Which year are you completing your studies?

Closing studies / leaving the University of Vienna


There are the following options for completing your studies:

  • successful graduation
  • Termination of one or more studies (earlier "de-register")


How can you close studies?

Leaving the University of Vienna or completing studies is possible all year round.

If you discontinue a bachelor's / diploma or master’s degree, write to us using our contact form and specify which degree (s) you want to close.
If you are studying for a doctorate or PhD, write to [email protected]

Attention: Leaving the University of Vienna (= closing all studies) can only be carried out if you have not borrowed any books from the university library.

A few days later you will see in u: space under Studies> Study overview that the study (s) you mentioned has (have) been closed. You can print out a certificate of departure under Personal> My Documents.


Why do you need a certificate of departure?

  • It is proof that you are no longer admitted to the University of Vienna.
  • Various authorities at home and abroad require certificates of departure.
  • If you are admitted to the same course at another Austrian university, you must present the certificate of departure there.

A certificate of departure can also be issued if you only close one of several studies.

When completing a degree due to a successful degree and when completing the preparatory course, the certificate of leaving is not available.


When will your studies be automatically closed?

  1. If you have successfully completed your studies, your admission will automatically expire on the last examination date. Approval for the final administrative steps on the part of the StudyServiceCenter (SSC) is no longer necessary.
  2. You will also automatically lose your admission if you do not pay the tuition / ÖH fee. You can also intentionally not pay in in order to break off your studies (if you have already paid up at another Austrian university / pedagogical university, you have to close your studies, see above).
  3. Failure to pass the STEOP or the fourth negative start in examinations in higher semesters also leads to the automatic termination of the course.

You can see in u: space under Studies> Study overview that your studies have not been registered for continuation.


Can I resume my studies later?

The resumption of studies is generally possible within the appropriate period and under the respective requirements of the study. With the resumption you will be placed in the currently valid curriculum. It is therefore possible that not all exams that you have already taken can be recognized again.