspirin has special properties. It's very effective Russian analog and much cheaper.

Different ointments

Sorion ointment for those struggling with psoriasis

Siimime. The cost is around 111 rupees. When you need to recover as soon as possible after burns, cuts, and stretch marks.

You can find pharmacies and various cosmetics at very affordable prices. For more drugs, see the article which is from India.

The result

When deciding which medication to bring with you from Goa, go to the pharmacy, supermarket or as a standalone unit. The choice is only limited by financial means as the choice is really wide.

Medicines in India: Ayurveda

To cleanse the intestines, improve the skin, restore women's health, and strengthen men's strength. In all of this, as in many other ailments, Indians use magical roots and weeds. They learned this from their ancestors while maintaining the traditions of ancient Indian medicine - Ayurveda. Today it's all about what natural medicines and dietary supplements to look out for in India, what to buy for yourself or give as gifts to friends.

Last time I wrote about Indian cosmetics. An interesting post that our readers now add to the comments with photos of their favorite Indian oils, pastes and shampoos.
Now it is the turn of Indian drugs. Everyone knows that India is one of the largest drug manufacturers in the world. But not everyone uses it. And in vain. Very, very inexpensive drugs in India. For example, we bought medicines from Arina in Delhi during her illness. An amoxicillin-based antibiotic in suspension costs only $ 1 per pack. Bottle of vitamins in syrup - two dollars. Generally, you are in Goa to get medicine. In addition to traditional medicine, there is an old one in India called Ayurveda.

Ayurveda - the ancient Indian science of human nature

The basis of Ayurvedic medicines - plant extracts and natural oils.We have such pills called diet supplements and we don't consider them drugs at all. In India, Ayurveda has worked so well with ordinary people for thousands of years that ancient recipes are still alive. Almost from any disease, you can find the necessary herbs. Only now are the leaves packed in modern packaging capsules. It turns out ancient medicine in a modern way.

What medicines do you buy in India?

Keep in mind that even when herbal supplements are used, the drugs I am writing about below may have contraindications. Do not assign them yourself. Better to be in India to go to any Ayurveda clinic. You will collect the necessary medication.

Chapanprash (Chyawanprash) - immune stimulant

Once in India, go to the supermarket or pharmacy and buy chyawanprash. It is sold in plastic jars and is more like jam than drugs. Chyawanprash is a very powerful immune stimulant. In fact, it is a jam made from vitamin C-rich fruit called amla, to which more than forty ingredients made from herbs and minerals have been added. Indians eat chyawanprash for centuries in a row. They claim it helps from everything. If you want to have strong immunity - eat chyawanprash. You want to remove toxins and improve the condition of your skin and hair - Chyavanprash will help you with that. In search of strong bones and teeth - Chyawanprash again. It is recommended for diseases of the brain and heart, respiratory system, liver and kidneys.

Chyawanprash produces many companies. It has different flavors, with and without sugar. It looks like sticky thick herb jam. It tastes sweet, adds a little spice. You have to get used to its rich taste, but after a week you will be happy to eat it. The whole family ate two cans of chyawanprash and everyone is alive and well. Manufacturers recommend drinking it in courses for 40 days.

Adults must take a teaspoon of chyawanprash 15 minutes before meals twice a day and wash off with warm water or milk. Children over three years old give half a teaspoon twice a day.

Kailash Jeevan - ointment from everything

The second most popular medicine in India. Have you ever seen an ointment that can be eaten that will help from anything? If you get burned in the sun in India, Kailash Jivan's ointment will help with burns. Not only does Kailash quickly heal wounds and abrasions, treat acne and even ring fungus, but it also numbs. If you pulled a muscle, got a headache, or got teeth - Kailash Jivan helps with these problems.

In some cases, it is recommended to take the ointment orally. For example when coughing, sore throat, diarrhea or insomnia.

A strange series of diseases for a drug? So it seems to me. Let's see what Kailash Jivan is made of. At the heart of - coconut and sandalwood oils as well as oil Gorey Shorei. And here you can find camphor, talc, palm, cissampelos and neem leaves, which are used in both pharmacology and the cosmetics industry due to their powerful bactericidal properties.

Kailash Jivan has become a real find for us. We lubricate your skin after beach and mosquito bites. I tried to taste it, nothing particularly terrible, you can eat a couple of spoons if needed.

