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New emojis: These icons are expected by Apple and Android users in 2021

Update from April 27, 2021: over 200 new emojis for Apple users (iOS 14.5)

As early as November 2020, iPhone and iPad users were able to look forward to an extensive update, now coming again new emojis to. thanks iOS 14.5 217 new symbols are now available. Users can choose from a heart on fire or a smiley face with clouds. There are also couples with different skin colors and various people with beards in emoji form.

These are the new emojis for 2021:

Update from November 9, 2020: 117 new Apple emojis (iOS 14.2)

Thanks to the iOS 14.2 software update, Apple users can find out about a lot new emojis looking forward. The company announced the new symbols for autumn back in July 2020 - they have finally been available since the beginning of November 2020! The following icons are included: a smiling smiley face with a tear, ninjas, parents with a newborn baby, blueberries, flip-flops and the transgender flag.

All new Apple emojis 2020 at a glance:

By the way: Emoji fans can look forward to even more symbols in 2021! As "Emojipedia" reports, there will be 217 new icons in the new year, including a heart on fire, people with a beard and more skin color choices for couples.

The 217 planned emojis for 2021 at a glance:

Update from July 17, 2020: Outlook on new Apple emojis

Just in time for World Emoji Day, Apple is granting a first glimpse of the new icons that will be available to all iOS users in autumn 2020 after a free software update. Among other things: the "Italian hand" gesture, bubble tea, a boomerang and the transgender symbol.

Memoji fans can also look forward to it, because with iOS 14 the faces that can be personalized also get a small update: Users will be able to show themselves with mouth and nose protection or new hairstyles. Autumn can come!

Update from January 31, 2020: 117 new emojis!

It was not until autumn 2019 that users were able to look forward to a decent supply of emoji, now Unicode has announced the launch of a total of 117 brand new emojis from all possible areas. We will soon be able to decorate our WhatsApp messages, Instagram comments & Co. with a smiley face with a tear, a magic wand, a toothbrush, a piƱata, a fondue device, flip-flops, an olive or a black cat. In addition to everyday objects, animals and food, the various emojis, which are all about inclusivity, stand out. In 2020, for example, there will be the transgender flag and the trans symbol as emoji. In addition, the new emoji drop not only includes a woman and a man, but also a gender-neutral person who bottle a baby. Also new: a woman and a gender neutral person in a wedding tuxedo and a man and a gender neutral person in a bridal veil.

According to Emojipedia, the new symbols will be released in the second half of the year - beta versions are expected to be available to Android users as early as August 2020, iOS and macOS users apparently have to be patient until October or November.

All new emojis at a glance:

Current and older emoji highlights at a glance: