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GM moratorium approved


1 ßlanmiitzen Last training course in Bern. (AP) The last training course for military observers has opened in the Peacekeeping Operations training center in Biere VD. 34 officers from twelve countries will be trained by domestic and foreign instructors in UN blue hats by September 27th. From April 2003 the courses will take place in Stans NW. During the three-week course, the participants are trained in the observer-specific areas of “Observing”, “Reporting”, “Patrolling” and “Negotiation”, as the Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) said on Monday and fjords: The Norwegian coast at Hammerfest. Bern advocates a genetic engineering moratorium. (wb) A joint statement by the environmental organization and farmers yesterday in Bern called for a GM moratorium. They want to put a stop to commercial cultivation. According to a survey, 78 percent of the population are against GM crops in agriculture. Two thirds are in favor of a multi-year moratorium on the cultivation of genetically modified plants. Over three quarters of those questioned would like stricter legal regulations regarding genetic engineering in agriculture. Around 73 percent consider field trials to be risky. Only around 15 percent rate them as risk-free. The survey was transmitted to the Link Institute by Greenpeace. This surveyed 1017 people from all over Switzerland. The joint statement from Greenpeace, Pro Natura and the Swiss Farmers' Association (SBV) from yesterday took place shortly before the planned debate in the upcoming autumn session in Matir, nalrat Call-1 (wb) For a long time it was quite quiet around the trial riders in Upper Valais. But now this spectacular sport is clearly on the upswing again. After all, nine licensed drivers regularly take part in races. It can certainly be understood as a sign of the increased interest that on Sunday in Susten a run that is part of the Swiss championship has been held again for several years. It was a good opportunity to meet Aif. 1-ecten Pahiv-r H / -c Hl Landes in action. It is impressive which «feats» the trial riders perform on their motorcycles -. »_ Gen. Hardly an obstacle, the L *%« 7? "XM * ä ~ \ ~ m4 \ 'ä ~ \ -xr% -TfM' + f-. _Rl they do not know how to master. _-Vlll / X« DFCIlvllj; 1 dii The Oberwallis participants 5 shone with two categories- * .._ ,. nir \ r * An AT jr victories of the veteran Oskar With a Robin DR 40 to the North Cape (wb) Breathtaking landscapes and untouched nature as far as the eye can see Damian Hischier and Marcel Ritz have indescribable impressions from a Rüg to the North Cape Bring great pictures. Capricious weather with poor visibility and hurricane-like storms demanded the environmental organizations and farmers demand a march Greenpeace scientists, the Swiss Farmers Association and Pro Natura warn against the release of technically modified plants. Clearly on the upswing waither and Hans zenklusen Oskar Walther: Trial riders both NarisrhfM pilntpn in their pr crpmiptptpn Rnhin DR 4fi flipcprisrh finiops ah Si »iti> 11 out of passion. The trial riders showed their skills in Susten and now? e not bad last Saturday in Biel: In our canton there is not just a diverse, but also an extremely exciting cultural scene. Many Valaisans do not know this. Are (are) hardly interested in it. And yet we were proud of the Valais. Nice. Well, the Valais Expo day showed that our canton mp hr 711 hip tp n only has the popular postcard clichés. Which are not only beautiful, but also remain necessary. But just as little alone is blissful as stew politics. Will the contemporary Valais cultural awareness shown in Biel have any consequences at home? Or will it stop with patting each other on the back? The former is to be hoped for, the latter to be feared. We like to be surprised. Like in Biel. f.i // WSril rsno hf The Valais National Councilor Jean-Michel Cina (picture) is said to have every chance of becoming president of the CVP parliamentary group in the Bundestag. The successor to Jean-Philipp Maitre (GE) will be elected on September 24th. Cina is currently keeping a low profile on her own ambitions. But he is seriously examining Qie's candidacy, vnn ...- r. " --_ m //PnloG.inavw at PTA C * 711.rl <-i '<_ In the Forum d'art contemporain (FAC) on Sierre, the Upper Valais artist Eva-Maria Pfaffen has been showing her exhibition “Cölestina” since last Friday. Milk powder, larch needles, and meat paper are materials that found their way into her exciting installation: not only beautiful to look at, but also stimulating in her Wirl-i ,,,., «_.; ._. 11 Four days after the start of the NLB season, the second Valais derby takes place, this time Visp has a home advantage against Sierre. The first edition of the comparison promised a lot. Personnel and tactical measures can have a say. We kept an eye on both coaches and asked for first knowledge- Das Derbv number 2 _ «- * '»

2 With a new election, Schüssel and Haider create Vienna for this. (AP) After half of the FPÖ government team resigned, Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel spoke out in favor of early elections. At a press conference on Monday, Schüssel said: "I want to create clarity." He will propose to his party, the ÖVP, to hold the elections at the earliest possible date, as the Vienna news agency APA reports. The people expect constructive government work, not “power struggles and not power struggles”. On Sunday, Vice Chancellor Susanne Riess-Passer, Finance Minister Karl-Heinz Grasser and parliamentary group leader Peter Westenthaler resigned because they no longer saw the party as one behind them and their policy agreed with the larger coalition partner ÖVP. On Monday, the FPÖ Transport Minister Mathias Reichhold also announced his retirement from politics. Meanwhile, Defense Minister Herbert Scheibner leads Riess-Pas as Deputy Minister of Transport Reichhold announces retirement Wolfgang Schüssel, the Austrian Chancellor wants to create clarity with early elections and not power struggles but power struggles. (Photo: Keystone) Meanwhile, Defense Wants leads. Riess-Passer explained the Benes decrees to Minister Herbert Scheibte on Sunday that her resignation was the Czech Republic and, as Riess-Passer's deputy, demanded that the “logical consequence of the chances for the little sers continue the party business. According to APA, Scheibner said that he did not want to run for days and weeks “because of the EU, as APA reported, but as a party advocate” the gap that had arisen between the FPÖ. see ourselves and parts of the Parzogene elections as inevitable. In the FPÖ organizations in part ».. borrowed. In media reports, the federal states could have seen massive turbulence by almost a year. Klestil called for parliamentary elections for enkommen, such as the Burgenland. _.... de November expected. The ex-FPÖ chairman, Stefan Salzl, said that the resignation of the Cabinet for September 2003 was a “catastrophe” for the next parliamentary elections. Haider went to see the winner. The opposition parties The long-simmering power struggle in the Freedom Party welcomed the «end of the power struggle between the Riesschen party. At a de »and showed that they were prepared for the Passer and the Carinthian Lan event in Liechtenstein. The captain Jörg Haider was kicked into Haider by Federal President Thomas Klezu on Monday when the Koali had struck out some protesters after talks with the government after the whistle. In a speech with Schüssel and Riess-Passer the water catastrophe for 2003 he was critical of the Easter communicated on Monday that the planned tax reform was further, the repeal demanded the previous cabinet despite the aircraft hijacking C o 1 omb o. (AP ) During a flight, the crew and passengers of an Air Seychelles aircraft overpowered a man who wanted to take control of the machine. The Boeing 737 was en route from Bombay to the Maldives. 51 fundamentalists condemned Haekstep / Egypt. In one of the largest trials against Islamic fundamentalists to date, an Egyptian court sentenced 51 out of 94 defendants to prison terms of between two and 15 years. They were accused of having financially supported a militant group. 57 dead in rebel attack in Kathmandu. (AP) At least 57 soldiers and police officers were killed in a major Maoist rebel offensive in Nepal. According to reports from the state broadcaster, hundreds of rebels first attacked the police station and the army headquarters in Sandhikhara and then set other government buildings on fire. Earthquake off the Pacific state of Canberra. A tidal wave caused by a strong earthquake washed dozens of houses into the sea on the coast of the Pacific state of Papua New Guinea. At least three people were killed, according to the authorities. 