Can you masturbate during abstinence?

NoFap: Happier Who Doesn't Masturbate?

In the USA, NoFap has already become a mass phenomenon that is now increasingly arriving in Germany. NoFap simply means: Don't jerk off, so to speak a Ban on masturbation. The abstinence from masturbation is supposed to help Addiction to porn to escape. At the same time, the waiver should happier and more successful do. You have to Refrain from masturbating for 90 days.

Are you stressed about porn? Then they should be able to help the ban to regain control over you. The problem: The tail and the tail-driven. There are already more than 100,000 YouTube videos with advice and instructions on the topic of NoFap. Porn consumption is said to lead to social failure and dependence, much like an addiction.

Masturbates 6 times a day?

The founder himself said he had masturbated up to six times a day. His lust was fueled by porn. He forgot other crucial aspects of sex: Affection and empathy. In real sex, he had Having trouble getting orgasm. And in porn, the partners are simple objects. The expectations towards sex have become unrealistic. He hasn't masturbated since NoFap and porn has also been completely avoided for years.

More respect for the partner

He values ​​sex with partners all the more because of the ban on masturbation. It makes you a better partnerif you refrain from jerking off, says the founder. Psychologists are more of the opinion that it is more about balance. Total renunciation is not the best option. I recommend one balanced mix of masturbation and sex.

Just because you don't masturbate that doesn't make you smarter or more competent. Why abstinence should lead to more success is questionable. Maybe because you have more time to do useful things. But even those who are successful can be tempted to do a handjob without immediately jeopardizing their success.

Chastity as strength of character

The abstinence from masturbating has been known to many BDSMers for years. The submissive is here Masturbation prohibited, but as part of the dominance game. In addition, the submissive partner wears a chastity belt as a sign of appreciation for the master, with which masturbation is no longer possible, even if the desire exists.

So there is definitely a connection to the NoFap community, even if NoFap gets through voluntary refusal defined, without tools like in the chastity game of BDSM. But it would also be conceivable here to put on a chastity belt. This makes it easier for followers to stick to their 90-day masturbation ban. The goals of all overlap: more control over one's own body, the partner can better satisfy or the concentration on essential interpersonal components.

As with chastity, it applies to oneself slowly getting used to the feeling. Suddenly stopping jerking off is like suddenly quitting smoking. You can only cope with this change if you have a really strong character. Slowly getting used to less ejaculations is recommended, so it is also recommended in the chastity community from the BDSM area.


People want that Sense of control to have. Especially in a world in which one is exposed to a lot of sexual stimuli, be it in advertising or from other people, the NoFap confessors want to control themselves better. You have to decide for yourself whether a self-imposed ban really helps.

Supporters of the NoFap trend believe that giving up masturbation makes you feel better Increase in testosterone levels, for more masculinity. From a medical point of view, this is nonsense. Whether you masturbate or not, there are no hormonal changes or physical consequences. On the contrary: it is advisable to let the sperm out of the body more often. For it sits down otherwise at the prostate firmly. One possibility would be regular prostate milking without the need for masturbation. Or of course, just masturbate every 2-3 days.

Pure jerk abstinence can also lead to listlessness to lead. This is exactly the opposite of what you actually wanted to achieve. NoFap also makes that Porn problem not solved. The cravings of horniness sound similar on the porn sites: better sex, more sperm, more testosterone. Will that be improved by better self-discipline? Questionable.

Wet dreams can get through abstinence by the way, pile up. At some point, the body wants to shed the sperm, whether you like it or not. That is how human nature evolved.

What is your opinion on the NoFap community? Do you think it makes sense to refrain from masturbating?