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In the right place at the right time

In the right place at the right time

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In the right place at the right time is the 22nd episode of the fourth season of the series How I Met Your Mother and was premiered on May 4th, 2009 in the USA and on February 13th, 2010 in Germany.

Content [edit | Edit source]

Future Ted tells his children about a day when several circumstances led him to take a significant step closer to meeting their mother. At the beginning of the episode, Ted walks down the street with his yellow umbrella, stops at a newsstand, gives a homeless man a few dollars, and finally stops at a traffic light where a woman pats him on the shoulder.

To explain how this situation came about, Ted has to go back further. When his own company finally gets a client, a restaurant that wants a building in the shape of a cowboy boot, Ted becomes desperate because he doesn't know how to design the building. Robin can persuade him to get some fresh air and clear his head. Ted wants to go buy a bagel and Robin advises him to bring an umbrella as it looks like it will rain. When Ted leaves his apartment, he goes first to the right, but changes his mind and finally goes to the left.

Ted explains that Robin passed into a woman's purse on her show a few weeks ago when, thanks to one of Ted's favorite restaurants, Schlegel's bagels, suffered from food poisoning. So Ted goes left to his second favorite bagel shop.

At MacLaren's, Barney shows Ted his copy of Bro's Life and says he's going out with the supermodel featured in this issue. Barney says he is about to meet his goal of sleeping with 200 women. This goal stems from an argument in junior high when a boy named Matthew Panning teased young Barney and told him he had slept with "a hundred girls." Barney then told him that one day he would have slept with 200 women. Eventually, Robin discovers that Barney has listed a name twice, putting it at 198 instead of 199. So Barney goes to a gym to sleep with a female bodybuilder. When he comes back to the bar, Robin has to tell him that he had listed a number twice and that the bodybuilder is the 200th woman he has slept with. So Ted goes to the newsstand to look at the magazine "Muscle Sexxy" in which the bodybuilder is photographed.

While the group is on Barney's list of 200 women (all of whom his friends say are too many), Marshall takes the chance to create professionally-made diagrams to show Barney's low "hit rate". He explains that, overall, only 1.2 percent of the women he addresses Barney

Has success. This leads to a diagram addiction at Marshall and he always has new diagrams made in the graphics department of the GNB. When he gave his friends a volume chart based on the song "Cecilia", a bar chart with his favorite cakes and a pie chart with his favorite bars ( bars) shows, it becomes too much for them and they hold an intervention for him. After the intervention, Marshall finds that his friends have thrown away all of his diagrams, including the ones he needs for a presentation. He sends Ted to find her and bring her to him. Ted looks for her in the dumpster in front of his apartment and finally finds her on the ceiling of a homeless man. He asks if he can have the diagrams, but the homeless person wants $ 1,000,000 for them. Ted finally makes a deal with him and promises to give him a dollar a day for 1,000,000 days. So that day Ted goes to the homeless man and gives him a dollar.

Finally, Ted stops at the light. Future Ted says that if things had turned out differently, he might never have met the mother. Finally, Ted taps a woman. He turns around and spots Stella standing right behind him.

At the end of the episode, Barney talks to Matthew Panning and shows him his list. Matthew is amazed that Barney had built his whole life on a lie he told him in junior high. When he's gone, Barney tears up the list, wondering what's next. Then he looks at Robin, who is standing at the bar.

Error [edit | Edit source]

  • Marshall believes that Barney has been in sexual contact for 16 years, but it is known that Barney first had sex when he was 23. So Barney only had 10 years to sleep with 200 women, so his rate is now 1.9%.
  • Barney claims in the episode The Avenger that he doesn't have a list of women he's slept with, but shows his friends a photo album afterwards.
  • Barney has a list in this episode where each of his "achievements" are listed by name, but Barney can often not remember the names of his dates in some previous episodes.
  • "Bush" appears twice on Marshall's list of the kinkiest presidents. -> Doesn't have to be a mistake: Bush Senior and Bush Junior.
  • The English pun when Marshall presents his favorite pie using a bar chart and his favorite bar using a pie chart, works in German not quite.

Guest stars [edit | Edit source]

Music [edit | Edit source]

  • Glad Girls - Guided by Voices

Recurring content [edit | Edit source]

  • Ted carries around the whole episode the yellow umbrella that appears for the first time in the episode The Adonis and that he got in the episode Do Bad, Harvest Good.
  • This is the second and so far last episode in which one of the five main characters is missing. Lily is absent due to her actress Alyson Hannigan's pregnancy.
  • During the intervention, the intervention banner from the episode The Old Man and Three Moves hangs on the wall.
  • Marshall uses his stand-up program from the episode Old King Clancy again.
  • Robin uses her phrase "But ... um", which is known from the episode Jenkins.
  • Barney opens Bro's Life Magazine on page 83. Barney almost always uses the number 83.
  • "Little Minnesota" from the episode In Exile is missing from Marshall's diagram for his favorite bars.

Allusions [edit | Edit source]

  • One of Marshall's diagrams is based on that Simon and Garfunkel Song "Cecilia" as the first lines of this song Cecilia, you're breaking my heart, you're shaking my confidence daily are.
  • Real bars like this also show up on the chart of Marshall's favorite bars McGee's, P&G, White Horse Tavern and the King Cole Bar.
  • Barney mentions the Police Academy films.
  • Marshall mentions pitcher Jim Abbott.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Ted makes of the chaos theory, also as Butterfly effect known to use.
  • Matthew Panning says that when he was twelve he would also have claimed to have an Ewok as a pet. This is a nod to the movie Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.
  • After vomiting, Robin jokes about being pregnant. This is a reference to Cobie Smulders' actual (sometimes even visible!) Pregnancy in the fourth season.

High fives Edit source]

  • When Barney tells his friends about the list, he demands "the highest high five of all time" from them.