15 years imprisonment for war crimes in Bijelo Polje (Yugoslavia). A Bosnian Serb was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Monday in Montenegro for the kidnapping and murder of 20 civilians. Resignations should stay together until the FPO party conference on October 20. Klestil had warned that the current composition of the federal government was temporary and could not replace a fully operational cabinet. The coalition of the FPÖ and the ÖVP, which was critically observed from abroad because of controversial statements by Haider, was agreed at the beginning of 2000 and ended a 30-year government phase of the Social Democrats in Austria. Haider did not accept a government office in Vienna. but remained the strong man in the FPÖ despite the fact that he had withdrawn from federal politics several times. Mixed signals to Israel Arafat condemns terror and accuses Israel of crimes. Raanan Gissin, criticized Arafat's speech as meaningless. Paiestinian reforms could not work while Arafat was in power. Also announced new Israeli-Palestinian talks are apparently to take place without Arafat. Palestinian government circles said on Monday that Sharon was planning a meeting with Arafat's deputy Mahmoud Abbas in the coming days. Sharon excluded the Palestinian President from being an interlocutor and recently stated that there were other contacts. In addition, on Tuesday five Palestinian cabinet ministers are to speak with the Israeli a m a 1 1 a h. (AP) Reconciliatory gestures and criticism of Israel dominated the first speech by Palestinian President Yasser Arafat in parliament in 18 months. Arafat on Monday condemned “every act of terrorism against Israeli civilians” and called for new peace talks, but at the same time accused Israel of ongoing crimes. In the Gaza Strip, Israeli troops again cracked down on suspected extremists. However, new talks are planned at the government level in the coming days. The world expects the Palestinians to take a clear stance on peace efforts with Israel and reforms within the autonomous areas, Arafat said. Contrary to his original draft speech, the Palestinian President did not explicitly demand an end to the suicide attacks and measures in parliament. However, he called for new discussions and declared to Israel: "We want security and stability for us and for you." Surprisingly, Arafat incorporated the remark into his speech: "If you want to relieve me of my duties, please do so and give me rest." At first it was not clear whether this was actually meant as an offer of resignation or a swipe at his critics. Arafat's confidants later stated, however, that he had already jokingly dropped such remarks on several occasions. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s adviser, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres meet to revive the collapsing August security agreement. The parliamentary assembly in Ramallah, at which the confirmation of the recent cabinet reshuffle as well as reforms and new elections were on the agenda, was also seen as a test for Arafat. Some MPs had already announced before the meeting that they would vote against the cabinet reshuffle. The meeting opened at Arafat's headquarters in Ramallah. After pressure from Israel, the president decided not to leave the building. Harsh words from Arafat to the address of Israel. (Photo: Keystone) USA and British warn of Iraqi atomic bomb Washington / Bag- agricultural Zwed a d. (AP) The US is hacking, said the interior burglar for support for the Ministry. The French suggested their tough course against President Chirac touring Iraq because Baghdad should give Baghdad a deadline allegedly to build a two to three week nuclear bomb capable. France's state presidency of the UN weapons inspector Jacques Chirac was granted an unconditional jolt. from his strict no. In the event of a refusal, Saddam Er advocated that Hussein's Security Council had to decide with a Security Council “whether or not to conduct an ultimatum from the UN Security Council to give in to military action”. move. In Berlin, Union US Vice President Dick Stoiber, candidate for chancellor, said he ney said that the Iraqi head of state had the technical knowledge for a nuclear minister, Jean-Pierre Rafwaffe, and that he was trying to defend himself during the Iraq crisis Mafarin voted. It is common position for the enrichment that the uranium to be procured. The mandate for measures for the British Institute for Strategic Iraq lies with the UN. In a study he came to the conclusion that he believed that “outside Iraq under certain conditions, it is quite irresponsible” that the Chancellor could build a bomb. no influence on the USA The official Baghdad want to take the official Tung "AI Thaura" threw US Schröder declared that there were telephone contacts with President George W. Bush in and with the British Prime Minister Tony Blair before that they were still intended. To lie to the world in order to get between Germany and an occasion for a military action to overthrow Saddam the “positions of Hussein's sufficient. clear". According to UN reports on our friendship, it is not the essence that a cleared construction work on several sides say what they want, and the other side of nuclear facilities, "the hoes in Iraq were folded up on the Mon-". During the day journalists led to one of the SPD and Green Schröder Rü plants. The work cover for his courses in El Twaitha. around 40 gave, said the FDP chief kilometers south of Bag-Guido Westerwelle of eidad, served environmental “disaster of German, medical and foreign policy”. Deaths and millions in losses during storms in the south of France Nimes. (AP) Severe storms with squalls and torrential rains have led to chaotic conditions in parts of southern France. The worst hit was the area near Nimes, where six people died. Water masses flooded towns and campsites, roads and rail connections were interrupted. More than 1,100 residents had to be brought to safety since Sunday evening, and there was a power cut in households. The authorities set up a crisis center and mobilized 800 soldiers and firefighters. Accompanied by hail and squalls, as much rain fell in one night as it usually did in six months, the TV station France-2 reported. Brooks turned into rivers that carried cars and caravans with them. The A7 motorway was closed at Orange, and the city's hospital ran out of water. In the Ardeche region, 400 tourists were evacuated from a campsite. According to the authorities, 80 percent of the road network in the Gard wai department is impassable. "Head-to-head race" until the Bundestag election in Berlin. (/ \ f) (AP) Despite i four. fours, Schröder Senroaer spoke of poor polling figures, a “head-to-head race” challenger Edmund got up to the election in two weeks. Stoiber “very satisfied” with the second and last television opinion polls, according to a duel with Chancellor Ger- the Chancellor as Klhard Schröder uttered. The winner of the duel is pleased that his skills have been strengthened by violent disagreements in tax and disputes, especially about the labor market and economic, labor market and Iraq policy was coined. At the first, the candidate for chancellor was at the dispute two weeks ago- Monday in Berlin. The Forschungsinsu Union politicians had tried to lead the way, but they did not yet manage to determine the importance of the appearance for clear winners and to be able to relate the voting decision. Investigators on their own go from lone perpetrators from Osman P. handled chemicals, and according to the Heidelberg public prosecutor's office, the arrest took around a month and a half. Bere'15 on 19.In July the public prosecutor received a corresponding condemnation from a witness from the American authorities. said the responsible Oberstaaj s attorney Elke O'Donoghue of the news agency. Heidelberg. (AP) The alleged terrorist couple from Walldorf acted on their own according to initial preliminary assessments by the investigative authorities. The previous investigations did not indicate any connections to Islamic terrorists, it was reported on Monday in Stuttgart. Between the first indications that the arrested last Thursday

3 1 uftpirat Hariri on the run again Orb e. (AP) The air pirate Hussein Hariri is on the run again. He did not return to the Bochuz (VD) prison from a vacation last weekend. Hariri hijacked an Air Afrique DC-10 to Geneva on July 24, 1987. Environmental damage from mercury Geneva. Around 15 experts from all over the world began one-week consultations on mercury damage in the environment on Monday in Geneva. The international community must ensure that mercury poisoning is a thing of the past, said the Director of the UN Environment Program (UNEP), Klaus Töpfer. Ringier confirms negotiations. The Swiss publisher Ringier is holding talks with Axel Springer Verlag about a possible purchase of a 40 percent stake. Michael Ringier is holding talks with Springer shareholder Friede Springer and Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner, said Ringier spokesman Fridolin Luchsinger about the rumors that have been circulating for days. Starting shot for the 2002 youth session in Bern. The starting shot for this year's youth session will be given on Friday at Expo.02 in Biel with the first regional gathering of politically interested young people. Around 70 participants between the ages of 14 and 21 will discuss two days at the regional youth session in Biel. Fire ended lightly A r I e s h e i m. A fire in a nursing home in Ariesheim (BL) went off lightly on Monday morning. The nine residents could be brought to safety. 78 percent of the population are against GM crops in agriculture. Two thirds are in favor of a multi-year moratorium on the commercial cultivation of genetically modified plants. (Photo: Keystone) Stop commercial cultivation. Environmental organizations and farmers for genetic engineering moratorium in Bern. (AP) Environmental organizations and farmers are calling for genetic engineering in commercial cultivation to stop. According to studies, the production of GM plants makes the production of GM-free food impossible, it said on Monday in Bern. This jeopardizes the consumers' freedom of choice. The joint statement by Greenpeace, Pro Natura and the Swiss Farmers' Association (SBV) for a GM moratorium in agriculture took place shortly before the planned debate in the upcoming autumn session in the National Council. Urs Schneider, member of the SBV's management, pointed out that consumer confidence in food is the most important asset for the Swiss agricultural and food industry. That is why the industry decided in favor of the quality strategy. The use of genetic engineering is now incompatible with such a strategy. Only a moratorium sends the clear signal that the Swiss cantons welcome the preliminary decision. The proposal will be submitted to the Council of States in Bern (AP) in the autumn session. The cantons have noted with satisfaction the decisions of the preliminary advisory commission of the Council of States on the restructuring of the financial equalization system. It can be stated that the direction of march is still correct, according to a statement from the conference of cantonal governments