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The goddess Athena and the autonomous soul go hand in hand because they are related: both are headbirths. That is why the application of the Maeutic practice of Socrates can enable the birth of a halfway free soul.
Do you get pregnant with your own soul for a lifetime without daring to give birth? One should hit the pregnant head of the unconscious with a hammer, as Hephaestus once hit Zeus on the head, in order to enable the birth of one's own soul. The author regards Athena as a hypermetaphor for the autonomous soul and examines five paths that lead to her birth: exodus and exile, techne and art, psychoanalysis, cunning - understood not as malice or deceit, but as the highest form of intelligence - and finally the anomie. The anomie is associated with Antigone, who opposed Creon's law and gave her brother human honor by burying him instead of throwing him to the dogs to eat.




Ladaki, Fotini

Fotini Ladaki, born in Greece in 1952, is a psychoanalyst and freelance writer.