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Mañana nos habenraremos con mi hermano.
We'll meet tomorrow, with mine Brothers. Wait.
Guárdate las protestas para tu hermano.
Save your protests for yours Brothers on.
Tengo una historia cómica que contarte, hermano.
I have a really funny story to tell you Dude.
Do hermano y yo te necesitábamos.
Your Brothers and I, we needed you
Quería preguntar por mi hermano, el Rey.
I wanted to go after mine Brothers inquire the king.
Nuestra encantadora vecina, mi hermano.
Well, you two, our charming neighbor, mine Brothers.
No, además su hermano me odia.
No, and besides you can me Brothers not particularly suffer.
-Mejor recupérala rápido, hermano.
- Then take a quick detour, Brothers.
No, siempre serás mi querido hermano.
No. You will always be my beloved to me Brothers be.
Wed hermano piensa que eres ingenious.
My Brothers thinks that you are awesome.
Necesito saber que mi hermano no morirá.
I need to know mine Brothers won't die.
Tengo ocho hermanas y un hermano.
I have eight older sisters and one Brothers.
No sabías que tenía un hermano.
You didn't know he was one Brothers Has.
Solo me está consolando por mi hermano.
He only comforted me because of mine Brothers.
Dios necesita que tengas paciencia, hermano.
God only requires you to be patient Brothers.
Esto no arruinará mi amistad con tu hermano.
Nothing happened to my friendship with yours Brothers would have destroyed.
Pero estoy preocupada por mi hermano.
But I'm worried about mine Brothers.
Do hermano nos invitó al campo.
Your Brothers Harry called and invited us to his country house.
Cuida de tu hermano que también es especial.
And keep an eye on yours Brothers, because he is also a very special person.
Manana descubriré realmente quién era mi hermano.
Tomorrow I'll find out who is mine Brothers really was.
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