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2-bromobutane is a chemical compound from the group of aliphatic halogenated hydrocarbons and organic bromine compounds. It is isomeric to 1-bromobutane and tert-butyl bromide and occurs in two enantiomeric forms ((R) -2-bromobutane and (S) -2-bromobutane).

Extraction and presentation

2-bromobutane can be obtained by reacting 1-butene, 2-butene or 2-butanol with hydrogen bromide.[5]


2-bromobutane is used in the manufacture of drugs and fragrances (to introduce the butyl group).[1]

safety instructions

The vapors of 2-bromobutane can form an explosive mixture with air (flash point 21 ° C, ignition temperature 265 ° C).[1]

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