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How is your urinary function? Are you having problems or diagnosed with an enlarged prostate or BPH? Men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) have problems such as frequent toilet visits and poor urine flow. They may feel that they are unable to empty their bladder completely and they can wake up often at night to urinate, which can affect sleep and overall health.

This condition is common in men. So if you have any of these problems, you are not alone. You can benefit from enlarged prostate treatment. You can take medication to help, but in many cases a procedure like GreenLight ™ laser treatment is the best way to get symptom relief quickly and lasting results. Read on to find out more!

Use of GreenLight ™ PVP lasers to treat the enlarged prostate

The GreenLight ™ PVP laser was specially developed for diseases such as enlarged prostates. It allows your surgeon to perform minimally invasive treatment that will reduce the size of your prostate, thus reducing the pressure on your urethra, making your urinary discomfort go away.

How a GreenLight ™ PVP laser evaporation process works

First, the patient is anesthetized and sedated. Then the surgeon inserts a tiny camera called a cystoscope into the urinary tract so that he can see the prostate. Once the prostate is in view, the surgeon can run an even smaller laser fiber through the cystoscope and direct laser energy onto the prostate, where the laser light affects the hemoglobin in the prostate cells so the surgeon can remove excess prostate tissue.

As the surgeon applies the laser light to the prostate, the prostate cells absorb the light and are vaporized. Thanks to the tiny camera, the surgeon can see exactly what he is doing and know when the prostate has been reduced to the point where it no longer restricts the urethra. The laser is highly focused, only penetrates 0.8mm into the tissue and is very safe when used by a doctor.

The advantages of laser treatment

In the past, doctors usually treated the enlarged prostate surgically. However, there are so many benefits to using GreenLight ™ laser therapy.

  • Unlike traditional surgical treatments for enlarged prostates, laser PVP does not require cutting and causes very little bleeding.
  • It is very safe for a wide variety of patients including high risk patients who are elderly or who have diabetes, heart disease, and other medical problems.
  • Patients will be discharged from the clinic within 24 hours of the procedure, so you can quickly get back to your daily routine.
  • The process itself only takes about an hour.
  • Rapid relief is one of the greatest advantages of this procedure. In most cases, the procedure works so quickly that you can urinate comfortably with good urine flow within 2 days of surgery.
  • Laser PVP is not known to cause incontinence (urinary problems), impotence, or sexual dysfunction. Hence, once fully healed, you should be able to urinate normally and return to your normal sexual activities without any problems.
  • Complications are rare but can occur. In most cases, however, they are mild and quick to resolve.

Recovery from GreenLight ™ laser treatment

Recovery from a GreenLight ™ PVP laser procedure is usually a quick process. The patient is discharged the morning after the operation. The catheter is usually removed two days after treatment, although some patients may need to catheterize a little longer, especially if their condition has been severe.

Some symptoms may occur after treatment, such as: B. A slight stinging sensation when urinating and a small amount of blood in the urine. Also, you may have to urinate more often and you may suddenly feel an urge to urinate. Some patients experience retrograde ejaculation, in which semen moves backwards into the bladder during ejaculation.

You may notice symptoms for a week or two after your treatment. Be sure to tell your doctor if you think you have complications like a urinary tract infection or other problems. Provided you don't have any complications, your urethra will adjust to the changes in the days following treatment and you will feel normal again. Most patients see a dramatic improvement in urine flow within a few days. It may take a little longer for patients with multiple health problems.

In about three days, you should be able to return to most of your normal daily activities. You should still avoid heavy exercise and lift large objects for about two weeks. You should also not use tools or machines that vibrate for at least two weeks. Returning to these activities too early may cause pain and / or bleeding.

In about a month, you should be healed enough to comfortably resume sexual activity if you choose to. While you may notice changes in your ejaculation, those changes will not affect your sexual pleasure or your ability to orgasm. It is very important that you take things slowly and understand that it may take time for things to return to normal.

Choose the best prostate facility in Austria

For a quick and easy procedure and recovery, it is important to select an experienced, highly qualified surgeon to perform your laser PVP procedure. Look no further than the Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic! We are experts in BPH treatment in Vienna and advanced prostate treatment in Vienna through GreenLight ™ PVP operations in Vienna. We have relieved countless patients of their prostate problems and enabled them to go on with their lives without urinary problems. We care about our patients and we promise to treat them properly!

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