What is Jefferson Finis Davis famous for

Davis studied from 1824 to 1828 at the Military Academy in West Point and was the following years as an officer in the US Army in the Midwest, where he gained his first combat experience. On June 17, 1835, he married Sarah Knox Taylor, the daughter of the future US President Zachary Taylor, and resigned. However, his wife died of malaria just 3 months later on September 15, 1835. Newly elected member of the US House of Representatives for the Democratic Party, Davis married his second wife on February 26, 1845, Varina Banks Howell, 18 years his junior, with whom he would have six children. In 1846 he gave up his seat in the House of Representatives to return to serve as an officer in the war against Mexico. He participated in several battles and achieved the rank of colonel. After being wounded, he was offered the post of brigadier general in the militia. He rejected this with the argument that only the states had the right to set up militias, not the Union. In 1847 he took a vacant seat in the US Senate, and in 1851 he was re-elected. A few months later he gave up the Senate seat and ran unsuccessfully for governor of Mississippi. He then supported Franklin Pierce's candidacy for the presidency. This appointed Davis Secretary of War, which he remained until 1857, after which he successfully ran again for a seat in the Senate.