on Monday. It could be stated that the main features of the message on the restructuring of the financial equalization (NFA) and the division of tasks between the Confederation and the cantons had not been affected. This means that the implementation of this proposal, which is very important for the renewal of the federal state system, can be continued as planned with the consultation in the Small Chamber in the coming autumn session, according to the announcement. To this end, the cantons would continue to press ahead with their efforts * to strengthen intercantonal cooperation. According to the communication, the cantons can also put forward the proposed measures for better protection of the payer channels, which is to be achieved by limiting the share of the "financially strong cantons in the equalization of resources to a maximum of three quarters of the federal payments. The formal limitation of the hardship equalization to 24 years The cantons believe that the various clarifications that have been resolved are largely in line with the planned implementation practice. The fact that the Council of States wants to raise various provisions by one decision level and, for example, the areas with mandatory intercantonal I want to establish cooperation in the constitution, underline the great importance attached to this instrument. The advisory commission of the Council of States presented its decisions on the restructuring of financial equalization last Friday came to the conclusion that the large-scale NFA project should be submitted to the Council of States for resolution in the autumn session without significant compromises and on a solid basis. Individual concerns of the cantons were taken into account, but the resistance of the social associations remains. economy will not use genetic engineering in the next few years and thus want to promote trust in local products. A ten-year moratorium would be preferable to a five-year moratorium. In the debate about the cultivation of genetically modified plants, consumers' freedom of choice is a central point, said Beat Jans from Pro Natura. However, this is endangered, especially since it is practically impossible to cultivate genetically modified and non-GMO plants at the same time. There is still no study in Switzerland. However, studies from Austria and Germany have shown the problematic consequences of cultivating GM crops. Without specific legal regulations, conventional GMO-free production in Austria will come to a standstill in the medium term, said Werner Müller, author of the Austrian study. Karin Nowak from the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture in Frick pointed out that technical processes such as storage or transport when handling genetically modified plants can be controlled. The biggest problems, however, were the biological processes. For example, pollen could be spread several hundred meters to kilometers via wind and insects. Neither safety distances nor hedges could help here. If genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were grown in Switzerland, efforts to separate and control them had to be increased. A survey commissioned by Greenpeace at the opinion research institute LINK showed that 78 percent of those questioned rejected the use of genetically modified plants and animals in Swiss agriculture. In contrast, Internutrition, the Swiss working group for research and nutrition, wrote in a message on Monday, with reference to another study, that a coexistence of bio and biotechnology in agriculture with proportionate adjustments is possible. (AP) The Swiss police should keep their training up to date. The cantonal police directors have started to work out an overall educational policy concept. A project group is to submit proposals for reorganized police training by 2004. The constant change in the Swiss police landscape, the increased demands on the police officers and the increasing specialization within the corps induced the Conference of Cantonal Police Directors (KKJPD) to take a closer look at the federally structured police training. The new police structures at federal level, the planned new forms of cooperation among the cantonal police and the increased standardization within the four Swiss police concordats are just a few examples of the increased change in police work, said the Basel Justice and Police Director Jürg Schild according to the speech. In addition, the Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP) and the KKJPD clarified the division of tasks at the federal level and between the federal government and the cantons as part of the major USIS project. The working group presented on Monday, which is to take the reorganization of police training in hand, is made up of representatives from politics, the police, the judiciary and education. To build a training center like the St. Gallen Police Department. According to Schild, Karin Kellerlasste, the KKJPD zu Sutter carried out the KKJPD zu Sutter, should carry out the exact analysis by the end of a rethinking of this year's training. The current apprenticeships should also be checked to see whether the SPI has received the progression. By the spring of changes in the police force, visions and strat- egy training areas should have grown strategies for future training, or whether new structures and training for the police will need to be professionalised and will be organized by the end of 2003. At the moment, the basic training, content and resources of the training of the police officers are still to be firmly defined. in cantonal hands. The working group will probably check in the spring, however, in 2004 the implementation plan will not be available and the final decision will be made by the KKJPD from financial greenery. Schild also demanded moderate. Concrete reason for the fact that the federal government should take the training and project in hand again, the training of its police institute (SPI) and judicial forces itself in Neuchâtel. The President of the Cantonal Justice and Police Directors (KKJPD), Jürg Schild, right, and the St. Gallen government councilor Karin Keller-Sutter, left, presented a newly developed education concept for the police in Bern. (Photo: Keystone) Even Blocher is in favor ... It doesn't necessarily have to be a reference, but there is actually a referendum in federal politics, which even the SVP People's Tribune Christoph Blocher approves. Because the chronic no-sayers are also on duty, the Electricity Market Act (EMG) should clear the voting hurdle of September 22nd. However, the displeasure of the opposition to globalization and the trade unions in particular should not be underestimated. But together with parts of the left-green camp, they are good for around 40 percent at best. In addition, the EMG template no longer has to combine a number of stands. From the Valais perspective, the Electricity Market Act (EMG) has strengths and weaknesses. The weaknesses: Important areas of the electricity market and central concerns of the mountain regions are not regulated. Questions about the water rate and its guarantee, but also about reversal, are not taken into account. There is also no guarantee that electricity prices for small consumers will fall after the market has opened up. In the first phase, it is primarily the bulk consumers who benefit from the opening. The strengths of the template: As an important producer of electricity from hydropower, the Valais must have access to, or better yet, feeder rights to the electricity market for its 10 billion kilowatt hours. That brings the template. After all, we cannot drink all the wine we produce all by ourselves. In addition, it is questionable whether the liberalization of the electricity market can be stopped by rejecting the bill. The economy is pushing for an opening because it can then benefit from the lower electricity prices. As is well known, the canton of Valais already has to grant considerable discounts on energy prices for industry. The Valais is reliant on industrial jobs for better or for worse. All in all, the EMG is one of those templates that does not arouse enthusiasm. But from the point of view of the matter, there is little choice but to agree. There are also a number of practical constraints in the electricity industry that Switzerland and Valais cannot avoid. The EMG is actually not suitable as a parade ground for anti-globalization campaigns. Because the Swiss energy market has in fact already been liberalized, be it through the obligation to export, or through the entry of foreign companies and their subsidiaries in the Swiss electricity market. In the coming months and years, more farewells to previously protected or cartelized markets will be due, Switzerland as a high-price island in Europe will come under pressure. Luzius Theler air traffic agreement Only in winter session Bern. (AP) The aviation agreement between Switzerland and Germany will not come to the Council of States in the autumn session. The preliminary consultative transport commission wants to wait for further answers to open questions before submitting an application to the Small Chamber, as Commission President Ernst Leuenberger (SP / SO) said. The question of what legal options Switzerland would have in the event of Germany taking unilateral action before the European Court of Justice has not yet been fully answered. Further clarifications are also necessary with regard to the economic effects of the State Treaty. The European Commission tries to relax the situation in Brussels. (AP) The EU Commission is trying to ease the dispute with Switzerland over the taxation of cross-border interest income. A spokesman for EU Internal Market Commissioner Frits Bolkestein said in Brussels: "Nobody has threatened sanctions." It is premature to talk about threats at this point, spokesman Jonathan Todd said. First of all, the course of further negotiations must be awaited. He assumes that there will be further talks with Switzerland on October 8th.

