How expensive is the tuition at ASU

Books, food, school trips & Co.
That is how much a school life costs in Germany

  • The prices were calculated for 12 school years
  • Primary school in Berlin and Brandenburg lasts from grades 1-6; in all other federal states from grades 1-4
  • Secondary level I begins in Berlin and Brandenburg with grade 7; in all other federal states with grade 5
  • Upper secondary level begins in grade 11 in all federal states
  • The basis of some calculations was the determination of the respective parental contributions, which in many places result from the average gross annual income; this was determined on the basis of official data for each federal state
  • Any reductions or reimbursements that only take effect if the average gross annual income of the parents is sometimes significantly below were not taken into account.
  • After-school care costs were calculated for grades 1-6
  • School lunch costs were calculated for grades 1-6
  • Public transport costs were calculated from level I (class 7 in Berlin and Brandenburg; class 5 in all other federal states)

A survey commissioned by idealo Internet GmbH in 2016 at Research Now showed that parents plan around 50 euros for the contents of the sugar cone. In addition, there is an average of 15 euros for the bag itself. The price was determined via

A survey commissioned by idealo Internet GmbH in 2016 at Research Now showed an average number of participants at the school enrollment ceremony of 15 in eastern German federal states and ten people in western German federal states. Approximately 20 euros were calculated for each guest.

Average sales prices for the five most popular satchel models on from December 2016 to May 2017.

Average costs per lunch per federal state based on a nationwide survey among schools. The average subsidies from the respective federal state were deducted.

Assumption: Average costs per trip are 250 euros; for 12 school years and one trip per school year.

Average school book costs per grade based on an exemplary school book list based on an official list of teaching materials from Rhineland-Palatinate. Calculation of the respective co-payment per federal state on the basis of the applicable legal regulations. Countries with no teaching material were not calculated.

For each federal state, two to three comparison cities were used and checked daily with regard to their after-school care costs for care up to around 4 p.m. The respective costs for the federal state result from the average determined costs of the cities considered. In order to determine the amount of the parental contributions, the average collective gross annual salary per federal state was also determined.

We have chosen a city in the respective federal state as a representative and calculated the costs for a conventional student monthly ticket from secondary level 1 (grade 7 in Berlin and Brandenburg; in the rest of Germany from grade 5). Individual discounts have not been taken into account.

The required school materials (writing pads, pens, exercise books, etc.) were researched using official lists from different schools for individual school years and extrapolated to 12 years. The respective costs for the individual materials were determined on

The other equipment (sportswear, trainers, slippers, etc.) was researched using official lists for individual school years and extrapolated to 12 school years. The respective costs were determined on