Neem (Neem) - detoxification and cleansing of the skin

I mentioned it in a post on Indian cosmetics. The extract from the leaves of the neem tree is added to detergents - scrubs, washing gels, shampoos. Neem's bactericidal properties are believed to be excellent. Indians buy neem powder in pharmacies and use it to brew tea. However, it is very bitter, which is why the drug companies invented to release it in capsules.

They drink it for body detox and skin beauty. It cleanses the blood and liver, improves metabolism. This will help the body stop inflammation and improve the condition of the skin. It is also prescribed for urinary and intestinal infections, including parasites.

To prevent this from happening, drink one capsule twice a day before meals. If you have skin problems, you should drink three capsules a day.

Shatavari (Shatavari) - magic capsules for women's health

Do you know how to translate Shatavari? "Have a hundred husbands"! What is your name? The main ingredient in Shatavari was asparagus extract. This plant in Ayurveda is considered a very valuable source of energy, vitality, it has a rejuvenating effect. Wonderful weeds normalize hormones, activate the eggs, help manage the causes of infertility, and fight the troubles of menopause.

If you have serious health problems, please consult your doctor before taking shatavari.

Ayur Slim (Ayur Slim) - weights for slimming

Another capsule for women that Himalaya (Himalaya) produces. Who doesn't dream of a perfect, slim figure? But only units make an effort to control eating and exercise. Lazy girls don't look for ways to lose weight without dieting and physical activity. Ayurslim interferes with the breakdown of fatty acids in the body through the extract of Garcinia. Forest Dzhimnema dulls appetite, Guggul - lowers cholesterol. Haritaki - cleanses the body of toxins, and fenugreek helps the body feel full quickly.

In the bank, Himalaya produces Ayur Slim capsules with 60 pieces. There is one such jar with 200 Indian rupees ($ 3.22). The course lasts from 30 days to three months. You need to take 2 capsules twice a day. Contraindications - diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension and diabetes.

Tulasi or Tulsi (Tulasi) - for colds and coughs

It's a shame to catch cold and vacation by the sea, to sneeze and cough! But there is a sacred Tulasi tree in Ayurveda, the powder of which is effective against colds. Tulasi is used for coughs, sore throats and respiratory infections. Tulasi produces different companies. In the Himalayas, a pack of 60 capsules costs just 100 rupees (US $ 1.6).

Trishun - from a cold sore throat

Very effective drug for colds and sore throats. Available in blister packs of 6 tablets, costs around 20 rupees (33 cents). One course - three days in the morning and evening on one tablet.

Tiger Balm (Tiger Balm) - an ancient Asian ointment

This is not an exclusively Indian medicine, but a pan-Asian medicine. Tiger Balm is also sold in Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. And prepared for the first time in Burma by immigrants from China. The recipe for Tiger Balm is over 150 years old. It is usually bought as a gift to relatives. It helps with sprains and muscle pain, warms the joints, and helps with colds. It is rubbed into the chest, lower back, knees, and the temporal part of the head.
Tiger balms are made in India in a variety of packaging. In the red packaging the balm is stronger, in the white packaging it is more delicate.

Tiger Balsam contains camphor and mint oil, menthol, clove oil and Kaeput oil.

In India there is a tiger balm for only 55 rupees - that's 0.9 dollars.


For the practice of yoga, Triphala is really an Ayurvedic cult medicine. His strength is rejuvenated, they believe that Triphala cleanses and restores the body.

Triphala is translated as "three fruits" and consists of several components, all of which are of natural origin. Trifalu is taken orally, and cleansing and rejuvenating masks are also made from powder and wounds.

Himalaya makes Trifalu in a pack of 60 capsules and costs 100 rupees (1.6 USD).

Cold Balm - remedy for cough and rhinitis

Excellent remedy for rhinitis. Checked on you. Balm has to lubricate the wings of the nose under the nose with a headache - whiskey. Eucalyptus oil perfectly cleanses the nose, camphor nourishes the skin of the nose and copes with redness. Mint acts as an anesthetic and helps relieve pain. Nutmeg speeds the blood up and relieves cold symptoms.

There is a small jar of only half a dollar - 30 rupees.

Pain balm - soothing balm

Another wonderful balm from the Himalayas. Headache, body and joint pain. He copes with all of these symptoms. The composition of the oil of the Indian winter grass - galeterii. It relieves sore muscles and joints. Mint Extract and Pine Oil - relax, cool and soothe headaches.
The balm is rubbed into the nostrils, temples, chest or painful areas.
The price of the Himalayan pain reliever balm - 30 rupees ($ 0.5).