4 Walliser Bote Tuesday, September 10, 2002, _ ,, -'- SBfc ,. _ - "IA W.» *]) V _ «j known for first-class training 0 The drugstore training V kricmotilrarin For our drugstore in Zemfiatt * UI rvus> iiicuivcmii Q) we are looking for someone to join our school Q Serious and practical training to become a »j- i i- \ u_r l '" -rfjl beautician ..-- uipl, UrOgiStm Hr * / SEÜK JJ? «Our day courses / evening courses _-l!» »ll ~ \> <-. <-.; _- + »> -. UC - .. start from September Clipl. DrOgiSteil HP part-time 50% / * v You can obtain non-binding information and gra- \) l JA tis documents from -. Together with our managing director, mk «f \ \. "JAf JB _ \ Kosmetikfachschule CD you both for personnel recruitment and HK # M &? I, via Bütikofer -r ~ * deployment planning as well as for the entire. Magnoliastrasse s 3,3600 Thun v- / / v,» »i» *, - . «J. J ~ .cu .. j., Ki« -54S2 - mmw t T_i_fnn m-.))) Leieton üöö zzz zb. <_ M TU j, t l_ Organization and achieving the operational .. - _., -,., l 1 _ responsible for economic objectives. SvV6atshiri_i 'JfM You are committed to ensuring that your 92-T 22, pure Baurnwoile 7fi i _ «- i_« markt is given competent advice and that the jpgj Estorel philosophy is implemented Wwma, P-%. j Denmikleic-mit Sweater Med. PraxisaSSiStentin / "Mr. Hans Peter Weber is looking forward to your. Set, 92f 122, pure cotton", "....- i application documents or is available for you for oc Kl cta lin I 0 for further information. with several years of practical experience, knowledge of the laboratory and Korresf fl. Estore AG z H (J Mr. HP Weber, i. k pondenz, is looking for a job (50%) in Pra- _ RipHstrassp 1 fi'vn Rntkrpuz XIS or Spital _jm wmfffmmm * t V , sp / Bn9- Q phone, J jf * j phone V 1k. II ~~~ ~~ "~ ~" "~~~". fc_ uti real estate exchange HMlflMMP Jl! PNflf-M JH fl? 'n industrial zone Jp * «Beeschi Matte» j ffltfftpcnff iffla_mfl-plarwl in Steg BBSHMWMMMIAI HJRyM «« r "For sale in TURTMANN 6y_-room- l _.l \ 1. fl attic apartment LH duplex apartment with garage ,. rtt j t_t \ {» I% \ II 'V * 1 M cellar compartment, _i i _. I * _lij 1 I »Winter garden. Negotiating price: l - lü [« it PMB1M) IP) IM Agricultural / Industrial * r <_ IW k * x> zone developed MMMHpjlMijMMiH Attention girls, Anfepal: casual fashion has never been so cheap.) Etet Ix'i CftA. C&A. MglgHnzielitalli a. IMMOBILIEN- KEgU üwj tj ly3b URUI * vm BJXEL BER «ttO. AIEJEHT GRAJ.CIA. LA CHAUX OE-FOHD- UUSAÜHE LMER «-Uli« EUCHilEL DHE * SIERRE BE RATUNG SOII SHEEP! HOUSE »- HERBUH.IR UARKT. S010IHUBH SPSEIIENBACH - 11VDU S1CAIIEH THUM VEVEY VOLKETSWIL W1KIERTHUR mboonlesbains ZUG / UBICH C1FV ZURICH-OERUKO «wo- c-uxl i JOSÖ Seh ny d er Gampel Tel I uüajillllji _- _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _-._ - _ - _ -_-_--- -_ ----- _--, ---_ - _---- -_-_ _ ---- _, infoi (,) Wanted in the Brig / Naters SIDERS area, New Wanted II TiTTjr-rA- "CT! WÄxm m_ il Sj_p _] Household staff full service employee ,, qy [Cj for Vh up to 2 days per week. MaSSagen .. . 2x a week in the evening. Schöne Polin _. -.:.* Advertised:! M ** ilaj inquiries under code MA 7969 Blondine ", .._. g »jgj« ysgh2ua M2ui UUfl to Mengis Annoncen, PO Box, Restaurant Glishorn, Glis K PTI WB! 3930 Visp Tel Telephone T -7 IBjMI M S fj Vi «-j I TJ K 4Vj U [Et 't0' st c as' este car in the world. '' Loves her. (ABS, double airbag, air conditioning, radio / CD HiFi Loves the environment. (4.9 1/100 km mixed consumption) * Loves every parking space. (3.5 m short, power steering) SSß_m Loves your wallet, (only Fri) WI 6k W0Kmmm% mmmmmm%.mrmw '_ »' '_R fibtek i I!?« «*») il L «B' gasoline consumption Alto gear (93 / 11B / EEC) ß" BB *, r FlZ BF «5-HI Sf i -tul-ii jaj-b ufl '- l -itlfllijiaimr 3 t KjlnJJ Suzuki Alto: New. City. Love. ü H ffl WW ~ _f. Importer: Suzuki Automobile AG, Brandbachstr Dietlikon. Tel B6. f y.'. j ;! Fax 01 B05 B Can be financed cheaply via EFL Erb Finanz und Leasing AG. Also eis Automat EB-H Winterthur on request. All prices net including VAT REGIONAL AGENTS: Filet-Mörel: Garage Wyssen AG, Tel; Sierre: Garage Aminona Jean Rudaz SA, Tel LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES: Münster Grimsel Garage, Tel; Stalden: Automobile Neubrück Bertholjotti & Ruppen, Tel EVERYTHING EXCEPT USUAL SUZUKI «et« * '. «F

5 Former Federal Councilor Chevallaz dies Ber n. (AP) The historian Georges-Andre Chevallaz, who died on Sunday at the age of 87, was a member of the Federal Council for ten years. Before and afterwards, the Vaudois FDP magistrate made a name for itself as a publicist and author of historical books. He made no secret of his critical stance towards the EU. Chevallaz was born on February 7, 1915 in Lausanne. Entitled to his homeland in Montherod (VD), he was strongly connected to the Pays-d'Enhaut on his mother's side. After studying history in Lausanne and Paris, he received his doctorate with a thesis on agriculture in Vaud at the end of the Andes regime. After working as a teacher, Chevallaz became director of the cantonal and university library in 1955, and the history textbook he wrote, “Histoire generale de 1789 a nos jours”, was elected mayor of Lausanne. A year later he moved into the National Council, where he took over the parliamentary group presidency in 1970, Chevallaz made a first attempt at the Federal Council, but was subject to Nello Celio from Ticino. On December 5, 1973, there was a memorable election: the resignations of Hans-Peter Tschudi (SP), Roger Bonvin (CVP) and Celio (FDP) resulted in a three-man vacancy in the Federal Council. The three candidates nominated by the parties were all subject to outsiders in the plenary. Chevallaz prevailed against Henri Schmitt from Geneva and, together with Willi Ritschard (SP) and Hans Hürlimann, still low-paid network content Zurich. (AP) According to a survey by the WEMF AG for Advertising Media Research (WEMF), the willingness of Internet users to pay for network content is still very low. The study concludes that so far only a small minority have paid something for the services they use on the Internet. At the top for paid content are program downloads with 15 percent, followed by archive or database information with nine percent. The results show that Internet users show a greater willingness in the future to pay for offers such as software programs, music or video films for more general information and services. However, around half of Internet users see that more Internet offers will have to be paid for in the course of development. There is broad agreement on this among the providers. According to WEMF, the Internet is most commonly used for e-mail traffic. 