Do you like candy apple

which sweets do you like best?

"I prefer my sweets to be fresh and bought fresh".

Some sweets are more than a treat; they are the reason you even go to a candy store - or even just a supermarket. In this sense, they can be viewed as more valuable, funnier, "more sophisticated" than candy made in the factory or bakeries, which is usually a cheaper and less well-made alternative. In any case, I prefer them to the cheap and inferior products that I get in stores or even in supermarkets. That's why I love sweets! It is such a wonderful experience for me: to taste it, to see it, to feel it. To me, it's the same as taking a bike ride. I can see, taste, smell and feel it. And I know that I am the person the ride is made to be. What is a "candied apple"? A candied apple is a type of candy made from apple that is cut into squares. The shape is similar to an apple, the sweetness is like a sweetened version of apple, and the aroma is like apple. The apple is sweetened and the apple is very sour. However, I am telling you that the scent of candied apple does not resemble the scent of apples in my childhood. A candied apple can be made either with whole apples or with sliced ​​apples. If the cut apples are still on the trees or in the forest, the apple aroma will be very bitter, very unpleasant and also very unpleasant. The candied apples I know best come from a small town in Germany called Hanover. This is a city that has the honor of being the birthplace of our famous candied apples. This is amazing when compared to Muckefuk Kaffee. There are a few hundred thousand apples in the Hanover region, but they are all cut and dried. The sliced ​​apples are very hard and difficult to chew, so the apples are then ground and placed in wooden boxes and buried. Then they are fermented for a long time. The smell of the cut apples is very different from that of the fresh apples. It smells like the air around the apple trees. This makes it seem more sensible than buying sweets. The apples are very difficult to eat raw and they have to be mixed with other ingredients to make a delicious dessert. But once it's mixed it's very tasty.