Muscle Joint Rub - Pain in muscles and joints

If you are actively involved in sports, love hardcore at the gym, or need to work out hard, then this red tube of magical ointment is for you. It relieves sore muscles, warms well, helps with sprains and tendons, and also eliminates bruises and swelling in injuries.

The muscle pain cream costs 35 Indian rupees - just over half a dollar.

Ashvagandha (Ashvagandha) - Indian ginseng

Ashwagandha is the name of an Indian tree, also called winter cherry.

Ashwagandha preparations soothe, strengthen the nervous system, restore memory, strengthen male strength and act as antioxidants. These additives are used to increase immunity and in the recovery phase after illnesses and operations.

Spirulina (Spirulina) - cleansing and nutrition

Everyone has heard of spirulina at some point, mainly because it is very useful. Now let's see why. In spirulina - a huge amount of protein. And if you are on a diet or just do not eat meat, this supplement is an excellent source of energy for the entire organism.

Amino acids, vitamins and minerals - all of this is also contained in spirulina, so that the preparations from it can also be viewed as a vitamin complex. In addition, the components of spirulina can excrete toxins and heavy metals.

Do you know of any other useful and proven Ayurvedic Indian medicines? I would love if you can find time to include your feedback in the comments.

We collect the first aid kit and medicines in India

Before many tourists travel to India, they often ask themselves: is it necessary to vaccinate the train in this exotic country? Yes you do not need everything. And not necessarily. If you plan to visit Goa for two weeks, vaccinations are completely voluntary. If your route is through deserted parts of the country and you want to take a walk in the forest, it is better to get rid of hepatitis, malaria and other diseases. For the vast majority of tourists there is a very simple piece of advice: pay attention to personal hygiene!

Important: Make sure you buy travel health insurance that you can compare and buy online at this service:

First of all - antiseptics, for example, miramistin and hydrogen peroxide.

Elastic Bandage Although sold in India, it should always be taken with you, especially on motorcycle trips. Sooner or later, unfortunately, you will fall and wear and tear will appear on your elbows or knees that urgently need disinfection.

Hot tours!

You will also need antipyretics like aspirin. They help to get rid of a slight discomfort caused by a long stay in the scorching sun. And the Indian climate is insidious: in some months, the coolness that often occurs during the day in the evening is replaced by a slight cooling that can lead to colds.

Of course, Noshpa, Activated Charcoal, and Festal will come in handy for you. In the Indian restaurants even continental food is specially prepared so that you can feel tingling pain in your stomach and possibly intestinal discomfort for the first few days.

Tanning cream and for him. Of course you know the specifics of your skin. In the first few days, however, even tanned people should protect themselves from the scorching rays of the Indian midday sun. And if you have light or reddish skin, then it is simply forbidden to travel to India without such means!

Antihistamines An Eternal India will hit you with local exotic fruits that you are unlikely to try. But be careful: they can trigger allergies. Take Diazolin, Suprastin or Claritin with you.

Of course, we shouldn't forget to prepare for mosquito bites, especially if you like to be out on the street in the evening.

What medicines should you bring from India?

Most of the good medicines in our pharmacies are made in India. What drugs should be brought from this country to maintain immunity, recovery, etc.? It is desirable that they are natural products without chemicals.

I always bring Himisi's antiseptic creams from India. They're mixed with herbs, completely chemical-free, and they just magically heal wounds: I even had a scar on my hand that had been sitting since I was a child, had been sitting for over 25 years, not to mention the constant little scratches . This cream is also perfect for children, brings the boils out of the face, back, shoulders. The cream is sold in small packs of 70 g each, it costs a lot of fine and can be taken out without restrictions. Of course camp life, like all natural ones, is little, but I quote for my family, for all my acquaintances and friends.

and can carry drugs in hand luggage (not cream)?

A year ago we were presented with a real Indian from the Himalayas. The drug is made from the leaves of the tree of the same name, has no additives and contraindications. But the cold from these capsules never lasts longer than a day! In addition, this tool strengthens the immune system.

The second Indian remedy that will prove very useful in your first aid kit is the Kailash Jivan ointment. It is very effective in fighting burns and skin irritations.

In India, for almost all health-related procedures - cleaning the intestines, improving skin and hair, restoring women's health - or strengthening men - magical herbs and roots are exclusively of plant origin. Ayurveda has a very long tradition and is passed on from generation to generation. Today India is one of the largest manufacturers of pharmaceuticals. Many people know about it, but unfortunately they don't all use this knowledge. And absolutely nothing.

