What is network technology

Wired data network technology for local data networks
Ethernet enables data exchange in the form of data frames between all devices connected to a local area network (LAN). Only in its traditional form does the LAN only extend over one building.

11-Network technology or nationwide, but with high costs and low bandwidth via 3G cellular networks such as UMTS. Only the last hop is wireless and, if necessary, mobile. In a few years, mobile access to the Internet will be available with 802.

Ethernet is a wired data network technology for local data networks (LANs) and enables data to be exchanged between all devices connected in the local network. In its traditional form, the LAN would only stretch across one building.

IP storage
storage over IP: SoIP
Storage over IP (SoIP) is a storage network technology comparable to Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS). The advantage of this technology is based on proven, sophisticated ... read more ...

The Bluetooth technology, which is now also part of the laptop equipment, is also wireless ~. However, their use is mainly geared towards WPANs *, i.e. wireless networks for personal use.

Numerous applications (for example voice communication, distributed games, downloads, traffic telematics and TV broadcasts) can be used in this way via heterogeneous ~n can be made seamlessly usable ('any time, any where, any service').

The great importance of communication technology has been expressed in the last few years by the surge in interest in the "Internet". This chapter introduces the usual terms of computer network technology and also divides the computer networks into different classes.

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