Is a beautiful logo the perfect logo

What does the perfect logo look like, what should it be able to do?

How does FALKEmedia approach a logo project?

First contact

At the first contact, which can be in the form of a personal conversation, by email or by phone, we try to find out what our customer needs.


Based on the initial contact, we create an offer that we send by email or discuss personally with the customer. As standard, the price includes a briefing, the presentation of at least 3 fundamentally different drafts in PDF form by email, the elaboration of a variant after a re-briefing including two correction loops and the transmission of the finished logo in the most common file formats as well as a data sheet with the color definitions in RGB, CMYK and Pantone included. The transfer of usage rights is also listed in the offer.

In addition to these standard services, we offer logo research, creative workshops, color psychological analysis, personal presentation of the designs, moderated decision-making processes and brand research and registration.


In the briefing (in person or via Skype) we ask the customer numerous questions in order to get to know his company or product and the requirements for the logo. For example, you can find out which questions these could be in the last section under "Briefing".

Logo development

Then we as an agency get down to business. After the brainstorming phase, we create various graphic designs. We present the best of them to the customer. In a re-briefing, the customer explains to us which direction it should go and where corrections still need to be made.

Submission of the finished logo

Once all corrections have been made and the customer is satisfied with the result, we send the logo in the most common pixel and vector file formats as well as a color data sheet with the color definitions in RGB, CMYK and Pantone.

The logo of the climbing hall 6a developed by FALKEmedia is intended on the one hand to illustrate the elements of a climbing wall and on the other hand to illustrate the mountain peaks that you train to climb in the hall. A variant for elongated and compact display was created in order to be more flexible in the format.

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