Medicines in India are very cheap. Ayurveda preparations are based only on natural oils and plant extracts. In our country, they are usually called dietary supplements and, as a rule, do not take into account drugs. And it's completely free. In India, Ayurveda has not just centuries but millennia, and all the while helping people all the time. Virtually every disease has a weed that will definitely help. Well, in India today, these chopped herbs are packaged in capsules. This is how the old medicine turns out, but in a new way.

Of course, if you have a serious medical condition you should go to an Ayurveda clinic in India. They will help you make a correct diagnosis and choose the appropriate drugs. We now focus on strengthening drugs and the most common.

First of all, I strongly recommend bringing the Chavanprash immune stimulator from India. It is sold in plastic cans and its composition is more reminiscent of jam than medicine. Chyavanprash is a very powerful immune stimulant and it can really be called jam as it is apparently composed of the fruit that is very rich in vitamin C - amla. Only here are over 40 components from various minerals and herbs added. Indians have used chyawanprash for many centuries. In their opinion, this remedy absolutely helps with all diseases. If you want excellent immunity - take chyavanprash, want to improve the condition of your skin and hair, remove toxins - you cannot do without chyawanprash, you want your bones and teeth to be strong - again you can without chyawanprash not get along. It also helps with heart disease, diseases of the brain, respiratory system, kidneys and liver. In India, this drug is made by many companies with different tastes, this is done with sugar and sometimes without it. Its taste is sweet and easily adds spices. You have to get used to its special, rich taste, but then you will be happy to drink it.

The second most popular Indian remedy is the Kailash Jivan ointment. This ointment will help almost everything, besides, you can eat it. It very quickly heals abrasions, wounds, helps with burns, cures acne and even ring fungus, and also has an analgesic effect. If your teeth or head hurt from accidentally pulling a muscle, Kailash Jivan will surely help you with that.In the case of a sore throat, cough, insomnia and diarrhea, it is recommended to take the ointment. The composition of Kailash Jivan includes - sandalwood and coconut oil, camphor, palm trees, talc, giant bank oil, neem leaves and cissampelos. By the way, it was tested on itself - an excellent remedy for mosquito bites.

Another very useful drug is he. Extract from the leaves is usually added to various detergents - gels for washing, peeling, shampoos. The bactericidal properties of the neem tree are really excellent. Indians tend to add neem powder to tea, although it has a bitter taste. That's probably why it comes in capsules. Usually the skin is improved and the body detoxified. With constant use, it cleans the liver and blood, improves metabolism. It's also prescribed for intestinal and urinary tract infections, and does a great job on parasites as well. When it is absorbed in the body, inflammation processes cease and the condition of the skin improves.

Magic capsules can also be bought in India to improve women's health. They are called Shatavari. If you literally translate it into Russian, it sounds like - "have 100 husbands". That said, women's health is clear enough. The main ingredient in Shatavari contains asparagus extract. In Ayurveda, this plant is a very valuable source of vitality and energy and also has a rejuvenating effect. With constant use of this drug, hormones are normalized, the eggs are activated, the condition is improved during menopause, and in some cases even the causes of infertility are eliminated.

If you are concerned about your plump figure and want to lose weight without exerting yourself or dieting, then you need to get weight for weight loss - Ayur Slim. Its herbs reduce appetite, lower cholesterol, promote the proper breakdown of fatty acids in the body, and eliminate toxins.

Tiger balm is often brought from India, although it is not strictly Indian. Rather, it can be called pan-Asian medicine. The recipe for its production is over 150 years old. For the first time it started to produce immigrants from China in Burma. It copes with muscle pain and sprains, helps with colds, and warms the joints.

Another cult of Ayurvedic medicine known to all who practice yoga is Triphala. It has rejuvenating power, restores and purifies the body. Triphala can wash the wounds and rejuvenating masks can also be made from it.

You can also bring ashwagandha - it's also called winter cherry or Indian ginseng. Preparations from Ashwagandha strengthen and calm the nervous system, help restore men's strength, restore memory, and act as antioxidants. Usually used to strengthen the immune system and recover from serious illness and surgery.

Well, I also recommend taking spirulina from India with you. Extremely useful tool and in every way. It contains a large amount of protein. If you are on a diet or simply lead a vegetarian lifestyle, this drug is an excellent source of energy for you. In addition, spirulina contains many amino acids, vitamins and minerals and is therefore also considered an excellent vitamin complex. It also removes heavy metals and waste products from the body.

