What is the plural of fox

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[1] Zoology: Representative of a group of certain short-legged species of the family of dogs (Canidae) [2] Zoology: male fox [1] [3] Zoology: mostly the red fox, Vulpes vulpes [4] Skinning: fur of the fox [5 ] Horse with brown fur, mane and tail [6] Zoology: Butterfly ("Little Fox", "Big Fox") [7] transferred: a clever person ("clever fox") [8] Student language: a budding one Member of a student union [9] outdated: a gold coin [10] a form of sunburn on leaves [11] the flue of a furnace to the chimney [12] amateur radio: the transmitter during a fox hunt [13] colloquially, in criminal circles: 50 DM ; now 50 € [14] colloquial: especially in the Rhineland: redheaded [15] military, soldier jargon: a recruit in basic training [16] color with an additional shade of red [17] card game: the ace of diamonds playing card in Doppelkopf [18] dress : Astrakhan, beaver, muskrat [19] Smart : Fox, cat, snake, [20] Smart : Ace, authority, thinker [21] brown : Badger, squirrel, fox, [22] Constellation: Vulpecula is a faint constellation in the northern sky. Its name is Latin for "little fox", although it is commonly referred to as a fox. It was identified in the 17th century and is located in the middle of the Summer Triangle. [23] Painting by Franz Marc: Fuchs, alternatively Blauschwarzer Fuchs or Blauer Fuchs, is a painting by the German expressionist painter Franz Marc from 1911. It has been part of the collection of the Von der Heydt Museum in Wuppertal since 1952. [24] Animals: A fox is a representative of the dog family. In German usage, this usually means the red fox. [25] Fictional character: