What are good alkaline foods and drinks

Alkaline foods & acid-base balance

Your body should be in balance, especially your acid-base balance. The basis for this is your diet. Alkaline foods are necessary to neutralize excess acid in your body so that you are not affected by what is known as hyperacidity. The pH value can be used to measure whether your acid-base balance is in balance.

The pH value: which pH value is good?

Our body consists of different fluids with different pH values. The pH value indicates the concentration of the acid or base content in a liquid. It will be between one acidic, basicn or neutral pH differentiated. If the value is between 0-6.9, a liquid is considered acidic, between 7.1-14 as basic and with a value of 7 as pH-neutral. Each pH value has a specific function. In the stomach, for example, the pH value is low and is therefore very acidic, because, as stated in the name, stomach acid is responsible for the decomposition of food. The normal range for the pH value is between 7.35 and 7.45. At a value below of the normal range is controlled by a Acidosis spoken, the value lies above, from one Alkalosis.
The basis for the correct acid-base ratio in the body is a healthy and balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, good fats and proteins. If you would like to know one or the other thing in more detail, take a look at ours Articles on healthy eating purely. Here we have explained all the important things in an easily understandable way and put them together for you. A balanced diet also includes that Hydration. The power of our fruity-floral Oolong teas helps you to supply your body with only the best, even when drinking.
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Acid-base balance

The acid-base balance describes the regulation of the hydrogen ion concentration in your body. Since the ions are reactive, even minimal fluctuations in concentration can lead to disruptions in important body processes. So the goal of your body is yours pH values ​​as stable as possible to keep. We take in acid- and base-forming foods through our diet. With a healthy and balanced diet our body automatically stabilizes the pH values. If we take in a lot of acid, it will neutralized with the help of our body's own base stores. We replenish the base stores with base-containing foods.

In addition to the immediate neutralization, your body has various so-called buffer systems that counteract the shift in the pH value. Excess acids are then excreted through the lungs with the breath or through the kidneys with the urine. That justifies why adequate drinking is the prerequisite for a balanced acid-base balance. A small part of the acids can also be excreted through the intestines and sweat.

Since our body is constantly working to restore the balance between acids and bases, it is important that the Base stores replenished through diet become.

Acid and basic foods

A healthy and balanced diet ensures you always have full base stores. But what does that mean in detail? Does the lemon make me mad? No! Despite the acidic citric acid, the magnesium citrate in the lemon ensures its alkaline effect. This is mainly due to the fact that the acids contained are completely exhaled. Although a lemon is acidic, it has alkaline-forming properties, which is why many acids that are found in fruits and vegetables are also referred to as respirable acids.

The so-called fixed acids cannot be exhaled and are created when compounds containing sulfur and phosphorus are broken down. Foods containing sulfur or phosphorus include meat, fish, cheese, wine and sausage products. Therefore, non-breathable foods are mainly protein-containing foods of animal origin.

Protein from dairy products, on the other hand, is metabolized in an acidic way Classification of basic and acidic foodstakes place with the help of the so-called PRAL value. PRAL stands for Potential Acid Load and indicates how high the acid excretion via the kidneys is when consuming 100g of a food. Values ​​with a negative sign are Bases excessG and call no acid exposure emerged. Values ​​with a positive sign are Acid excess and lead to a Acid exposure in the body.

Despite the acidic pH, many types of fruit have an alkaline effect. Our Crunchy Fruits also provide you with vitamins and minerals: the perfect snack for on the go. With banana and physallis you can quickly snack on your base storage full again.

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To give you a glimpse of it which foods have acid- or base-forming properties we have put together different foods in a table. The higher the negative value, the more basic a food is.

Acid and basic foods table

Food group Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL)


red wine-1,82
Apple juice, unsweetened-2,03

Cereals, flour

Spelled (green spelled, whole grain)7,50
Oatmeal (whole grain)8,98
Rice, peeled3,82
Wheat flour (type 405)4,98

Dairy products, eggs

Chicken egg9,96
cream cheese0,90
Emmentaler (45% fat in dry matter)21,54
Cow milk 1.5% fat0,39
Natural yoghurt made from whole milk0,05

Meat, sausage products

Beef, lean10,44
Pork, lean8,69

Fish, seafood



Lamb's lettuce-6,62
Peppers, red-7,76
soy milk-0,63



Fats, oils

olive oil0,02
Sunflower oil-0,02


bitter chocolate-11,45
milk chocolate-1,30
Milk ice cream2,26
Nut nougat cream-1,94

Body over-acidified: This is how an alkaline diet works

A diet that predominantly out animal foodsLike dairy products or meat, it inevitably also means one Excess of acidic foods. Desserts with industrial sugar or artificial food additives, such as preservatives or flavor enhancers, also lead to a Acid increase in the body. Also to little physical exercise, negative thoughts, stress and To care can become a Overacidification of the body to lead. Especially in such cases, you should pay attention to a healthy diet so that the excess acid in the body can be neutralized.