Pharmacies of India

In the “land of spices”, is it easy to buy well-known medicines, what are good Ayurvedic remedies, what is “Goa tattoo” and why is insurance necessary?

On the one hand, there is a cliché that the standard of hygiene in India is extremely low, which means that there are dangerous diseases that they have lost the habit with in the civilized part of the world. At the same time, many people know that India ranks third in the world in terms of drug production, second only to the United States and the European Union. What is the situation, we learn firsthand.

Many of our readers dream of visiting an amazing and mysterious India or even living there for a while. Gregory Roberts has driven someone "Shantaram" crazy, others passionate about yoga and expecting to find out something new by turning to the sources of the ancient art, and others are simply fascinated by friends' stories of carefree vacations at resorts on the west coast of the island Country. And today we are introducing you to this country from the side of the pharmacy, following the tradition of the column “A tourist's pharmacy”.

Our expert for pharmacies in India: Julia, 25 years. A young mother from Goa who thinks she is a modern hippie. A lover of everything natural, loves to travel and bake delicious gingerbread.

First of all, the Indians love to be treated. The doctor is one of the most respected professions in the country. Contrary to prejudice, medicine in India is at a very high level. I have had to go to hospitals more than once and I was surprised by the quality of service and the desire to help heal. Drug stores in every village pretty much. Just opposite my house (I live in Siolim, a small town in the northern state of Goa) there are two pharmacies on either side of the street.

What is sold in the pharmacy?

It is easy to find an institution that sells medicines: by the signs “Apotheke”, “Apotheke” or simply after “Apotheke”. Usually these are small private shops on the first floor of a residential building, more rarely - free-standing stalls. Some simple medications (febrile drugs, drops, or creams) can be found in any pharmacy, but I prefer to go to the state pharmacy in the larger city of Mapusa.

First, in the state pharmacy, you can find almost all the drugs we know (although they will have slightly different names). Second, Ayurvedic pharmacy is about where you can buy various ointments, creams, pills and preparations made from natural ingredients. This pharmacy is famous all over the north of Goa for really unique things in India like calendula healing ointment. Rumor has it that sometimes there is even a chamomile for sale, although it never crossed my mind personally.

Let me explain: Chamomile and other common medicinal herbs in Russia are a great rarity for India. Basically everything you need to bring.

For example, home births are now very popular in India - our women move to Goa in the last months of pregnancy, take courses here and give birth to water. This procedure uses herbal preparations made from the bark of oak, nettle, chamomile, thyme, etc., which in Russia must be purchased in advance or ordered by visitors.

In Indian pharmacies, pharmacists speak good and understandable English, especially in tourist locations. In addition to medicines, you can buy products for children (diapers, some toys, nipples, bottles), shampoos, creams and other household items, as well as goods for animals in any private pharmacy. In the photo below - the animal products department, something like an animal pharmacy for pets. This is only possible in Mapusa and the usual goods - food, bones, etc. - can be bought in any pharmacy. In pharmacies there are sometimes even perfumes, cosmetics and other trinkets like jewelry and souvenirs.

List of drugs to India

List of medicines (medicines) for travel to India and Nepal

The list was created for first time traveling to Hindustan based on the personal experiences of myself and my fellow travelers.
Most of the well-known drugs are either sold in India or their counterparts are made in India, of no inferior quality and much cheaper than in Russia, which is why not all drugs should be taken on a trip to be bought here at least in large quantities.

If you are in remote areas of India before you leave, be sure to prepare yourself for the most common illnesses as there are simply no pharmacies in the area or nearby.
If you are used to cleanliness and infertility, which is typical of people who learned to wash their hands with soap in kindergarten;)) and are not adapted to Indian hygiene, you should think about tablets and pills to help yourself Plan to feel protected in a psychological protection and have no unnecessary fears.

The list consists of allopathic drugs that can be bought in pharmacies in Russia, made up of a fraction of Indian colleagues I know that you can buy locally if needed.

