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DBZ, the podcast: We show how things are built and with what!

The DBZ has a large community of architects and engineers. Anyone who reads the DBZ knows the magazine partner with whom we discuss which projects we are showing you in each issue. These are conversations that we have with the most exciting protagonists in the construction industry on the cover topics of our issue. As a reader of our magazine, you have been part of this for a long time, but it is even more intense:

With our new format “DBZ, the Podcast” we let our network do the talking. We take you, our audience, into exciting discussions about architecture, buildings, technology and construction practice. We give you a glimpse behind the scenes in the world of architecture and discuss exciting trends in the construction industry for you. We make architecture audible for you and contribute to the architecture discourse with “DBZ, the Podcast”. We report on outstanding structures and show how the joint development, planning and execution of architecture as well as the use of building products and building systems lead to good architecture. We not only present the finished building to you, but also talk about its development process. We give you the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the most exciting buildings and tell you how architects and companies work together on great solutions. And we will prove to you that the supporting structure and construction can be quite attractive. We talk to architects and engineers who dare to try new things and question the old. Who work together on projects in dialogue, because we are convinced that good architecture is created through communication. We will introduce you to architecture that moves us and, hopefully, you too. Because we show how things are built and with what.

The DBZ editorial team becomes audible

We made a conscious decision against a host, but want to offer a platform for the entire DBZ editorial team with the DBZ Podcast. The DBZ editors are: Beate Bellmann, Sarah Centgraf, Benedikt Kraft, Katja Reich, Nadine Schimmelpfennig and Mariella Schlüter.

And even on days when you don't have the time to open the DBZ again or surf on DBZ.de, the new offer helps to gain interesting insights into a current topic in about 30 minutes. In the car, on the train, on the plane, in the office, at home - there are plenty of opportunities to listen to “DBZ, the podcast”. Every Tuesday, every two weeks, there is a new episode. You can find “DBZ, the Podcast” every 14 days on all common platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Deezer, TuneIn, on DBZ.de and in the DBZ newsletter. You hear us! S.C.

Have a listen to DBZ.de/podcast!