What is very interesting novel

Interesting novel

Sleep well, you nasty thoughts
by John Green

I hadn't read anything about John Green, even though he received many awards as a youth author. With this novel "Sleep well, you nasty thoughts" it is a good start and you can tell that it has earned its prices. Su, the way he lets his protagonist, 16-year-old Aza Holmes, talk about her mental illness, is simply brilliant. Aza's fears are dramatic, she sees bad bacteria everywhere and her nasty thoughts keep telling her that you can die from it. At the same time, she is a smart girl. Even the title fits particularly well.

Aza's friend Daisy is a good contrast. She's a bit over the top, but otherwise she wouldn't be able to deal with Aza's quirks so well. I imagine that is a bit annoying.

Aza befriends the shy billionaire son Davis. If it wasn't that serious, the way she thinks about the microbes while kissing might be funny. The thing about his missing father is somehow unrealistic.

The author must have studied the matter well since he described Aza's problem in such detail.

On the whole, I was taken with the novel and read it with pleasure and interest. I can recommend him.