What is the full screen function key

Full screen mode: Show full screen with key combination

There are always situations where you want to have the maximum overview of the files or images in a program. For this purpose, there is a simple function key for all Windows operating systems (from Windows XP) that activates and exits full-screen mode. In this article, I want to show you how to toggle full screen mode on and off in different programs.

Full screen with Windows

In almost all Windows versions, full screen mode can be switched on or off with the "F11" function key (on top of the keyboard). In the following, a few application examples follow, which are intended to show the benefits of full-screen mode. In addition, the full screen mode key "F11" has the advantage that it works with almost all programs, i. In other words, you can almost always save yourself the hassle of navigating the menus completely.

Full screen mode when browsing through image collections (Explorer)

Press the "F11" key to maximize the image view in Explorer. It is also advisable to set the view to "Large icons" (top right in Explorer) in order to have all images displayed as thumbnails. This is the quickest way to view and sort out large collections.

Full screen for the media player

Here you can also quickly switch the full screen of a film large or small with the "F11" key. Practical if you want to briefly check or check something on the PC during the film.

Those who have previously operated in a complicated manner in the “View” menu can save themselves cumbersome clicks in the future.

Full screen in the browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome)

Here, too, the "F11" key is used to switch between the normal view of the browser and full-screen mode.

So you can see a certain website in full or even carry out text editing optimally online.

It is also practical that when you exit full-screen mode, the browser reappears in the previously set size - so there is no complicated dragging of windows.

Start and end slide shows with full screen mode

If you view your image collection in Explorer with the “Preview” function, you can quickly and easily start the slide show in full screen mode with the “F11” key and end it with the “Esc” (Escape) key.

I am at the end of my tip and hope to have brought you some ideas on how you can activate full screen mode very quickly with the "F11" key.

Have fun using the full screen mode!

Tony Sparhawk