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meaning of empower in English

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To empower adolescents to consent for themselves in research may not adequately protect their long-term interests even if it respects their current interests.
It is also the agency which is empowered to require food producers to provide specific information to consumers through labeling.
In a society intent on sorting and ranking its inhabitants, empowering some and excluding others, no single identity fits all.
The study demonstrated the high cost of constructing consensus, because it empowered some groups at the expense of others.
Whether the dance sessions had empowered the residents in a more permanent, transforming way is more difficult and too early to judge.
Urban regeneration mechanisms talk of the intention to empower communities through participation in partnerships.
His is an account of social life governed by law, which, it becomes clear, on the whole he deeply appreciates because it empowers the individual.
She must learn that resisting idolatry can be empowering, but the potential for empowerment depends upon the nature and origin of the resistance.
A firmly entrenched evolutionary perspective guided the modernization plans of the newly empowered government services.