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Royal Enfield Himalayan

No way is too difficult ...

The Royal Enfield Himalayan combines 60 years of Himalayan experience with a completely new design and the new LS 410 engine. It paves the way for pure, non-extreme and affordable adventure tours. Equipped with strong off-road capabilities, it masters pothole slopes just as brilliantly as it does mountain stretches.

Built on a stable double loop pipe frame and developed by Harris Performance, the Himalayan is as stable as it is agile. A strong rear suspension with a mono shock absorber allows greater suspension travel and provides a pleasant driving experience regardless of the road conditions. With a ground clearance of 220 mm, the Himalayan literally devours uneven ground - whether in the Himalayas, in stony river beds or when crossing rivers. The coordinated wheel sizes ensure the best controllability on rocky and furrowed surfaces.

Granite Black: € 5,170.00
Mirage Silver: € 5,170.00

The Himalayan is powered by the new, long-stroke LS 410 engine, which is the first member of a completely new engine family with an overhead camshaft. The new engine delivers high torque and sufficient power even at low revs. This enables smooth driving at low speed in high gears, easy negotiation of inclines and easy maneuverability in city traffic. Modern design and modern materials result in high efficiency and low maintenance.

The Himalayan is naturally suitable for tours. A 15 liter tank enables a decent range. Luggage mounting points for hard cases, bags and canisters were part of the design process from the start. A simple instrument cluster provides information on speed, direction, ambient temperature, travel time, service intervals and distances covered. Most importantly: an ergonomic relationship between footrests, handlebars and seat height ensures a comfortable, upright driver position, which is necessary on long journeys. An easily accessible seat height of 800 mm ensures an optimal center of gravity and easy support on the floor. The Royal Enfield Himalayan comes with dual-purpose tires that ensure performance and secure grip in all conditions. In addition, the brake discs (300 mm diameter at the front and 240 mm at the rear) together with the double-channel ABS enable easy and optimally controllable braking.

In the established culture of recreational driving in Europe, the Himalayan is the perfect motorcycle that is suitable for longer distances on rough surfaces and at the same time for fast maneuvers in city traffic. In terms of functionality, the Himalayan, with its unobtrusive, spartan design, flat torque curve and long suspension travel and affordability, is an extremely versatile motorcycle that is the best choice for long distances as well as for the urban jungle.


  • 4-stroke, one overhead camshaft
  • electronic injection
  • 411 cc 1 cylinder
  • 25 hp @ 6500 rpm, 32 Nm @ 4000 rpm
  • 5-speed

landing gear

  • Double loop tubular frame
  • Front suspension: 41 mm telescopic suspension fork, 200 mm travel
  • Rear suspension: Monoshock with deflection
  • Front brakes: 300 mm disc brake with 2-piston brake caliper
  • Rear brake: disc brake 240 mm
  • Front tires: 90 / 90-21
  • Rear tires: 120 / 90-17

Accessories & accessories

The Original accessories program of Royal Enfield and the extensive range of well-known manufacturers such as Hepco & Becker, Wunderkind, Miller or Highsider offer you the opportunity to customize your Royal Enfield to suit your needs. Whether LED headlights, indicators, handlebars, exhaust or panniers, in ours Online shop (www.vintage-customparts.de) there is something for every driver!

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