Can I own a crossbow in Florida?

Bow hunting has become indispensable in the USA. More than 20 million bow hunters are reported in the United States.

Regardless of whether you want to hunt turkey, elk, moss, crocodile or brown bear - the USA is also the land of unlimited possibilities when it comes to bow hunting.

The absolute highlight of bow hunting in the USA is the hunt for the elk, or moss as it is called in the USA and Canada. The American moose are the largest living members of the deer family and their shovel antlers are much sought-after hunting trophies. Like bears, these animals can be found in North America. The 50th state of the USA - Alaska is particularly popular.

But not only the north is interesting for hunting in the USA. Texas is one of the most popular bowhunting countries in the USA. Every year many bow hunters travel to Texas to hunt white-tailed deer, mighty boars or wild turkeys.

Bow hunting in the southeastern United States is also an insider tip. The states of Florida and South Carolina love to hunt predatory game. You can hunt alligators, coyotes or bobcats with a bow and arrow, among other things.

Bow hunters are spoiled for choice in the USA where they would like to travel. Every state is unique and so are the game species and hunting experiences that are made. Regardless of whether you want to hunt mighty predators, big deer or nimble game birds, everything is possible in the USA - the USA is the land of unlimited (hunting) possibilities.