Why don't men wear blue nail polish?

Boys in Polish: 5 men share why they like to wear nail polish

With “Boy de Chanel” Chanel recently announced a new make-up line for men. The label thus sparked a discussion on the subject Genderless Beautybecause the question is: do we really need different products for men, women and non-binary people? And are we developing into a society in which people of all genders and sexualities are accepted, or are we taking a step back with collections like these?
An Instagram account that celebrates people who simply wear what they want to be Boys in Polish. It is run by the London nail artist Jess Young and shows men who wear nail polish - from individual statement nails to ten-finger works of art with rhinestones. The goal: to tear down gender stereotypes and celebrate nail art with a love of detail.
“I got the idea during a basic art course. One of my male friends wore nail polish, which I admired him for, ”explains Jess. “I started taking photos of men wearing nail polish and posting them on my personal Instagram account. At some point I decided to make a movement out of it ”. So she photographed more and more men. The models always determine the location and the styling and Jess does the nail art and the shoot itself.
“Times are definitely changing. Some men are starting to redefine masculinity in creative ways. I love to see men celebrate their femininity. It's so refreshing (and absolutely about time) to see men in beauty campaigns. In any case, my goal is to blur the boundaries of traditional masculinity, because women often have more freedom when it comes to self-expression and self-expression. I want everyone to have the same opportunities - regardless of gender, gender and sexuality ”.
Click through the slideshow for some of our favorite Boys in Polish looks and find out why these men decided to wear nail polish.