Medicines in the travel pharmacy (you must take with you)

  • An antibiotic (1 pack) that can range from infections caused by infections to colds. In India, you can buy Tsiprolet Ciprofloxacin, which is produced there, as well as other anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Antispasmodic - No-shpa (Drotaverine) or Eufillin if there are vascular problems;
  • Metronidazole, also known as Trihopol, is a broad spectrum antimicrobial including amebiasis / can be consumed by it, see the article in the Ayurveda section.
  • For diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: Sulgin or Ftalazol (treated sulfa drugs) / Diarex Ayurveda drugs from the Himalayas
  • Immodium (loperamide), which blocks the peristalsis (bowel), is needed in case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract during transport
  • Senna tablets (laxatives) - but by the way, senna is exported from India :)
  • For abdominal pain Bellastezin or Papaverine / Ayurvedic Alsarex;
  • Activated charcoal - you can eat a little more to prevent / in India they say there is, but I haven't met;
  • Allohol, this local food wouldn't instantly kill the liver / Indian drug LIV-52
  • Hypnotic Type Phenazepam (for adjustment), don't just buy Dimedrol or it may worsen
  • Zelenka or iodine (also for testing silver) - I haven't seen them in pharmacies in India;
  • Bactericidal plaster, preferably different and of different shape, and coil plaster
  • Hydrogen peroxide;
  • Streptocide Powder (Stop)
  • Bandage, antiseptic gauze, a small piece of cotton - there is none of this antiseptic in India


  • Antihistamine (against allergy) for a bite of an unknown insect, a snake, a spider for emergency aid. The most famous drugs Claritin, Suprastin, Tavegil, there are newer ones.
  • From cough (on trains, planes and airports, it is easy to catch a cold) - Mukaltin.
  • From headaches, but it helps with reduced pressure (a result of exposure to heat) - citramom.

Medicines just in case (it's worth taking with you)

  • Albucid (anti-inflammatory eye drops) / Kailash Jivan cream
  • Spray "Panthenol" (for minor skin injuries and burns) / cream Kailash Jivan or Vicco turmeric
  • Maloprima of malaria, Proguanil should be started 2 weeks before the trip (according to the schedule, once a week) - in India there is malaria at altitudes up to 2.5 thousand meters, the most dangerous time is the rainy season and after.
  • Broad spectrum analgesic (Analgin, Pentalgin, etc.) / Indian means Combiflam, Ibucombe
  • Diazolin, Suprastin (allergic to mountains; _)))
  • Aspirin and other antipyretic / neem, triphala (trifla, tripkhala)
  • Faringosept, Furracilin (against coughs and runny nose) / absorption tablet from the Himalayas, Tulasi, Trishun
  • Validol etc.
  • Troxevasin (Troxerutin, Fastum gel)
  • Antifungal Cream Clotrimazole / Indian Cream Fusibid, Fusidid etc.
  • Cloves (sold in groceries) - for washing and treating the stomach and chewing is good / on the market and in India in groceries;
  • Elastic bandage;

Most medicines are not designed for storage temperatures above 18-25 ° C, it gets hotter during the day so they often say that our medicines do not work in India and Asia in general. Take action, but only if you are protected! It is best to take some polyethylene mirror sheets (for wrapping flowers or gluing windows, but not household aluminum foil), sew them in a bag, put it in a usual tight plastic bag and fold the medicine there.

PS this is my list of drugs. For people who do not read / do not understand the instructions, have serious illnesses / contraindications or cannot take responsibility for their health, I recommend consulting a doctor.

Medicines to India

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Ayurvedic medicines from India: The power of nature in all diseases

Everyone knows that India is the cradle of Ayurveda. Here all medicines and cosmetics are based precisely on this ancient unique science.

Ayurveda is an ancient system of Indian medicine that originated 6000 years ago. Based on the treatment of natural herbs, berries and roots. Translated as "science of life" or "knowledge of life". The first written references to the treatment of diseases with Ayurveda can be found in 150 BC.

Indian Ayurveda is so popular around the world that some travel companies even organize Ayurveda tours to India.

It is not surprising that almost every tourist visiting India wants to bring the best Ayurvedic products for them and their loved ones. But there are so many, how can you understand them? Personally, in making a list of what to bring from India, I did not have a complete picture of everything that was available. I had to climb a lot of forums and gradually gather information.

What medicines do you buy in India? The most famous brand for Ayurvedic supplements is the Indian company Himalaya. In addition to the well-known food supplements, other very diverse medicines for many diseases, the most varied of decorative and care cosmetics, are produced.

Organic natural food supplements from the Himalayas are very popular all over the world. When buying jars with magic capsules, you need to take into account that one jar of any product is not enough. All drugs are recommended to be consumed for 2-3 months.

The price of Himalayan Ayurveda products is low: an average of 135 rupees ($ 2) per jar for a month.

