Which English series do you recommend

Our pick of the best series for learning English (no subtitles!)

The days when you only learned English with thick grammar books are long gone.

Since streaming has existed, and especially Netflix and Amazon Prime, it's easier than ever to watch series; so-called binge watching, also known as series marathon, has never been so widespread. There is also the option of watching films and series in their original version (OV), whether via Netflix or Smart TV, which is increasingly being used by younger viewers in particular. Watching series and learning English is no longer reserved for owners of VHS tapes or DVDs. Among the numerous accents (British, American, Australian, Indian) and the different genres (thriller, comedy, fantasy, ...) there is something for every taste and for all language levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).

Gymglish has made a list of the series for you that are best for improving your English on the side.

1) To combine the useful with the pleasant:Friends

There is definitely no one who has never heard of Chandler, Phoebe or Joey.

Friends has been with Tv show- Popular to fans all over the world. The 236 episodes are about the ten-year friendship between the six cult characters. Subtitles are of course forbidden on this series! Spoiler Alert: The last episode will make you shed tears.

Language level: After ten seasons, you've gotten used to the American accent. The series is ideal for learning English because what is spoken here is simple everyday English. But still pay attention to the many idiomatic expressions or idioms. idioms, in the Friends occurrence.

2) To speak English like an American:The simpsons

Matt Groening's sitcom first aired in 1989 and perfectly reflects the stereotype of the American family. Who doesn't know Homer and his donuts? The Simpsons is a satire on the geopolitical conditions in the USA, which, with its no less than 669 episodes and 31 seasons, is perfectly suited to familiarize yourself passively with the cultural characteristics of the United States. So just twenty minutes a day can sometimes be enough!

Language level: Springfield residents don't speak slowly, but that won't prevent you from understanding the main plot and immersing yourself in the characters' everyday lives. At first glance, the cartoon seems to be for children, but American slang is omnipresent here and sometimes a rather vulgar language is used. Warning: The voice of Marge Simpson is very special in the OV and could give you a headache.

3) To feel at home in everyday American English:Desperate Housewives

The series Desperate Housewives (literally: "Desperate housewives") was first broadcast in 2004 and tells of life in theWisteria Lane and their amazing residents. Secrets, infidelity, murders, hostage-taking, ... One thing is certain: the life of an ordinary housewife is different. The six seasons of the series are ideal for perfecting your English, especially in terms of intonation and pronunciation, but also for memorizing new English vocabulary.

Language level: All episodes are told by the fictional character of Marie-Alice Young, who speaks clearly and distinctly. The English is fluent and easy to understand for learners of all levels. Desperate Housewives is the ideal tool to improve your listening comprehension.

4) For an (almost) perfect pronunciation:Downton Abbey

If you want to improve your language skills and this time with the help of authentic English from the (early) 20th century, then this is the series Downton Abbey a "must". The historical drama takes place in the early 1900s and depicts the life of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants on the family estate. You will quickly take characters such as the conservative and patriarchal Robert Crowley, the mysterious and seductive John Bates or the imperious Violet Crawley to your heart. A quote to remember: "Don't be defeatist dear, it's very middle-class "("Don't be defeatist. It's so middle class.").

Language level: After six seasons of this series, you will be very familiar with the British accent. You will progress at an impressive pace and go unnoticed. Plus, the series is perfect for telling the difference between the noble family accent (Received Pronunciation) and their servants (the typical Yorkshire accent).

5) To develop detective skills:Sherlock

This contemporary version of the famous detective stories, inspired by the books of Scottish author Arthur Conan Doyle and 100%made in Britain is, consists of only 4 seasons and 13 episodes. You are probably already familiar with the plot of the series: it is about the famous detective (played by the charming and eccentric Benedict Cumberbatch) and his assistant, Dr. Watson solving mysterious crimes in the streets of London.

Language level: In every single episode you are confronted with the elegant London accent. From a linguistic point of view, the series is an ideal tool for perfecting your listening comprehension of spoken “British English”. However, it isSherlock rather something for advanced users, as the speaking speed is sometimes quite fast and you don't always understand everything when you first listen.

Our very special recommendation:Black Mirror

Certainly the most traumatic series of the millennium, Black Mirror, is an anthology dystopia that has been widely spoken and written about. Different from most television programs based Black Mirrornot on a fixed group of characters, but on a central theme: technology and the devastating consequences it could have on our society. They are disturbing, apocalyptic and frightening stories with situations that are in some cases familiar to us, but which are taken to the extreme. The thrill is guaranteed here.

Language level: Black Mirror is a British-American production, so you'll find actors with both British and American accents here. However, the technological vocabulary could cause difficulties.

Remember that series should only ever be used in addition to a language learning program and not as the only learning medium. In addition to the series that you watch, you can, for example, register for one of our Gymglish online courses so that your learning process is regular and you can improve your English through play.

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