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by Dag Erik Zimen in Alle, New at George28. May 2019

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There are many banks. But only one George. With Multi Banking, which can now be activated free of charge as a George plug-in, you can also get your checking and savings accounts at other Austrian banks "home to George" and synchronize your transactions. So that you can experience all your finances with the original.

Banking with multiple plugs.

There are many reasons to have an account with another bank. No reason to lose track. One more reason for George, because his Multi Banking now guarantees the original George experience and the best overview since internet banking has existed, also for your current and savings accounts at other banks.

How to become a multi:

Activate the Multi Banking Plug-in for free in the George Store (menu item “New Products”) and you will become a multi: Connect once with your current and savings accounts at your other bank and in future synchronize your account turnover regularly at the push of a button or automatically, without any manual data transfers.

George will set up a connection for you with the following Austrian banks:

  • Bank Austria
  • Raiffeisen
  • easybank
  • Bawag P.S.K.
  • ING DiBa
  • Volksbank

Once you have advanced to multi, you can of course personalize your multi banking accounts just like your original George accounts. This gives you a full George overview of your account transactions, including the financial manager.

Good to know:

How is that possible? With your access data, you enable George to automatically read, synchronize and process your account transactions at the other bank.

Is this allowed? Yes. You voluntarily connect George to your other bank and explicitly allow George to synchronize your information. No banking secrecy is violated.

Is it safe? Yes. George keeps your access data for the external account just as safe and confidential as your George data.

Is that comparable? Yes. George recognizes how other banks structure sales. However, he cannot guarantee the completeness of the sales information.

That's all? No, there is more to come: You can currently use George Multi Banking to import your external accounts and view and manage transactions. In the future, he can also make transfers from these accounts for you. Stay tuned.



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