Why is sedimentary rock ductile

Fault, geological

A Disorder or Dislocation In geology, denotes a tectonic process that disrupts the original structure of a rock. As a rule, larger packages of rock are shifted against each other. Often, however, in a somewhat fuzzy way, the interface created by the tectonic movement itself is referred to as a disturbance.

The rock structure can be deformed in a plastic (seamless, ductile) way, such as folds, flexures, thrusts and salt tectonics, or through fracture formation and the displacement of the opposing clods. In the latter case, the resulting structure is called a fault.

Significance for geothermal energy

Disturbances are interesting for geothermal energy because they can cause increased waterways. Faults can, however, also be 'healed', e.g. through the floating in of clay minerals and thus form a hydraulic barrier. During exploration (seismic), faults can often be mapped sufficiently well, but their character remains uncertain.


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