What happened to ninja

A moment for eternity ...

Ninja is known to almost every gamer. Now the Fortnite streamer revealed his most embarrassing experience in a stream. But that didn't happen in a game.

  • The rise of ninja
  • The New Year's Eve event in New York and no one joins the dance
  • Ninja can laugh at the incident herself

Richard Tyler Blevins - better known as Ninja - has become an indispensable part of the gaming scene. The 28-year-old was able to go over Generate 14.5 million Twitch followers and over 22 million YouTube subscribers.

Ninja was already playing early shooter such as Halo 3 at a high level and also attended e-sports events. His streams reached a high profile when he started doing the first Battle Royale games to stream.

The real one breakthrough only came through the Epic Games Battle Royale title Fortnite. Ninja his appearance matched that colorful elements in the game and presented to its audience a new hair color almost every week. It's no longer on Twitch, but it's still making headlines there. Another streamer recently used Ninja's voice to troll a Fortnite player.

The mix of entertainment and good gameplay helped Ninja an unprecedented rise to become the world's greatest Twitch streamer. Meanwhile has Ninja however changed the platform. The Fortnite streamer is just up Microsoft's streaming portal Mixer to see.

Ninja's most embarrassing moment on the stream

In one Livestream told Ninja his viewers now of his most embarrassing experience. The moment turned to his disadvantage Stream held and then left viral.

Every year on New Year's Eve, New York hosts a big New Year party on the Time Square instead of. Last year wasNinja been invited to this event. The Fortnite streamer should become the main attraction of the event.

Ninja turned on the stage to the audience standing in the rain. The streamer performed the well-known float dance and expected the crowd to join in. But even after repeated requests, not a single one of the audience members moved. Fortnite streamerNinja stood alone in the rain.

Stream Confession: Ninja can laugh at the incident

Even if it's the most embarrassing moment was in his life, the mixer-streamer can laugh at the incident today. Draw his friends Ninja but still with this embarrassing situation.

Such a situation will probably not come so quickly, if only because Ninja will probably stop playing Fortnite soon, at least if Epic Games does not make any changes in the latest Fortnite updates.

The largest German Twitch streamer could switch platforms just like Ninja. After his ban, MontanaBlack is considering switching to Mixer.

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A touching love story is currently making the rounds. In a live stream of "Pokimane", an 8-year-old viewer told her about his romance with another Fortnite player. The streamer was visibly touched by the story.

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