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How does OnlyFans work? (The Great Tutorial) Everything You Need To Know

Share exclusive pictures, videos and messages with fans via a paid social media profile at OnlyFans. In this tutorial, I will explain in detail how you can follow others at OnlyFans or be active as a creator yourself and how everything basically works and what is possible.

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First, let's take a look at what OnlyFans is and how we can create an account there, which we need in order to be able to use the platform in any form. Then we take the surface apart in detail to understand what is possible and go into detail on how we can now follow a paid account and what we can do with it, as well as how we can exchange messages with others and ours Manage your own profile and become active as a creator yourself. Finally, I'll show you how to create posts and we'll take a look at the settings.

1. What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a social media platform such as Instagram or Twitter. This means that you can create an account there, with which you can post publicly or privately, and follow other people from whom you can then see the contributions. What the big difference to conventional social media platforms is that you can also create profiles with a paywall here. That means that you can combine the following and thus seeing posts from an account with a monthly price that fans have to pay in order to see the person's content on OnlyFans. In addition, the OnlyFans platform is only accessible to people aged 18 and over, as it is also used a lot for sexual content by performers. In order to see contributions from people, we have to follow them, for a fee or, depending on the case, also for free and for this we have to have a free account with OnlyFans.

Here you can create a free account to follow people or to become active as a creator yourself.

2. Create an account

But how do we create an account with OnlyFans now? To do this, we just go to the official site. OnlyFans can only be used via this page, there is no app for your smartphone or tablet. You can of course also use it in the mobile web browser on your smartphone and add a link to the home screen, for example. I'll show you everything on the computer now. On the start page we can now log in with an existing account or create a new account under it. Here we can easily do this using a Twitter or Google account or traditionally with an email address, password and name. In order to be able to use OnlyFans, you have to be of legal age in Germany and your age is also checked using your payment method, which you have to enter if you want to follow someone. Once we have confirmed the terms of use, our account has already been created and we can use Onlyfans. We should now have received an email asking us to confirm our email address in order to be able to interact with profiles on OnlyFans.

3. Surface

If we have now logged in with our OnlyFans account, we are in our feed by default. Here we see chronologically all the posts from the people we follow on this platform. Here we see the name, username, profile picture, as well as when the post was published and of course the content for each post. So text, pictures, videos, surveys or galleries. Under the post, we can also like and comment on it, where we also see comments from others. On the right edge, we can also save the post on our watchlist and we can also send tips to the post creator in connection with the post. Using the three dots on the right edge of the post, we can also copy the link to the post and specify that you do not like the post, so that less of it is displayed to you and also report the post. On the right-hand side of our feed, we are also suggested other OnlyFans profiles, where we can upload new ones and only display free ones. We can then click on their profiles to follow them, for example. In the top menu, we now have our notification area in addition to the start page, where we are notified of all the likes on our pictures, as well as reactions but also tips, subscriptions and promotions given by others. We are guaranteed not to forget anything. Using the plus in the middle of the menu, we can now also create a new post, which will then be displayed on our profile, and more later. In addition, we can also chat with other people on the platform, more on that later and in the last menu item, we can open an extended menu, where we can see and click on our own account above. Here we can also see how many people are following us and how many we are following. Using the arrow next to the profile name, we can also switch to another account and thus easily be logged in between several accounts on one device. Under our profile, we can also call up our watch list, where we see our saved posts, and under lists we can see exactly who is following us, who we are following, our favorites and the number of saved content. Here we can also use the plus to create a new list where we can save profiles for us individually. Under the lists in the extended menu, we can also call up the settings, later more and then manage our payment methods under “Your cards”, which we have to add as soon as we want to follow someone and we then also pay for paid content on the platform . Under add bank, we can then add an account if we operate an OnlyFans account ourselves and collect money from it, which is then paid out there. Furthermore, we now have the option of accessing the help area in the menu, as well as using the platform in the dark design and setting the language. Here we can also log out of the current device with our current account.

4. Follow profiles & unlock content

In order to see posts on our homepage now, we have to follow at least one OnlyFans account. To do this, we simply click on a suggestion, for example, or we have a direct link to the account. Here we are now on the profile page. There we see the name, profile picture and banner above. We also see a description and how many posts are currently published on the account and how often these have been liked overall. We don't see how many people follow an account, we only see that for our own account. If there is a tick behind the name, it means that the account has been verified and next to the username underneath we can also see when the account was last active. On the right edge we can add the account to our favorites using the star, we don't have to follow the account for this. We can also add it to an individual list or share a link to the profile using the three dots in the upper right corner. Under the description, we also have the option of seeing a linked page of the account or location. The most important thing now is the “Follow” button, which we see here in blue under everything. If the following is free, we can simply click on it and we will follow the person and we will see all the content on their profile page and in our feed. If the following is chargeable, we can now see the various subscription options here. Here we usually have a 30-day subscription or for several months, which of course reduces the monthly price. The creator can also carry out campaigns where the subscription price is reduced for a certain time or number of items, which we then also see here. If we have now followed a person, we can now see all their contributions chronologically below, as well as of course on our feed page. On the profile page, we can also switch to a picture or video area only, where we can then see all the respective media from the account as a gallery directly. With the contributions of an account it can also be that there is blocked content that you can only activate for a certain price. But that's always there. At the top right of the profile we now have the option to tip the person and write a message. If we no longer want to follow the person, we can simply unfollow them in the area where we followed them in the profile and if we do not want our paid subscription to be automatically renewed, we can do this via the extended menu if we have our followed people click, view. Here we also have a range of expired subscriptions that we had once taken out.

