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Birth weight and height of your baby: fun facts about your offspring

The baby's birth weight and size are often among the first things to be announced about the offspring. Because one of the most beautiful moments in parenting is to proudly report about your offspring: Photo, name, birth weight, size and time of birth are shared with family and friends. What does this information say about the new life and how can you package the good news in a particularly beautiful way? We give you some tips and fun facts about the average weight and size of babies at birth.

What does the baby's weight say at birth?

The newborn's birth weight and height are an important indicator for doctors and parents of how well developed the baby is. But it is quite natural that there is a lot of leeway here. For example, a normal birth weight for a height of 50 to 55 cm is between 3,000 and 4,000 grams, while the average value is for a height of 53 cm and a weight of 3,500 grams.

The weight at birth does not only depend on the baby's gender, but it can also depend on it. The average birth weight of the male babies is 3,490 grams, the girls weigh a little less at birth at around 3,350 grams.

Can you calculate the birth weight?

The birth weight of a baby can be roughly calculated. Unfortunately, it is not possible to measure it accurately while the baby is in the womb. In the usual three ultrasound examinations during pregnancy, the unborn child is measured in order to observe its development. For example, the head circumference or the length of the thigh bone are measured using ultrasound.

In the last planned ultrasound examination between the 29th and 32nd week of pregnancy, the probable birth weight of the baby is derived from the measured values. However, this is an estimate that often deviates by up to 500 grams or more from the actual birth weight.

What Affects Your Baby's Birth Weight?

The birth weight of the baby is most influenced by the supply in the womb. Women should therefore have a particularly good time during pregnancy, for themselves and their baby. A healthy diet with lots of protein, enough fruit and vegetables, listening to your body and exercise in the fresh air are particularly important during these nine months.

But maternal genes also influence the baby's birth size. The development after the 34th week depends in part on how much the mother weighed herself at birth. But also the length of pregnancy, the age of the mother and how many children she has already given birth all influence the birth weight of the baby. For example, the second baby weighs more on average than the first.

How big is a newborn baby?

The average height of a baby at birth is 51 centimeters. But as with normal birth weight, there is a wide range here, because every baby is a little different: Everything between 46 and 56 centimeters corresponds to a normal size at birth. Newborn boys are often slightly larger than girls. But that can turn out very differently even among siblings.

What does the baby's birth size say?

The size of the newborn at birth alone does not say too much about the child's development or health. Rather, it is about the development within the first weeks and months as well as the relationship between birth measurements and genetic predisposition.

A small, light baby is likely to grow faster after birth if it has large parents. A baby with petite parents who are quite big and strong at birth is likely to grow more slowly. In addition, there are certain phases in the first year of life when babies expect strong growth spurts:

  1. 10th to 21st day of life
  2. 6th week
  3. 3 month

This is how you announce the birth weight and size of your baby in a particularly beautiful way

The size and weight of the baby and the time at which it saw the light of day are therefore the most important key data that will interest friends and family after the birth. A message on your smartphone is the fastest way to let everyone know during the first few days after the birth.

Once the initial excitement has subsided, there is also a little more time to prepare another special greeting for the birth. Grandparents, aunts and uncles in particular, but also future godparents and other good family friends, will be very happy about a nice photo of your offspring. Sending the greeting as a birthday card is a nice memory for everyone.

For example, arrange some props around the baby that symbolize the corresponding points and write the respective data on a piece of paper:

  1. Birth weight: a scale, dumbbell or weights with the appropriate number of grams
  2. Birth size: a yardstick on which the respective size is marked
  3. Time of birth: a watch on which the time of birth is recorded
  4. Birthday: Calendar sheet on which the day is marked
  5. First name: maybe there is a flower or other symbol that can represent the first name.

Surely you have many more creative ideas to announce the good news about your offspring. We wish you a lot of fun!

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