Why do I have the error message 22

Why does my Neff / Bosch / Viva / Siemens dishwasher display the error code E22?

Have you put the dirty dishes in your dishwasher and want to start the wash cycle? And now your dishwasher is showing from Bosch or Siemens the error code E22 at? Don't worry, your device is showing a problem that you can solve yourself. We explain to you below, what this error code means, and how you can diagnose your dishwasher yourself.

  1. Why does the error code E22 appear on your dishwasher?
  2. How to get rid of the E22 error on a Bosch or Siemens brand dishwasher?


Why does the error code E22 appear on my dishwasher?

What is the meaning of this error code?

The E22 error code will appear when there is a problem with the strainer. If an error code E22 is displayed during or at the end of the flushing process, it means that the drain pump is indicating a problem with pumping out the dirty water due to increased power consumption.

What symptoms does this error code capture?

The error code E22 appears when:

  • The Drain hose Your dishwasher damaged or clogged is
  • If your Water pipes are not compliant
  • If the drain sieves clogged or to old are
  • If the Drain pump Your dishwasher clogged or damaged is
  • If that check valve Your dishwasher blocked is

How do you fix a malfunction with the error code E22 on a Bosch or Siemens dishwasher?

First of all, you need to unplug your device, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock.

  • The drain hose is kinked


The Drain hose ensures that the water is drained from the dishwasher. You should check that it is not kinked or bent, as this will prevent the water from draining properly. Also check that it is not damaged or punctured. The hose may need to be replaced.

  • Check the water pipes

The Water pipes to drain the water may be the cause of the error E22. In some cases, the dishwasher's drain hose is connected directly to the sink drain. If this drain is clogged, the water will not be able to drain out of your device.

The drain pipe should be installed approximately 65 cm above the floor and the drain hose should not enter the drain pipe more than 15 cm.

  • Check the drain sieves


The drain filters catch the dirt residues from your dishwasher. As your device is used regularly, a lot of dirt builds up, which makes it difficult for the water to drain. You can clean the sieves with a toothbrush. However, if the screens are too worn, they will need to be replaced.

  • Clean the bottom of the vat

At the Bottom of the vat water collects, as well as other dirt residues, when the sieves are defective. So you need to clean it so that the dirty water drains well. You can access it by removing the metal filter at the bottom of the dishwasher. Remove the cover (# 2 in the picture above) to see if nothing is blocking it.


  • Check the condition of the drain pump

The Drain pump fulfills a particularly important task: it pumps the dirty water out of the dishwasher. It is located on the floor of the dishwasher so that all liquids are drained away completely. You can check the condition of the pump by removing the cover and making sure the propellers spin freely. If this is not the case, the drain pump must be replaced.

Practical information:

If there is no drain cover at the bottom of the tub, the water will not drain properly and an error code will be displayed.

  • Check the check valve

The water is drained off during the wash cycle, the task of the check valve is to prevent the water from running back. If it is blocked or clogged, the water will not drain completely. The check valve is located at the outlet of the drain pump, it is a small round part. You have to remove the drain hose to find it. Clean it up, and if that's not enough, replace it.

More advice

To avoid getting the error code E22, we recommend that you after everyRinse the main sieve and to clean all other sieves once a week. Twice a year you should run a rinse cycle to descale and degrease your dishwasher, adding specific detergents or white vinegar.


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