97 percent of all Swiss Internet users would have sent electronic mail at least once. Historian and master of finances and the military The late former Federal Councilor Georges-Andre Chevallaz (center) ah military chief visiting the Simplon. (Photo G. Tscherrig) (CVP) newly elected to the state government. Chevallaz's preferred department was the interior, but in the end all that was left for the newcomer was the ungrateful and difficult finance department. During his time as the highest Swiss treasurer, the two voters voted against VAT in 1977 and 1979. The finance minister's work, which is often characterized by little luck, had an impact on his result in the confirmatory elections of 1979, where he did relatively poorly. Nevertheless, in the same year he made it through the hurdle of the vice-presidential election and was also elected Federal President in 1980 after moving to the EMD without any problems. In this capacity he received the Queen of England on a state visit. After the Bern SVP representative Rudolf Gnägi left the Federal Council, the Vaud Infantry Major moved to the head of the military department in 1980. Armaments projects such as the Flab guided missile “Rapier”, the second batch of Tiger fighter aircraft, PC-7 trainer aircraft, anti-tank guided missile “Dragon”, assault rifle 90 and main battle tank Leopard 2 were in the foreground of its activities. During Chevallaz's time as head of the EMD, the reorganization of the Intelligence Service and Defense (UNA) subgroup after the Bachmann spy affair and the discussion about alternative civilian service also took place. The dispute over the Rothenthurm arsenal was dominant in the last phase of his term of office. Political partners and opponents paid the always energetic and straightforward magistrate great respect after his resignation. "At the beginning, lightning and thunder dominated the relationship, later it was characterized by mutual respect and recognition," wrote the Federal Association of Federal Personnel on Chevallaz's 70th birthday. After his resignation, Chevallaz appeared as a lecturer and publicist, mainly dealing with historical and political issues. He renounced lucrative board memberships. Chevallaz was in favor of joining the UN, but was against Switzerland's membership in the EU. In the controversy about Switzerland's role in World War II, he stood behind his political pupil Jean-Pascal Delamuraz when he was exposed to a storm of indignation because of his statements about ransom; extortion. A stable picture “20 minutes” attracts readers of major daily newspapers from Zurich. (AP) The free newspaper “20 Minuten” makes the high-circulation German-speaking Swiss daily newspapers dispute the readership. Compared to the previous year, the commuter newsletter gained the most in reach. The reach of all Swiss newspapers remained stable at 96 percent. According to the most recent media analysis by WEMF AG for advertising media research, the free newspaper “20 Minuten”, which appears in German-speaking Switzerland, gained around 67 percent in reach. The profit is mainly concentrated in the areas of Bern and Basel, where the newspaper has only appeared since September 2000. But “20 Minuten” and also “Metropol”, this newspaper appeared in Zurich until the middle of last February, attracted readers with a circulation of more than copies during the survey period of the newspaper group. In particular, the “Tages Anzeiger”, the “Berner Zeitung” and “Neue Luzerner Zeitung” would have suffered a loss of coverage. “Basler Zeitung”, “Blick” and “NZZ” have remained relatively stable. After all, the decrease in reach in the group of high-circulation newspapers makes up 2.5 percent. In western Switzerland and Ticino, on the other hand, the reverse development can be seen with an increase in the coverage of the high-circulation newspapers, but also of the Sunday newspapers and magazines. In western Switzerland, women's magazines were among the winners with a relative increase in reach of 4.7 percent. According to WEMF, the picture for Switzerland as a whole is stable. The reach of all newspapers that participated in the survey conducted between April 2001 and the end of March 2002. remains unchanged at 96 percent. The magazines are also at the previous year's level and reached 93 percent of the Swiss population. The WEMF study includes the titles of the Swiss print media that appear regularly. In addition to daily and Sunday newspapers, it also includes official gazettes, specialist journals, free newspapers, customer newspapers, inserts and the membership press. The results were filtered from interviews conducted throughout Switzerland. In addition to “Blick” and “NZZ”, the free newspaper “20 Minuten” draws readers from daily newspapers in German-speaking Switzerland. In western Switzerland and Ticino, on the other hand, the trend is the opposite. «Welcome, Andreas» Letter to the newborn in the baby flap 16 months ago I wrote about you at this point, calling you Moses based on the biblical story, telling of the rescue of the boy from the Nile. At that time, Switzerland's first baby hatch was installed in the Einsiedeln regional hospital. Not everyone imagined that this facility would save your life. They found it difficult to accept that a baby window could be an alternative to abortion. It was even referred to as a danger, as if contraception would become superfluous. Now you, Andreas, started your way into our society right there in this baby hatch. The controversy for or against the modern rush baskets is apparently being rekindled. Andreas, you weigh over two and a half kilograms and are almost fifty centimeters tall. A healthy baby! Every mother would be happy about that. I don't know if your mother was happy to see you arrived. What is certain is that she wanted to let you live. She would certainly have had opportunities to prevent that. Such terrible thoughts must have shot through her mind. During long sleepless nights she will have wondered what to do with her child. Maybe she even thought about it, please excuse me, if she should throw you in a garbage bag after the birth and leave you to be burned. Andreas, you were lucky! Your mother is attached to you and your life. She proved this with pregnancy and the difficult walk to the baby window after the birth. The way there with you in my arms will have been a kind of crossroads. Your mother will tell you later, much later, how she got this way behind her. They will be found and the two of you will be brought back together. Then it will become clear why she was left alone. She will also describe where and how she gave birth to you. This is not going to be a nice story for you. She was sure to be alone, she was probably terrified, she wanted to scream in physical and emotional pain. But she had to suppress all screams because she might have to hide from the help. Dear Andreas! I always talk about your mother and almost forget that you also have a father. Will he ever find out that he has a son? It is possible that he knew about you, but felt overwhelmed with a child and therefore took Reissaus. That's not exactly honorable. So your father consciously or unconsciously withdrew from his responsibility. This responsibility is now assumed by strangers for you. They called you Andreas, the manly one. They will guide you into life .. But! Your mother will soon be found, the day is not '' far off, then help will be given to her too! She will hold you in her arms again and will not want to let go. That's what I wish for. I wish you, Andreas, and your mother all the best and love on earth and heaven. NB: There is a real possibility that your mother could be located between the time this column was edited and the appearance of this