If we do not eat enough base-forming foods, our base stores are too low. As a result, ours can Body does not neutralize the excess acids and we become over-acidic. So-called hyperacidity is a Acid-base imbalance in our body. Various complaints and diseases can result from this.

Eat an alkaline diet

In order to counteract this imbalance, we recommend that you always integrate enough alkaline foods into your everyday life. Our table shows you which foods are basic or sour. As a rule of thumb, however, you can remember:

Alkaline foods

  • 1. Fresh vegetables & fruits
  • 2. Dried fruits - but only unsulphurized
  • 3. Sprouts and herbs
  • 4. Smoothies (made from fresh fruit)
  • 5. Almonds, coconut, chestnuts
  • 6. Herbal tea

Do you want to eat a basic diet? Find out everything about the in our article Basic nutrition.

Alkaline foods: which foods deacidify?

In this table we show you which foods are particularly basic and are therefore particularly suitable for deacidifying your body.


Bean sprouts+29.5
Fresh lemon+9.9


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Too Many Acidic Foods: Consequences of Imbalance

Many pathogens feel very comfortable in an acidic environment, which can lead to various complaints.
The most common symptoms of hyperacidity are:

  • Fatigue, exhaustion, indolence
  • Headache, difficulty concentrating
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Digestive problems and heartburn
  • Problems with the skin, hair and nails

Other consequences can also depressionsor one increased susceptibility to infection be for diseases.

Acidification: Treatment

Proper nutrition can have a preventative effect, because Bases neutralize acid. In order to counteract possible over-acidification in the body, an alkaline diet is therefore essential. The DGE recommends 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. A Smoothie provides you with many important vitamins and minerals, for example, quickly and easily fills your base storage to the brim.

At a chronic acidosis however, dietary changes may not be enough to restore balance. In this case, the Treatment clarified with a doctor become.

pH value table

But acid is not bad everywhere. In some regions of our body, an acidic pH value is even desirable. Where is acid good and where is there a more basic atmosphere?

In the pancreas the is pH 8.0 and is therefore located far in the basic area. That makes perfect sense, because the Food acidified in the stomach must be neutralized in the duodenum, so that the nutrients can then be absorbed by the body in the small intestine. The pH in the small intestine is around 8.0.

The saliva in your mouth should have a pH 7.1-7.0 and are therefore in a neutral to slightly basic range. At severe hyperacidity can e.g. Tooth damage or gum discomfort consequences.

Our muscles and the cells of our organs have an acidic effect pH 6.9. That's because When our nutrients are processed or burned, acid, e.g. in the form of carbonic acid, is produced. The body cells work around the clock, so it is important that they are constantly deacidified. The most important muscle in our body is the heart. If the pH drops to 6.2 here, the heart stops.

The pH value in urine can be between the acidic and the basic range. The value can between 4.8 and 8.0 commute. A relatively acidic value is due to the fact that the acid is eliminated from the body in the urine becomes.

The gastric juice, or gastric acid, is with one pH between 1.2-3.0 the most acidic area of ​​our body. As the name suggests, hydrochloric acid is formed in the stomach. Together with the gastric juice enzyme pepsin, the stomach acid is used for Digesting proteins, to the Decomposition of solid food components and Killing pathogens, responsible.
A healthy milieu has a slightly basic pH value. The pH value in the blood is 7.4 and thus forms the ideal basis for smooth metabolic processes in the body. Nice if there are minor deviations, certain protective devices apply of the body. The so-called Buffer systems are responsible for that Correct pH imbalances in body fluids and cells. An example of a buffer system is our lungs: The metabolic end product carbon dioxide that accumulates in the body is exhaled through the lungs and thus easily expelled from the body.

Our conclusion

Our body consists of different fluids with different pH values. The pH value indicates the concentration of the acid or base content in a liquid. The acid-base balance is the ratio of the acid or base content in our body. The Metabolic processes work best at a slightly basic pH of 7.4 function. However, there are areas in the body where an acidic environment is desirable. To one balanced acid-base balance the body has to generate so-called Buffer systems . A healthy and balanced diet also ensures that the Base stores in the body are constantly full and an excess of acid can be neutralized.

Tip: Switching to a healthy and balanced diet can be harder than you think. Here will you find out how to do it change your eating habits in the long term.

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