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Biology degree - how hard is math and physics?

Biology degree - how hard is math and physics?
Hey guys,
In my last post I already mentioned that I am currently doing my Abitur and am looking for my right degree.
I actually wanted to do an apprenticeship and study business administration, but the thought of going into research has persisted.
I love biology and have correspondingly good grades, but I've read that you have to do maths as well as physics in basic studies.
So I wanted to ask if someone can tell me how to go deep into math and physics.
And whether that is feasible for someone who has always been on a 4 in both. (of course with occasional positive outbursts up to the 1 range if the topic was up to me)
Thank you for your answers
nerdymcnerdbeard  ๐Ÿ“… 12.05.2015 16:32:21
Re: Biology degree - how hard is math and physics?
It all depends on the university. There are universities with theoretical biology, at which you can then count on a strong math component. But these are rare. Normally you can count on the LK material at physik and it is worth looking at it beforehand, especially because of the internships. But that can be done well with hard work and nice study groups. There is math for one or two semesters and it depends a bit on the LK level, if you are not attached to one of the theory universities. Especially linear algebra, statistics and basic things of differential equations are important here. Usually, evidence is irrelevant and counting is what counts. So things that you can cram. Don't forget, however, that you will have other subjects and internships.
So if you are really hot for bio with all the risks and side effects, math and physics will not fail.
Anonymous  ๐Ÿ“… 12.05.2015 18:10:20
Re: Biology degree - how hard is math and physics?
Math at LK level may be right from region to region. But physics? No way. Here in Hamburg, the biologists have a bit of basic mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, acoustics with a few exercises and a mini Excel internship. That's not even basic course material. Have you been to the physics class? What they juggled with integrals back then, even our chemists would swallow. Mathematics for our biologists is limited to a lecture with the simplest differential equations, a bit of derivation, a bit of integration, no statistics, no analytical geometry, no discussion of curves. To want to compare that with a math course is also brave.

Certainly not generalizable. Nevertheless, I would claim that in a pure biology course neither math nor physics is taught at LK level, apart from individual in-depth topics. A degree will certainly not fail because of this.
nerdymcnerdbeard  ๐Ÿ“… 12.05.2015 21:41:34
Re: Biology degree - how hard is math and physics?
My experiences relate to the Cologne biologists and what I got from a Bayreuth biologist, whereby the second is accordingly not too reliable. I supervised the physics internship and the math exercises. In Cologne the biologists and the chemists and geologists have physics and maths for one semester, whereby in the second semester biologists have their own maths lecture with a focus on statistics (read in horstmann's book "Mathematics for biologists"). The statistics are not complex, but Gauss cannot be avoided although it is true that vector analysis is not taught. There was even a multidimensional discussion of curves. And for one or the other internship attempt, a partial such has to be officially resolved.
nerdymcnerdbeard  ๐Ÿ“… 12.05.2015 21:46:27
Re: Biology degree - how hard is math and physics?
Therefore, the advice to examine the course in advance in the wish uni
Anonymous  ๐Ÿ“… 12.05.2015 21:48:31
Re: Biology degree - how hard is math and physics?
Not bad! But definitely not generalizable. I wouldn't be against doing something like that across the board. As I said, the math for us was a joke. I had previously taken Analysis I + II, Linear Algebra I and Discrete Mathematics and felt mildly ripped off. I don't want to contradict you at the core. But I do think that biology - apart from individual universities - is not really a degree where you are walled in with excessive math or physics hurdles.
Re: Biology degree - how hard is math and physics?
From my own experience from the physics internship for biologists as a tutor: at least in AC this was not an LK level in terms of physics knowledge. In order not to receive certificates for preparation / attempt, one had to actively refuse to work.

What was frightening, however, was that some students were not even at math level, despite previous math classes. To be able to deal with its e-function halfway is a prerequisite ...
fuel  ๐Ÿ“… 17.05.2015 13:02:00
Re: Biology degree - how hard is math and physics?
For us, math in our bachelor's degree was a joke. Or not necessarily the material (even if never and never LK level), but the exam. Really people managed to fail, but I'm sure that if you spelled your name correctly, you've probably already passed. In any case, there is no other way of explaining my grade.

Physics was much worse for us. Probably no LK level (had no LK), but still significantly more demanding than the GK. The problem in the exam was less arithmetic than understanding physical processes. We failed a number of 2x or 3x in the exam for the lecture, everyone else was happy about a 3, x. I was actually always very good at physics at school, wanted to choose it as a LK and still failed once in the exam.
Fortunately, the grade from the lecture exam was offset against that from the internship exam and here it was much easier to achieve a 2, x with a lot of learning, so that none of those who failed the lecture exam 3 times was not geexted.

So if you really want to, you will definitely not fail in math or physics in your bachelor's degree.
By the way, I heard that in Gรถttingen, physics is only an elective subject in the biobachelor's degree.

However, you have to keep in mind that statistics in the Bachelor are not there to annoy the students! In the masterโ€™s degree, statistics will definitely come back and that much more demanding, where there is nothing more to bumble through!
Anonymous  ๐Ÿ“… 17.05.2015 13:15:00
Re: Biology degree - how hard is math and physics?
There were no statistics in our entire (biochemistry) course. But the subject is for the ass in Hamburg anyway. Other integral subjects also become easy there Not taught with the succinct excuse that it was "medical subjects".