column. or protection for women Swiss Amnesty Section calls on Pakistan to Bern / Lausanne. (AP) The Swiss section of Amnesty International (AI) has called on Pakistan to do more to protect women. The appeal, which was handed over to the Pakistani embassy in Bern on Monday, is supported by 16 women's and human rights organizations, Amnesty said. The appeal calls on the government to take concrete steps to end violence against women. Pakistani authorities have had to repeal laws discriminating against women and end impunity for perpetrators who have committed crimes in the name of honor, the organizations demand. Domestic violence is widespread in Pakistan. Women and girls are used "as change" to settle debts. Numerous women would be burned or murdered. Even the slightest suspicion of infidelity could lead men to kill their wives, mothers, daughters or sisters in order to restore family honor. Young women would also be forced to marry and risk their lives if they tried to make choices for themselves. According to AI, there are only estimates of the number of women killed. The media and human rights organizations speak of three women being murdered in the name of honor every day. EDITORIAL: PO Box 720, 3900 Brig Telephone 027 / SUBSCRIBER SERVICE: PO Box 204, 3930 Visp Telephone 027 / * Mengis Printing and Publishing: Terbinerstrasse 2, 3930 Visp Editing: Furkastrasse 21, PO Box 720, 3900 Brig Tel. 027 /, Fax 027 / Editor in Chief : Pius Nieder (pr {Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Luzius Theler (lth) Foreign / Domestic: Stefan Eggel (seg) Regional: Herold Bieler (hbi) Mathias Forny (lom), Franz Mayr (fm) Thomas Rieder (tr), Karl Salzmann (sak) Marcel Vogel (mav) E-Maii: local culture. Lothar Berchtold (blo) Sport: Hans-Peter Berchtold (bhp) Roman Lareida (rir), Alban Albrecht (alb) Editor Unterwallis: Stephane Andereggen (and ) Tel. 027 /, Fax 027 / Permanent staff: Georges Tscherrig (glg), Hildegard Stucky (hs] Harald Burgener (hab), Werner Köder (wek) Roger Brunner (rob) Letters to the editor: The decision about publication, the The extent and timing of the letters to the editor is entirely up to the Obituaries editorial team: The necrologists appear under the Title «Obituaries» collected on a WB page. Advertising acceptance points Valais subscription service: 3900 Brig, Furkastrasse 21 Peter Sarbach, Terbinerstr. 2.3930 Visp 3930 Visp, Terbinerstrasse 2 Tel. 027 /; Fax 027 / Zermatt, Mengis Druckzentrum, Tempelareal Annual subscription: Advertisement acceptance point for CHF 279 (including 2.4% VAT) throughout Switzerland (excluding Valais): Single sale price: CHF 2. (including 2.4% VAT) Publicitas AG Deadline for accepting obituaries Neuengasse 48, 2502 Biel Uhr, Telefon 027 / Teḻ 032 /; Fax: 032 / Technical details: Advertisement management: Mengis Annoncen typesetting level: 282x450 mm Administration and disposition: Advertisements: 1-column 9 '24 mm Terbinerstr. 2.3930 Visp, Tel. 027 /; Advertisement: 6-spallig, 44 mm Fax 027 /; PC circulation: (certified by WEMF,) Advertisement prices: Basic tariff: Advertisement mm CHF 0.98, classified ads up to 150 mm For classified advertisements: car market, real estate, job market For advertising mm Fr All prices excl. 7.6% VAT. Regular supplement: The “WB extra” appears every 14 days as a free supplement to the “Walliser Bote”. Advertisements that are printed in the “Walliser Bote” may not be copied, edited or used in any other way by unauthorized third parties, either in whole or in part. In particular, it is forbidden to feed advertisements into online services in edited form. Any violation of this prohibition will be prosecuted.

6 BEE-H Jungfrau Railway satisfied Interlaken. (AP) The Jungfraubahn Holding AG is satisfied with the first half of 2002 despite a decline in net profit of twelve percent to 3.1 million francs. Because in the same period of the previous year there was an extraordinary income of 1.4 million francs. In addition, the newly acquired Grindelwald-First mountain railways were consolidated for the first time. Basel pays for by health insurers. The irritable bowel drug Zelmac developed by Novartis is paid for by health insurers. This was decided by the Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO). The drug has proven to be effective in clinical studies. The RTL Group belongs to the Bertelsmann Group. Gasoline prices have risen _, .. 'Z u g / B a a r. - The prices Luxembourg.- (AP) Euro for petrol and diesel oil are P? s 8th television company, in Switzerland again on the Je Luxemburger RTL-Steigen. Only four days after roup, this year had to give way to the price reduction of two feathers, especially on pennies from last thunder- the most important market day have the leading mi- Germany. The lull on the mineral oil companies Shell and BP, the advertising market, let the prices for the liter of Ben- profits fall drastically and diesel already again! ~ Oil! en. ,, increased by three cents. At the same time, the market share also fell because Basel, which is part of the Ber- Danzas telsmann group, is expanding. The globally active broadcasting group does not have forwarding and logistics broadcasting rights for important group Danzas is expanding its TV highlights such as the soccer logistics position in the China World Cup and the. Danzas acquired three more Winter Olympics licenses than added. The Luxembourg conternational logistics provider reported on Monday at ter for the Shenyang areas, the presentation of its half-year - Suzhou and Chensdu. numbers. all in all, the FiSMAS RTL Group is feeling headwinds Europe as the largest television company suffers from advertising noise, television revenues in Germany in particular from RTL and VOX fell by 7.3 percent to 829 million euros in the first six months. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) even fell by 36.8 percent to 103 million euros. The general advertising doldrums for the television giant were exacerbated by a declining share of the advertising cake and a lower reach in the advertising-relevant target group of 14 to 49 year olds who switched to other channels because of the major sporting events. The weakness in the German market also had an impact on the overall result of the group, which operates 24 TV channels and 18 radio stations across Europe. The television giant was able to increase its sales by 5.1 percent to 2.1 billion euros, mainly due to acquisitions. However, the EBITDA result fell by 23 percent to 181 million euros. The television giant had problems not only in Germany, but also in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Holland Media Group (HMG) also struggled with a drop in audience numbers and declining advertising revenues and was in the red.The Belgian subsidiary RTL TVi suffered from strong competition from its French competitor TRI. Declining returns on private and public pension funds in Zurich. (AP) The bear market caused the returns on private and public pension funds to melt in the first half of the year. A comparison of 65 pension funds and 550 asset management mandates with total assets of CHF 75 billion resulted in a so-called median return of minus five percent. According to