In this article, I have decided to make an expanded list of the most popular Indian Ayurvedic products from the Himalayas for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

Ayurvedic Medicines from India

Gut health

  • Bael (Bael Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Aegle marmeloc (bael). Support of bowel function The drug is recommended for the treatment of diarrhea, diarrhea and other intestinal infections. It also aids digestion and has anti-inflammatory and anthelmintic properties. The drug Bael is useful in the treatment of diarrhea, diarrhea, as well as infections with helminths.
  • Triphala (Triphala Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar) or syrup. Ingredients: Emblica officinalis (Emblica Officinalis), Terminalia chebula (Mirobalan tree), Terminalia bellirica (Mirobalan tree), Amla (Indian gooseberry), Harada, Vibhitaka. Relief from constipation. The drug is a mixture of three herbs. It helps with constipation and provides comprehensive support for the digestive system. Strengthens the weak digestion and has a mild laxative effect thanks to extracts from Indian gooseberries, harada, vibhitaki. Triphala is not addictive and helps to keep the work of the digestive tract at optimal levels.

Digestive health

  • Trikatu (Trikatu Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar) or syrup. Ingredients: Piper Longum (Indian Long Pepper), Piper Nigrum (Black Pepper), Zingiber Officinale (Ginger). Relief of the stomach. The drug is a mixture of three herbs. It is useful in diseases of the digestive tract and helps maintain normal digestion. Trikatu improves appetite and eliminates flatulence.
  • Shunthi (Sunthi Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Zingiber officinalle (ginger). It helps eliminate nausea during motion sickness during transportation, indigestion, migraines, headaches and post-operative conditions.

Stomach health

  • Yashtimadhu (Yashtimadhu Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice). Reduces acidity.The drug relieves heartburn and reduces acidity, is used for digestive disorders and for the treatment of gastric ulcers. The emollient and antiulcerogenic effect of the drug has a beneficial effect on gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Skin health

  • Neem Himalaya. Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Azadirachta indica (Indian neem). Acne Treatment The drug keeps the skin healthy and fresh.With antibacterial, antifungal, and blood cleansing properties, this drug is useful for treating skin diseases and removing acne.
  • Haridra (Haridra Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Curcuma Longa (turmeric). Treatment of skin infections and allergies. It has antiallergic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.
  • Manzhishta (Himalayan Manjishtha). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Rubia cordifolia (madder cord). It helps in blood detoxification and is effective in treating age spots, acne or dark spots. Manzhishta is good at protecting the skin from damage that infection can cause.

Respiratory health

  • Tulasi (Tulasi Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar) or syrup. Ingredients: Ocimum Sanctum (holy basil). Treats colds and relieves coughs. The drug is recommended for respiratory diseases. This drug has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it helps with coughs and colds, sore throats, and other upper respiratory infections.
  • Vasaka (Vasaka Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Adhatoda vasika (Adatoda vascular). Treats cough. It has a beneficial effect on the organs of the respiratory system due to mucolytic, bronchodilator and expectorant properties.

Healthy metabolism, treatment of diabetes

  • Karela (Karela Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Momordica charantia (bitter gourd). Regulates blood sugar levels. The drug helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. It's high in fiber, nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants.
  • Meshashringi (Meshashringi Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Gymnema Sylvestre (Gymnema). Regulates the carbohydrate metabolism. The drug reduces cravings for sweet foods, normalizes blood sugar levels, and is very effective in treating diabetes.

Healthy heart and blood vessels

  • Lasuna (Lasuna Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Allium Sativum (Garlic). Regulates cholesterol levels. The drug lowers cholesterol levels and helps maintain normal blood pressure. It also improves the overall health of the cardiovascular system. Improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of blood clots, which lead to heart attacks and angina attacks.
  • Shuddha Guggulu Himalaya. Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Commiphora wightii (Indian Commiphora). Regulates lipid levels. The drug increases the level of "good" cholesterol and lowers the level of "bad" cholesterol. This drug also helps reduce body fat and weight.
  • Arjuna (Arjuna Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Composition: Terminalia Arjuna (Arjuna). It helps regulate blood circulation, improve the functioning of the heart, and normalize blood pressure.

Healthy immunity

  • Amalaki (Amalaki Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Emblica officinalis (Emblica officinalis). Improves overall health. The drug is very nutritious and rich in natural vitamin C. It improves immunity, improves skin condition and rejuvenates it. The drug Amalaki is also useful for general weakness due to diabetes, weakened immune system, infections, or during the recovery period.
  • Guduchi Himalayas. Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Composition: Tinospora cordifolia (Tinospore Gulancha). The drug strengthens the immune system and increases the body's resistance to infection. It has fortifying effects that have a positive impact on overall health. It helps to increase the activity of leukocytes and to strengthen the immune system.

