What software is used in restaurants

Why use waiters

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With a very fast checkout system, the entire food ordering process becomes seamless and systematic. This ensures that your restaurant's main processes like taking orders, sending the order to the kitchen, and generating invoices will become much faster. The result? Happier customers!

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Manage the restaurant's orders in 4 easy steps

Waiter brings restaurant staff together with smooth communication

The waiter enters the customer's order in the Waiterio app (available on any device).
The chef prepares the order from a thermal printer or a kitchen display.
The chef marks the order as ready and the waiter brings it to the customer's table.
The cashier prints the receipt and accepts payment by cash or card.

Restaurant POS functions

Managing a restaurant can become very easy when you use powerful POS software. This is how you can manage your restaurant effortlessly with Waiterio POS.

Order management

  • Take orders with any tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the restaurant.
  • Orders are displayed in real time on the kitchen screen and the printer automatically prints out the receipt.
  • Tag your restaurant's orders when they're ready, served, or paid for.
  • Completed orders are not displayed to avoid confusion in the kitchen.
  • Easily update or cancel orders in seconds.

Table management

  • Create a map of your restaurant by adding tables of different shapes and sizes and assigning numbers to them.
  • Add multiple rooms, different floors, or outdoor seating areas to your restaurant.
  • Take orders directly by selecting the table on the card or its number.
  • View live updates of all the restaurant's orders via the table map.

Menu management

  • Create a menu and add categories for different types of food.
  • Import the entire restaurant menu directly from a text file on your device.
  • Add photos to your menu items. You can also add customization options for your customers.
  • Hide menu items if they are out of stock or not available.
  • Easily rearrange menu categories and items.
  • Assign different printers to your kitchen, bar and cash desk.


  • Simply invite employees via their email address.
  • Assign individual roles to each employee. For security reasons, each member only has limited access to the restaurant software.
  • Waiters are automatically assigned to the table when the order is placed.
  • Menus are automatically synchronized for all employees.
  • Every employee can see all current orders from the restaurant.

Payment and discount

  • Choose different payment methods for the same invoice.Learn more
  • Offer discounts to customers. You can offer a fixed discount or a percentage discount.
  • Automatically include or exclude taxes in the invoice.
  • Create separate invoices when customers want to pay separately.

Sales reports

  • View daily, weekly and monthly sales volume. You can also get sales reports between custom date ranges.
  • Find out your best-selling menu items.
  • Find out how much sales each waiter made for your restaurant.
  • Find out detailed information such as payment method, date, etc. For every grocery order.
  • Download and view reports on your device.

Quick support

  • If you have any problems, please contact our friendly support team.
  • Self-diagnosis in minutes by reading our comprehensive tutorials and documentation.
  • Send us screenshots from your device directly through the Waiterio app. Learn more
  • All of your data is stored in our cloud database so you don't have to worry about data loss.

Accept all payment methods

Give your customers more flexibility by offering multiple payment methods to accept payments.

Credit card processing

Use any credit card machine to accept payments with any card.


Accept payment with coupons that you give to your loyal customers.

cash register

Use the most traditional and popular method to accept cash payments.

Online order

Use our online ordering system to acquire more customers and increase your sales.

Learn more