How does taurine help heart health

Taurine - What the amino acid does in your body

Taurine awakens the bull in you - whoever had this idea should learn more about the many benefits of organic acid. Today, taurine has nothing to do with bulls, but has a hand in important organs when it is more concentrated.

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1. Taurine - what is it?

You probably know taurine from various energy drinks that, according to the advertising promise, should make you awake and active. But what is taurine anyway? Taurine is a organic acid - often incorrectly referred to as an amino acid - that is produced during the metabolism by the Dismantling of amino acids Cysteine and Methionine is produced.

Taurine occurs throughout the bodybut especially in the eyes, in the heart, in the blood, in the brain and in the muscles. These are not only extremely important for strong performance in sports. To do this, they have to function properly and therefore be supplied with a sufficient amount of important nutrients, such as taurine.

Many athletes like to take taurine because they get one from it performance increasepromise. The name is derived from Latin, by the way, because "Taurus" means "bull" or "ox". The chemical name is 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid.

Taurine has long been considered non-essential amino acid, since the substance is dated Body produced by itself becomes. Indeed only in the essential for survivalamountsto maintain organ function.

Produced per day the body about 125 mg of taurine, at a balanced diet come againabout 400 mg about the food. A Taurine deficiency so comes extremely Rare and only come about under certain circumstances.

Take home message # 1:Taurine is an organic acid that is partly produced by the body itself and partly ingested through food.

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2. How does taurine work?

Generally you know amino acids probably from Muscle building. Because proteins are made up of amino acids, and the more proteins your body gets, the more the muscles benefit. With taurine, however, it is different: Im blood can a lowTaurine concentration occurrence.

But this is for it in certain organs especially elevatedwho depend on a sufficient taurine concentration: Muscles, brain and Leukocytes. On the basis of this knowledge, numerous studies were carried out that examined the effect of the nutrient on the human organism [1].

Numerous indications for positive effects on the body could be found, which have to be researched in more detail. However, the effects of taurine are still far from being fully researched. So far, these are approaches that do not yet make it possible to make generally valid, health-related statements about taurine.

This requires further clinical studies. Above all, however, the interplay of taurine and other nutrients is always a mystery and leads to new insights. The taurine content, which is produced by the body during metabolism, is usually sufficient for the functions mentioned.

Whether a additional intake positive on the Brain powerthat can affect mental performance and body defenses is not yet sufficiently documented. However, the following approaches based on clinical studies can interesting for biohackers be:

  • A study by Victoria University in Melbourne found in a test with rats that the consumption of taurine could lead to an increase in performance and also reduce symptoms of fatigue [2].
  • At the University of Stirling in Scotland, researchers looked at the effects of taurine on middle-distance runners over a distance of 3 km [3]. They were able to find initial indications that taurine can reduce muscle damage and sore muscles [4].

Take home message # 2: The Human performance depends on the good functioning of important organs. Studies have shown the first signs of a versatile effect of taurine on various cells. A particularly high concentration is found in muscles, leukocytes and the brain.

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3. Does taurine have any side effects?

As is so often the case, it depends on the dose: In normal amounts is Taurine not harmful and has no side effects. In general, the substance is classified as harmless. However, anyone who thinks they have to consume huge amounts of taurine through dietary supplements should be careful.

Because excess taurine is excreted through the kidneys. This is not a problem with normal amounts, with a lot large quantities can the kidney however affected become. So why have energy drinks with taurine fallen into disrepute?

This is not due to the addition of the organic acid, because the dose is quite tolerable with an average of 600 to 1000 mg per drink. However, they are other additives those waking lemonades Not just conducive for health and can even be life-threatening.

The mixture out sugar, Dyes, Additives and caffeinehas caused many collapses and keeps doctors increasingly busy. Especially the combination of Taurine and caffeine becomes critical seen. It has not yet been clearly proven that taurine enhances the effects of caffeine, but there is a suspicion.

In some countries the sale of such beverages was banned, other countries restricted themselves to a maximum dose of taurine and caffeine per drink.

Each substance has an effect on its own, but the combination should be used with caution. For caffeine is one Daily dose of 400 mg as harmless. If you are taking taurine at the same time, you shouldn't overdo it with the coffee.

Take home message # 3: Usually, taurine has no side effects. However, a combination with caffeine should not be overdosed.

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4. Natural sources of taurine

Do you want to increase your taurine level through natural foods? Then you should use animal products, because Taurine is contained in ...

  • flesh
  • fish
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products

You can cover your normal taurine requirement well with a balanced diet. However, it becomes critical for vegetarians or vegans. While vegetarians get at least a small amount of the nutrient through eggs and dairy products, go vegans completely blank.

Although the body can produce the small amount of taurine it needs itself, one is recommended here Supplementation. Because with one Taurine deficiency will that Weakened immune system. This happens very rarely, but a purely plant-based diet without animal products increases the risk.

5. How is taurine made?

Still in the year 1827 actually became taurine by the chemists Leopold Gmelin and Friedrich Tiedemann first time from the Ox bile isolated. So the connection between taurine and Taurus is no coincidence. But the production of taurine has changed a lot since then.

nowadays will the Nutrient produced synthetically, and not from bull testicles or bull urine, as rumors suggest. So the bull power is a pure myth. Taurine as a dietary supplement is available on the Internet and in pharmacies different shape to buy:

  • Taurine powder
  • Taurine capsules
  • Taurine tablets

Usually you can do one Taurine dose of 500 to 2,000 mg per day about dietary supplements take to you. However, the upper limit is very wide before an overdose occurs at all.

Various studies have shown that regular intake of up to 3,000 mg is still well tolerated. Even up to 1,000 mg per kg of body weight does not yet seem to cause any side effects - but there is still no conclusive evidence of this.

During from Energy drinks because of the harmful additives like sugar, colorings and an excessive amount of caffeine rather advised against is true pure taurine as a food supplement as makes sense. [5] Note for vegans: Despite the animal name, this is synthetically produced taurine vegan and does not contradict the purely plant-based nutritional philosophy.

Take home message # 4: The taurine level can be increased through animal foods and dietary supplements.

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6. Conclusion

Taurine is an organic acid that is created by breaking down cysteine ​​and methionine. It occurs throughout the body and is mainly used to improve performance. Since your body produces taurine on its own every day and automatically absorbs more taurine through your diet, additional supplementation is not necessary.

7. Sources