Where can you find Djinns?

Djinns and incantations

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Even if Golden Sun is principally based on the fundamentals of normal role-playing games, it has some things that make it special and highlight it. One point that makes this game something special is the genie system with the small, elementary helper spirits. In the following you will learn more about these Djinns, how to use them correctly and what else is possible. In addition, any locations where the Djinns were found are listed in detail.

Elemental spirits and their status

Djinns are small helping spirits of the four elements - the basic building block of all matter. The four elements are Venus for earth, Mars for fire, Jupiter for wind and Mercury for water. Each element has several Djinns, which you can find all over Weyard and which are by your side on your journey. In the first game you will find a total of 28 Djinns - seven of each element!

Allies you deal with a jinn, then this one ready to use and its elementary powers can change your class or your psynergy. In combat, you can use the powers of an allied Djinn to your advantage. Depending on the effect, these have a lot of power! Some attack directly, some can heal your party or seal the opponent's psyngery, and there are many other effects as well. Associating with a Djinn improves certain status values ​​and it can also be that the class of the Adept is changed. Here the psynergy of the adept can change and one can gain new psynergies.

Is there a genie in the Standby modeso this one is in the fight summonable! If you put the Djinns on standby before the fight, you can summon them immediately in the fight. If the Djinns are in standby mode, however, you lose your status bonuses and the class changes again, which is why some psynergies can no longer be used.

If the power of a Djinn is summoned in battle, it will then fall into one Hibernation. He has to recoverto restore all his powers. Dormant Djinns cannot be released or summoned. Once he has recovered, he will automatically allied himself with you again!

Since you can change the status of the Djinn between allies and standby in the Djinn menu as you like (unless he is recovering!), You should try out the different classes to find out the most effective and strongest Djinn combinations.

The incantations

Here is a list of the various elemental summons of Golden Sun. Depending on how many Djinns are in standby mode, you can choose different strong summons. To see them in detail with a picture, as well as to find out their power and attack strength, click on the name of the desired summon!

The Djinns in detail

All the Djinns are listed below with all the important information. Not only to what extent each individual Djinn changes the status values ​​of your characters, but also what ability they have and, above all, where they can be found. To get detailed information about the location, simply click on the name of the location and a more detailed description will be displayed in a new window!

  Venus Djinns (Earth)

  Mars Djinns (Fire)

  Jupiter Djinns (Wind)

  Mercury Djinns (Water)