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Infestation delusion: A drug test is worthwhile here

A British study confirms that people with delusional disease or dermatozoal disease consume drugs more than average.

_ It tingles and itches, something seems to be moving under the skin. Although there is no objective finding, people with delusional infestation suspect that parasites are up to mischief there. In previous studies, such patients have often shown themselves to be drug or alcohol users. A research group led by Anthony Bewley from the Royal London Hospital has confirmed this in a retrospective review. The data from 86 patients aged between 23 and 87 years, who suffered from the symptoms of infestation for an average of five years, were analyzed. All participants were asked about possible drug use. Urine samples were examined in 24 patients.

Drug use was documented in 22% of the subjects. 33% of the drug tests performed on the urine samples were positive. The most common use was cannabis.

The London scientists recommend always offering a drug test to patients with infestation delusions.


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