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The 10 Best POS Mobiles for Small Businesses

MPOS is an umbrella term that refers to both the hardware and software components of these payment systems. Because of its reliability and design, most POS companies run their software on tablets such as the iPad or the equivalent Android device. They are less bulky than conventional PC-based POS systems, but large enough to conveniently capture sales and customer information. They also tend to look better than traditional electronic cash registers and can improve the aesthetics of your store.

iPad POS systems like iZettle are the preferred choice for accepting payments for growing small businesses. They offer the flexibility to accept payments on a sophisticated system from a stationary position, at the counter or near the store (mobile).

Choosing the right system

Mobile POS, especially MPOS software, was developed for this purpose. It has been installed in thousands of businesses and helps retailers and other business owners serve their customers through fast and secure transactions. In addition, the mPOS software offers extensive functionality to help retailers and other business owners understand their sales performance and better manage important operational tasks such as employee and inventory management. In fact, technology plays such an important role in business today that when you're trying to run a true full-time business it can be difficult to compete without the tools that mobile POS software and hardware offer your business.

Costs for mPOS software

The costs for a mobile POS system vary greatly. It always depends on the plan and subscription you have chosen.

Example ready2order.

Ready2order has two models:

Model 1 costs 19 euros per month and contains the following: The standard version contains a cash book, receipts, product variations, administration and is very detailed. You can test the version free of charge for 15 days.

Model 2 costs 29 euros per month and is specialized in catering companies: This version contains receipts for food, drinks and for pick-up, separate payment processing and a menu-course selection. This version can also be tested for 15 days without obligation.

There is an installation fee of 100 euros for both models.

Ready2order also has the right hardware if you don't already have it. The Ready T2 is the latest high-end POS system and costs a one-off 999 euros. You can then choose between the two options listed above. However, they are each ten euros more expensive.

10 top mPOS systems


iZettle is a mobile POS system from Sweden and is particularly suitable for catering companies. Izettle is an app with an iOS system. So it only works on the iPhone or iPad. You can connect iZettle to many other devices. It's easy to install and has a simple and easy-to-use interface.


SumUp is another mobile POS cash register system. Most packages include hardware and software. So you pay a one-time high hardware fee and can then use the service depending on the software model. The complete package includes an iPad stand and iPad Air, a popular, high-quality thermal receipt printer, a card terminal and a separate, preconfigured WiFi router.


Square lists the best mobile payment solutions for a number of reasons - not least because the software is actually free. Download the Square POS app on your Apple or Android device to load your smartphone, tablet or laptop with the payment processing features. Then you will need to purchase Square hardware separately in order to physically accept these payments.


Clover is one of Square's main competitors with its comprehensive, highly customizable POS solutions. However, they're specifically on this list for Clover Go and Clover Flex, their two mobile payment solutions.

Clover Go is a small device with Bluetooth connectivity that allows Clover users to accept magnetic stripe, EMV, and NFC cards from their smart devices. Clover Flex is a unique handheld device with an intuitive touchscreen that allows all types of loan payments, as well as capturing signatures, scanning barcodes and printing receipts.


ready2order is another mobile POS system. It has a user-friendly interface and is available on all mobile devices. You can choose between two variants: software and hardware in a complete package or just the software. The system also works without an internet connection. The edited data will be synchronized the next time you connect to the Internet.


Vend is possibly the best mobile POS system for retailers as its software is specifically designed to turn iPads into mobile registers for retail stores. Vend can also be integrated into e-commerce shops. One disadvantage is that Vend is only compatible with iPads and laptops (both Mac and PC), not smartphones.

7. ShopKeep

While Vend is an excellent solution for small businesses, ShopKeep excels as a mobile payment service for restaurants, cafes, food trucks and bars. In fact, ShopKeep offers bespoke POS solutions for all of these types of businesses (in addition to retail stores, clothing stores, and specialty stores).

8. PayPal

As a leader in online payments, it comes as no surprise that PayPal has developed its own payment processing system, PayPal Here. As a mobile POS system, PayPal Here consists of the PayPal app that users can download onto their phones, tablets or other smart devices. and a variety of external hardware that allows users to physically accept credit cards.

9.Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail offers a fully equipped mobile POS system with an excellent inventory management tool. It's a great choice for retail businesses that need to go from the counter to the floor with an iPad to cut wait times or sell at events.

10. Fattmerchant

Fattmerchant is a mobile POS system with simple functions and a different price structure for payment processing. This is an ideal option if you are processing higher amount and high monthly tickets. You get the core functionality you expect from a cloud-based mPOS, from inventory control to branding to customer management.