estimates, the direct real estate investments, which are not included in the comparison for valuation reasons, should result in a slightly higher effective total return for the pension funds, according to a statement from the consulting firm Watson Wyatt and the Swiss Pension Fund Association (ASIP) from Montae. The recorded median return on securities assets means that half of the funds included did worse than the minus five percent and the other half did better. According to the analysis, the pension funds have largely adhered to the long-term investment strategy. Despite the ongoing bear market, shares were bought. Nevertheless, the share of shares as a percentage of total assets decreased slightly due to value. As expected, losses were recorded for shares, while bonds made positive returns possible. The median for Swiss equities was minus 6.4 percent, that of Swiss DI US bonds was 3.3 percent. Zurich sells private eauity company Zurich / London. (AP) The Zurich group has sold its private equity company Gresham to the management there. Details about the transaction would not be made, it said at the group headquarters. Last weekend, media reports speculated about the Gresham sale. Zurich will remain one of the main pillars of Gresham and will leave around 265 million British Pfum (around 615 million francs in capital in the company, according to a press release). Zurich will continue to benefit from Gresham's activities but will be able to focus more on its core areas kon- BLUE CHIPS 6.9 ABB Ltd n 8.21 Adecco n 59.5 Bäloise n BK Vision p Ciba SC n Clariant n 29.4 Converium n CS Group n EMS-Chemie p 5750 Forbo n 456 Givaudan n 656 Hilti bp 990 Holcim p Julius Baer Hld. p Kudelski p 22.3 Lonza Group n 97.8 Nestle n 322 Novartis n 59.5 Pharma Vision p Rentenanstalt n 209 Richemont 27.4 Roche bp Roche p 169 Schindler bp 257 Serono p -B- 796 Spec. Vision p 66.8 Stillhalter p Sulzer n 225 Surveillance n Swatch Group p Swatch Group n 22 Swiss Re n 106 Swisscom n Syngenta n UBS SA n Unaxis n 114 Valora Hld. N 297 SWISS mm MARKET DI t INDEX BÖRSE V uu V * W "W fc mmm-iztnwtzmmmm n_f F i nc ic Belimo Hold, n Bobst Group n Bon Appetit n Bondpartners p Bossard H old, p Bucher Holding Centerpulse n Crelnvest p Disetronic Hld n Distefora Hld p EE Simplon p Elma n Fischer G. n Galenica n Geberit n Hero p Jelmoli p Kaba Holding n Kuoni n Leica Geosys. n I inrlt Rnrnnnli n Logitech n 4M Tech, n Michelin p Micronas n Mikron n Mövenpick p OZ Holding p Pargesa Holding Phonak Hold n PubliGroupe n REG Real Est. n Rieter n Saurer n Schindler n. SEZ Holding n SIG n Sika AG p Swiss n Synthes-Stratec Tradition p Unigestion p Von Roll p AC G 34.75G G G AA7C SPI Swissca DAX i-t -._- i. e ...; ---- -i. SMI DJ Industrial c. i <; <. r, v ir «s & P'T Q? Ä -Swissca. Fd me. Hong Kong Ṡwjssca Portf Fd Yie d Toronto cw io <.ra p nrtl CH n, \ Sydney-Total "porlr Fd Growth Nikkei M m 9? N '* nn _"? N Swissca Portl Fd MIB C nn Ṡwjssca p Qrtf Fd Eur0 g-, Financ. Times 8S C r / r. VZli _? qq - Rp Swissca MM Fund CHF CAC 'Swissca MM Fund USD' Swissca MM Fund GBP 'Swissca MM Fund EUR' Swissca MM Fund JPY _ "Swissca MM Fund CAD ' Swissca MM Fund AUD tm * ttm ** - \ - * mtm - m * -u * - \ * - mgw jssca gj sfr. Foreign exchange purchase sale !! "'- *« "'" '/ hie er cn nnn i Swissca Bd Invest CHF (up to Fr. 50 0U -.-). Swissca B (j nves, USD' "Euroland _ 4401 M.« GBP England% «IS iss Denmark PY.n BH r! L r_n Norway wlssca s AD Sweden" K'.Ä "?, Croatia, 3? PHF Turkey"!? -7 - «MT n-- -.Q, o eno Sw ssca Bd nv. MT Sw USD a! Uli «M} * lt. EUn a Japan S _ DB Australia J w! ssc \, l P h L_ri- _ South Africa Swissca North America budatrika ulyu1445 Swissca Austria EUR,." Swissca Emerg. Mkts Fd NOlen 'Swissca France EUR USA: *! GBmiany EUR nd * Ennland? 5! G? Aitain GBP iraaraon p 81 oi /-.OD -J "Kark" SS 0 Unigestion p G.1.05G Denmark Sflr * Other titles Von Roll p Norway TZIZ 181. i .'_ - W! K CHFdS WMHn Sweden aie? 17 _: EUR Agie Charmi. N G Croatia Sfe SSL Alcan I Tel Ä2SSL. AsCOm n urkel 4 '[Swissca Small & Mid Caps Bachern n -B ItaU.IMdi.liU.IiJÜ-l B t HM 1H llillll it'if Canada Barry Callebaut n Japan '' .SS ?? «- ,, \. _ ,, _ .. f P an n 8R Swissca Lux Fd uommi BB Biotech p Central Valais Price for 10 0 L Australia, -., H n m «n n; 7? 'Swissca Lux Fd Energy' - .. -, his South Africa u.i-.b u.tb / b -swissca Lux Fd Finance 'Swissca Lux Fd Health USA Dollar Cnrnlinrl C7 QQ Cum mm. England pound Denmark m crowns M * M LjJB L Norway crowns Cyprus fl? W_ \ Sweden Kronen fk4fmmi Croatia Kuna \ KM J V Turkey (1 Fr.) Lira H D pound * r Canada dollar! ---- -apciii 7C.I Q -IO IUIU. in Vnr, i CM Australia Dollar South Africa Rand Interest rates Switzerland from For customer deposits from Fr Mte. Mte. Mte. to Fr cash 3y. 5Y. 8 years Swiss bonds. National Bank Average yield on federal bonds Lombard rate DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL mmxmxmxmm rsmzmsmm "Swissca Lux Fd Technology" Swissca Lux Fd Deka-TeleM Small and Mid Caps Europe * _ -IM- Ai -_- h nmmiccinn Divers Japac Fund Seapac Fund Chinac Fund Latinac Fund UBS Bd Fd-EUR UBS Eq Fd-Asia USD UBS Eq Fd-Germany EUR UBS Eq Fd-Global USD UBS Eq Fd-USAUSD UBS (Lux) Bd Fd-CHFA MDC / PU \ c, r «t rue DOLLAR US tf CC7 C rates at 10 p.m. 6.9 PARIS (Euro) AGF Alcatel 4.56 BNP-Paribas 44 Lafarge 88.9 LVMH 40.9 Suez-Lyon.Eaux Televerbier SA 23.3 TotalFina 143 Vivendi 13.2 LONDON () BP Plc 473 Brit. Telecom Cable & Wireless Diageo Plc 792 ICI Invensys J. Sainsbury 322 Rexam 430 RioTinto N 1065 Royal BkScot 1536! / -.! .. <--- n-7c AMCTCDnAlll (Euro) ABN Amro Akzo Nobel BolsWessanen Fortis Amev ING Groep Philips Reed Elsevier Royal Dutch FRANKFURT (Euro) Allianz Leben 626 Aventis 58.5 Babcock Borsig 0.34 BASF 40.5 Bay. Hyp & Verbk 20.5 Bayer BMW 36.1 Commerzbank 9.88 DaimlerChrysler Degussa Huels 29.6 Deutsche Bank CC \ A IC G Euro market interest rates from Fr. 6 mth. 12 mth. CHF / SFr USD / USS DEM / DM GBP / E NLG / HLG JPY / YEN CAD / CS EUR / EUR E.0N Epcos Linde MAN Metro ord. MLP Schering Siemens Thyssen-Krupp VW TOKIO (Yen) Casio Computer Daiwa See. Fujitsu Ltd Hitachi Honda Kamigumi Mitsub. Tokyo NEC Olympus Sankyö Sanyo Sharp Sony TDK NFW YORK MIR! R »3M Company Abbot Aetna Inc. Alcoa A-. I- »Amexco AMR Corp. Anheuser-Bush AOL Time W. Apple Computer Applera Celera AT & T Corp. Avon Products Bank America Bank of N.Y. Bank One Corp Barrick Gold Baxter Black & Decker Boeing Bristol-Myers Burlington North Caterpillar ChevronTexaco Cisco Citigroup Coca-Cola Colgate-Pal. ConocoPhillips n; CSX DaimlerChrysler Dow Chemical Dow Jones Co. Du Pont Eastman Kodak EMC Corp Exxon Mobil FedEx Corp Fluor Foot Locker Ford General Dyna General Electric I General Mills! General Motors Gillette! 