How does the full moon affect people?

The moon and our health - the basic properties and effects of the phases of the moon

Do you sleep badly with a full moon? Then you are one of many people who obviously feel the influence of the moon on your own body.
As we have known for a long time, the moon not only affects the tides, but also all living things on earth.

In the "science" of biorhythmics, the lunar cycle is referred to as the rhythm of feelings, sensitivity and nervous activity. Even if science can only partially prove the influence of the moon, it is still a matter of course for primitive peoples to use the ancient knowledge about the influence of the moon on our health.

It is assumed that the body reacts to the vibrations that the moon generates through its rotation and its position in relation to the other planets. The body is a "soundboard" for vibrations, and these can affect various organs.

So far it has only been scientifically proven that during a full moon

  • appetite increases because the human stomach produces more juices.
  • sexuality is more active because the body releases more hormones.
  • every fifth newborn was conceived on a full moon night.

Furthermore, the following facts are no longer objected to by science, but have not been scientifically proven:

  • The color sensitivity of the eyes changes on the days around the full moon. Humans are more receptive to red than to blue.
  • Heart patients are likely to be more at risk on full moon days.

Because science cannot prove many influences of the moon, one is often more or less ridiculed if one falls back on the knowledge of our ancestors. But even in the most modern diagnostics and apparatus medicine, people increasingly reflect on these findings, especially when they reach their limits.

But try out the following basic properties and effects of the phases of the moon to see whether you notice the influence of the moon on your body and your health:

Waxing moon
It has a constructive, absorbent and energy-saving effect. This is the time when something should be added to the body and it can be strengthened.

Waning moon
The effect of this moon phase is exhaling, exuding, drying out and reducing energy. When the moon is waning, healing occurs faster than usual. Even if you have an increased appetite, you will not gain weight or gain weight only slightly during this time. Tests or school assignments are more positive. If you can plan an operation, this moon phase is a good time to do it.

new moon
This is a good time to give up vice. A diet is also particularly promising on new moon days, because on these days the body is very willing to detoxify.

New moon to full moon
During this time, sedatives respond slowly, sometimes not at all. Stimulants, on the other hand, work better and faster.

Full moon
When the moon is full, the body's temperature is higher than normal. People who get nervous or suffer from hysteria are particularly vulnerable during this time. Babies are particularly fond of being born on full moon days, and medicinal herbs collected on this day are said to be particularly effective.

Moon conjunct Saturn
Illnesses that start in this phase are long-lasting. In addition, irritants lose their effectiveness or have a very weak effect.

Moon conjunct Mars
In this phase of the moon, all remedies respond well.