5. Send messages

If we now follow other people, we can also exchange messages with them and some accounts send their followers messages by themselves. We find all news in a separate menu item. Here we have all chats chronologically on the left-hand side and above we can also search through them for specific people or use the plus to start a chat with a following person with whom we have not yet written. We always come to chat with the person via the profile page. In the overview we always see the profile picture, name, last message and date of the last message and we can also delete the chat with the person via the X. We can also rearrange this overview using the three points at the top. Once we have clicked on a chat, we see the other person's messages on the left and our own messages in blue. In the chat you can send texts, pictures, videos and tips. Media that you have to activate with money can also be sent here. At the top we can also add the person to our favorites under the name, as well as activate the notifications so that we can see directly when this person has written something to us and we can also open a gallery mode where we can see all the media sent in chat can be seen at a glance. Using the search next to it, we can also search for a specific message and using the three dots at the top right edge, we can also hide, mute or report the person to the chat. If we unfollow a person or our subscription expires for a paid one, we can no longer access the chat. But the chat is not lost. If we follow the person again, we will see the old chat again.

6. Manage your profile (become a creator)

How can we now create our own profile on OnlyFans so that others can follow us too? Basically, once we have created an account, we also automatically have a profile, which others can follow for free as soon as we have published a post. To manage that now, we click on the last menu item and then on “My Profile”. Here we can now see the preview of our profile as others see it. But here we now also have the opportunity to edit our profile. Here we are then forwarded to the settings, where we can first set our profile and cover picture, as well as define an individual user name, which also defines the URL to our profile. We can then also set the display name. Below this we now also have the option to add a description that everyone can see before following us, as well as a location and website URL, as well as an Amazon wish list link. Lately you can also connect your Spotify account to share your music. If you would like to create a paid profile now, you first have to add a bank account, which we can also do in the advanced menu. To add this, we need to have at least one profile picture, cover picture and description added to our profile. Once we have that, we now have to attach our personal data, date of birth and identity card, as a picture, once as a close-up and once as we hold it in our hands. This is how OnlyFans checks whether you are a real person. Before you submit this, you can decide whether you will publish explicit content on your account. The verification can then take a few days and if it was successful, you can add a bank account and also enter a monthly price in your profile settings for how much it costs to follow your account. Remember that this is also about income that you basically have to pay tax and of course you also give a small part to OnlyFans as a transaction fee.

7. Publish posts

We now have an account and of course we want to make contributions for it. Simply click on the plus in the upper middle of the menu. Here we can start right away and write a text message as a post. But we can also add pictures or videos to the post, where we can simply select several media elements from our device. Here we can see all of them in the post and can change the arrangement, add more or remove an element via the X in the upper right corner. In addition to the media, we can also add a survey below, where we can create several decision-making options and above, we can also specify the length of the survey. Here 7 days are selected by default, but we can also choose a whole month, just a day or unlimited. We can simply ask the question for the survey in the normal text of the post. If we are satisfied with our contribution, we can publish it directly in the upper right corner and it will then be displayed on our profile. If we click on our own post, we can use the three points to edit the post again, as well as delete the post, pin it to the top of our profile overview or copy a link to the post. If we have a survey, we can also publish the results of it. Of course, we also see all comments from others under our posts and can of course also comment on them.

8. Settings

Finally, let's take a look at the settings, which we can call up via the extended menu. In the first section, “Profile”, we have everything about our public profile that we looked at in detail earlier. Under Account we now have the option to manage our connections to a Google or Twitter account so that we can always log in to OnlyFans, but we can also insert our stored e-mail address and username here. If we have several OnlyFans accounts, we can also connect another one here so that we can have the same data with two accounts. Below we can also call up when and where we were last logged in with our account, as well as change our password or delete our entire account, which irrevocably deletes everything that was on our account. Of course, all active subscriptions also ended. Under Notifications we can also specify what we want to be informed about in the notification area and can also set the notifications by e-mail, as well as by telegram via a personal bot, which we can call up here. Under security, we now also have the option of adding a two-step verification to our account with the Google Authenticator app, which we always need when we send or receive money in any way via the platform. Here we can also set whether you can see in our profile when we were last active and whether we want to see offers for subscriptions. You can now also stream streams via the platform, where you can also specify who is allowed to make co-streaming requests to you, i.e. who is allowed to stream with video.

In the last menu item under “What's new” we always find out about all the updates that are available on the platform, which is super practical to always stay up to date.

Now you know how OnlyFans works and what is possible with it. Here you can create a free account and get started right away. For more tutorials like this, you are welcome to subscribe to my YouTube channel for free. I'm always happy to share the article and if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave them in the comments. Until next time.