Indian preparations for joints and bones

  • Hadjod (Hadjod Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Cissus quadrangularis (Cissus Quadrangular). Strengthens the bones. The drug is recommended to heal fractures and strengthen bones. It relieves pain and inflammation-related inflammation.
  • Shallaki (Shallaki Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Boswellia serrata (Boswellia). Relieves pain and reduces inflammation. The drug ensures the normal functioning of the joints. It improves blood flow to the joints and relieves joint pain.
  • Shigru (Shigru Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Moringa pterygosperma (Moringa winged seed). The drug is rich in calcium. It strengthens bones, improves blood flow to the joints, and relieves joint pain. It helps treat pain in inflamed joints with anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties.

Healthy mind

  • Brahmi (Brahmi Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Bacopa monnieri (Bacopa). Increases the clarity of consciousness. The drug improves the ability to learn. It also improves focus, calms and relaxes the nervous system.
  • Ashwagandha (Ashwagandha Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Withaniasomnifera (Physalis, Ashwaganda). Rejuvenates body and mind. The drug helps cope with the stresses of everyday life. It increases energy, rejuvenates the mind and body.

Healthy sleep

  • Tagara (Tagara Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Valeriana wallichii (Valerian Indian). Provides restful sleep. The drug reduces anxiety and calms the mind. It also causes restful sleep at night and helps maintain vitality throughout the day.

Indian drugs for men

  • Gokshura (Gokshura Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris (Yakortsy Creeping). The drug increases energy and vitality. It also increases muscle strength and improves sexual function. It is an afrodosiac. It is worth noting that the active ingredient of this drug (creeping yakorets) is included in the list of effective drugs in the territory of the Russian Federation from January 1, 2010 and is not allowed for sale. However, if it is carried in a suitcase, it will not be tested at all.
  • Kapikachhu Himalaya. It improves mood and is aphrodosiac. Kapikachu increases sperm levels in the sperm, which is why it is widely used by men during the planning period of the child and when diagnosing male infertility.

Womens health

  • Shatavari (Shatavari Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Aspsrsgus racemosus (asparagus). Improves breastfeeding time. This nutrient, tonic, has a beneficial effect on health. It improves lactate excretion in nursing mothers and restores health. In addition to its main function, Shatavari is an indispensable drug for every woman (not only during breastfeeding). The preparation cures the female reproductive system as a whole, helps normalize the menstrual cycle and treat inflammation of the pelvic organs in women. It helps get pregnant with infertility.

Weight control

  • Ayurslim (AyueSlim Himalaya). Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). It contains clinically proven herbal supplements that help burn excess fat and normalize weight naturally over the long term. AyueSlim also helps lower body cholesterol and body fat.
  • Vrikshamla Himalaya. Available in capsule form (60 capsules per jar). Ingredients: Garcinia Indica (Indian Garcinia). Helps you lose weight by improving metabolism and fat loss. Helps with health and keeps the body in shape.

You can buy Ayurveda Indian medicines in numerous stores, absolutely in every city. Their prices are set between 90 and 135 rupees on average. Ayurveda is very well represented in Goa: numerous shops with a variety of Ayurvedic medicines, cosmetics and care products, Ayurvedic clinics and even Ayurvedic food.

The largest selection of all products and cosmetics in Goa is represented in the largest supermarket in Oxford. You can get there by bike or by taxi. Once there, prepare at least an hour for shopping as the abundance of different products is amazing.

Large supermarket: a rarity for India

Good day! I bought Nim Himalayas from India. The glass is the same as in the picture. But there is information on television. that a lot of counterfeit medicine comes from India. How to find out the authentic drug or not? And at what price do you sell these Ayurvedic products?

  • Anna Post author 11/19/2017 at 9:23 am

We do not sell these funds. Unfortunately we don't know how to determine their authenticity (((We bought them in India, I'm sure they are not forged there because it doesn't make sense and it's forbidden by law and the laws are tough in relation to medicine, we heard that Russia sells the same drugs, but they are made in Russia and it seems that their quality is inferior to that made in India.

I bought Indian drugs from this girl (she carries from India). She sent me in the mail. And on TV it says that pharmacy sales are not going down. It's just a business.