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7 Party time again and Crazy Palace at least until the end of the year DJ nights and concerts are on the Bri g-g lis program. From Monday to Thursday, the briger Tom Pavletic lives and works as a computer specialist in Zurich. He spends the rest of the week in Brig-Glis mainly working at the Crazy Palace. Together with his wife Jane, he has rented this house until the end of the year. The two of them ensure party time here from Thursday to Saturday. Tom Pavletic reports that he has been organizing such events for ten years. «Because I like organizing. And because it's hard to get away from it, ”he says. After staging revival parties in the Briger Simplonhalle in the recent past, he is now luring the audience to the Crazy Palace. The "Disco Kings" will ensure a relaxed party atmosphere next Saturday. The DJs Tomtom kum will rule: The disco fever of the DJs and concerts as well as Shimua & Friends with the 70s revive What in the next three chart breakers the hit parade ", this is, what can the lively troop be expected in months? Tom Pavletic explains the pro in a funny and skilful way to Nun, on the 1st floor of the Crazy Program. Admission is charged here, besides those interested in music, there is no charge. To bring the door open for this man and woman from Thursday to The main room of the Crazy Palace concert is at 6:00 p.m., from Saturday at 6:00 p.m. he wants regular concerts in Brig and the “Roxy Club” is open from Visp. Here, going across the stage, a shuttle bus drives in action. DJs at work. the organizer continues. At least “Thursdays are hip - it should be one per month. Why in Hop, Soul and Rhytm'n 'Blu- His heart beats for Crazy Palace? it's hip. On Friday is called "Revival Parties". How this is why he will have settled in the Crazy Palace by the end of the year, it will be 'Feelings the house expe- rience' next Saturday with the DJs Steve Fox. Then is kicking? and Serge Imhof. And on Sams- the “Disco Kings” in front of the Publi- Tom Pavletic: “We want to offer musical events on a regular basis. Finding suitable locations in Upper Valais is not easy. The Crazy Palace has several advantages: The infrastructure is available, there are no problems with the permits, and the house is close to the centers. " But again and again you can hear that the house is difficult to reach. "If there are bigger performances on the program, we will organize a shuttle bus for each," remarks Tom Pavletic. “Something for everyone” Tom and Jane Lee-Pavletic don't want to limit themselves to DJs and “revival parties”. “From dance evenings to children's hit parades, everything should be included,” reports the organizer. "Something for everyone" is directing. Bands from Upper Valais should come to the fore on a regular basis. “To offer these bands a platform” is the intention pursued at Crazy Palace. Confidence directs What Tom and Jane Pavletic want to realize is temporarily limited to the end of the year. How does he feel about the next three months? "I'm confident, otherwise we wouldn't start the whole thing," explains the organizer. And does he dare to look into the future? «Well, the future of Crazy Palace is written in the stars. On the other hand, musical events should be planned every six months at the most. " So the rule is: wait and enjoy the party time. At least until the end of Tom Pavletic and Jane Lee-Pavletic: Bring new life to Crazy Palace. At the center of political power? National Councilor Jean-Michel Cina future parliamentary group leader of the CVP parliamentary group? Sal shake. around 80 percent off. Com- Jean-Michel Cina, in the end, he would be a candidate for the CVPO National Council and parliamentary group presidium, he would face a possible Salgesch without any problems, rather than a possible successor to the CVP - Fractional leader Jean- Philipp Maitre was acted as a possible competitor by the CVP Aargau. The Geneva National Council already National Councilor Melchior announced his resignation on Ehrler in the discussion. "Rxf \ li / l / if l / ainm / \ n / l_.n PHIC-U. Will be known at the end of the upcoming autumn session. The successor will be determined on September 24. The 39-year-old lawyer and notary from Salgesch is considered a bearer of hope in the 50-member CVP parliamentary group of the Bundestag Bilingualism as a link between German-speaking Swiss and French-speaking countries, as well as his most recent work in the party presidium, where the National Council, as head of the “Strategy and Program” working group, played a key role in drawing up the CVP election focal points for the fall of 2003 involved. "Candidate is being seriously examined" Whether Cina is available for the office of parliamentary group leader, "is being seriously examined", as he expressed yesterday to the WB - Cina is currently checking his prospects, but wants, for example, about the time required to do this Office make a clear picture. Eter decision on candidacy should be made in the next few days. National council mandate and municipal presidium are burdening his work capacity according to his own statements. After four years ... Jean-Philipp Maitre is giving up the chairmanship of the parliamentary group after four years and sees the time for a change one year before the parliamentary elections according to "Tages -anze" as the ideal time. There is a need for regular changes at the top of the parliamentary group, Maitre agreed with party president Philipp Stähelin when announcing his resignation. When he was elected to the top of the parliamentary group four years ago, Maitre narrowly prevailed against today's Federal Councilor Joseph Deiss. Due to the current constellation, Cina is considered a crown favorite by Bundeshaus connoisseurs. Influential office The leadership of a parliamentary group is a special class of political office. Group leaders sit in the absolute center of power and can exert political influence far beyond their party. Jean-Michel Cina is traded as a crown favorite for the presidium of the CVP parliamentary group. He himself is currently keeping a low profile and wants to seriously consider a candidacy. That has its charm, said Cina yesterday. The strategy work begun in the party did not have to suffer as a result. The basic structure is in place, the positions in family policy were taken at the party conference in Herisau. At the end of October, foreign policy in Ticino will be discussed. Cina bears direct responsibility for the migration paper to be drawn up. Finally, in January 2003, the CVP will concretize its theses on the third focus of its election platform, economic policy, in Zurich. Beerli also goes Parallel to Maitre, the FDP parliamentary group leader Christine Beerli (BE) announced her resignation. The current Vice President, Fulvio Pelli Tl, is the favorite for her successor. Beerli is said to be preparing for election to the Federal Council in the style of Pascal Couchepin by moving away from the top of the parliamentary group. As is well known, he resigned as leader of the FDP parliamentary group in autumn 1996 and was elected to the Federal Council a year and a half later. In a campaign election, Beerli prevailed as Couchepin's successor with a single vote ahead of the current party president Gerold Bührer. The 49-year-old from Biel is seen as the promising successor to Kaspar Villiger. The fact that Samuel Schmid is already a member of the Federal Council from Bern may be a disadvantage for Beerli, at least legally, but not an obstacle to voting. The cantonal clause has now been abolished. The leader of the FDP parliamentary group will be re-appointed on November 15th. tr