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One film, 2 opinions: Resident Evil - The Final Chapter

In our new section "One film - two opinions“We let 2 editors who rate a film differently compete against each other.

It starts with: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

titleResident Evil: The Final Chapter
Country of productionUnited States
DirectorPaul W. S. Anderson
scriptPaul W. S. Anderson
genreAction, horror, science fiction
actorMilla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Ruby Rose, Iain Glen, Shawn Roberts, William Levy, Eoin Macken, Fraser James, Lee Joo Gi
length106 minutes
FSKApproved from 16 years of age
rentalConstantin Film Distribution


Opinion of Alex

With the 6th part of the "Resident Evil" series, the viewer can expect a breathtaking and in any case, worthy finale.

This time "Alice", played again by Milla Jovovich, receives the order from the "Red Queen" to return to Raccoon City. The task there is to get the antiserum against the T-virus from the notorious "Hive" in order to save the world, because there are only around 4,500 people left on the planet.

At the same time, “Dr. Alexander Isaacs “(Ian Glen) proposed the complete extinction of mankind. Therefore Alice only has 48 hours to complete her mission successfully.

She is supported by a group of survivors, with whom I was particularly happy about the appearance of "Ruby Rose" as Abigail. The actress, who gained worldwide fame with “Orange is the new black”, is apparently often asked for action films at the moment and does her job very well.

Atmospherically, “The Final Chapter” is one of the better parts of the series, the actors do their job well and the zombies and monsters are also impressive. Lots of variety and successful effects for the eye. There is also a twist towards the end that gives the story a human touch.

In general, the complete story is summarized and ended in “The Final Chapter”, everything is revealed.

For me, after the disappointing 5th part, the film is a successful conclusion to a successful film series that I enjoyed watching. Only the sometimes blurred images bothered me a little. Elements from "The Cube" and "The book of Eli" can be recognized. A few scenes are a bit implausible, but ... it's a zombie movie, so who is expecting logic or absolute comprehensibility ...

Daisy's opinion:

Now that you've read the good review, it's my turn. The last stone has fallen and with this part of the series, the franchise should now come to an end. Despite all the negative criticism in the run-up, I read the film to heart. Why? Because I'm just a fan of the series. No matter if games or films. Okay, a milestone in film history isn't a single part of them, but the box office results speak for themselves.

What I liked a lot was the introduction and the voice of Alice from the off, which gives newcomers and casual viewers the opportunity to understand the story. However, I found it a pity that otherwise every part was directly linked to the process. Unfortunately it was not the case here. Of course, not much time went by, but if you looked at all the parts one after the other, then it would be an endless strip (yes, there are people who do that and I'm one of them).

The pictures are at least impressive and when the camera pans over the devastated Washington, one has the impression for a brief moment how oppressive an apocalypse can be. Nevertheless, this does not comfort the bad script with its holes in logic. Even worse. If we are spoiled at the beginning with a wonderful panorama of a destroyed city, the camera work fails at full level when it comes to the fight and action scenes.

If RE was able to score properly in 3D from the 4th part, it was all over in the 6th part. For the most part, the fights took place in complete darkness, so that the wobbly camera work made it difficult to follow the fight. In addition, there was 'streaking'. I watched the film in 3D and in Isense. But despite this high level of technology, it was a cramp for the eyes. Sorry, I can't think of a better description right now.

Let's get to the story that made no sense to me. Well, so many things don't make sense with Resident Evil, but there was clearly a common thread missing here. The plot acts like a processed to-do list. Alice alone. But she needs friends. Well, let's get some friends in now. It's too boring. We need another traitor. Well, let's record it now. Oh, and die. You have to die. Not everyone can survive.

The bad thing was that it didn't allow you to relate to the supporting characters. Anderson hadn't taken the time to introduce these. So I didn't care if someone blessed the temporal.

As a Resident Evil fan, I'm very disappointed with the last part. Anderson should have taken a lot more time for the characters, a little less action and better pictures, then it could have been a worthy end to the series, but so ... Sorry!

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