What should I call my export company?

What should I call my company?

The idea is there. How you can do it, but somehow the name has not yet been found. Art directors of large corporations and budding entrepreneurs alike face this problem. One Finding names for your own company or product isn't difficult, however the right one Finding names is all the more difficult.

The imagination knows no limits…

So how can you proceed if the idea leaves you speechless? If you google terms on the topic, the first results are usually online generators for creative combinations of given words, or even fantasy terms. An interesting generator is e.g. the Web 2.0 Domain Name Generator. They are usually unsuitable as product names because they rarely suggest a connection between product and brand name.

What do I call my company?

The classic case: the company name should reflect what the company does and / or contain the family name. This is still the most common case today, especially in the craft sector. You meet them Müller Scaffolding GmbH just like baker Schmit, the one under Schmit KG bakery operates. Such a company name is conveyed to customers Seriousness and tradition. But such a name choice is unpopular, especially with fast-moving Internet companies. Maybe tomorrow you will be doing something completely different than you are today ?! As a result, the number of fantasy names registered in the commercial register has increased significantly since the 1990s. For a few years now, registered sole proprietorships no longer have to include a surname in their company name. From the Avatarus Karsten Müller e.K. can now the Avatarus e.K. become.

Name generators can be used to create fine-sounding art terms that are wonderfully suitable as company names (if not already taken).

The ancient Romans ask

The Justicius law firm, just like that Magni construction and the Opus gallery. They all have one thing in common: they use Latin vocabulary or variations as company names. The name conveys intellect and seriousness, is therefore mostly used by companies that want to deny higher groups of buyers or who want to take themselves particularly seriously. This form of brand selection or naming runs through all centuries of legal history. Simply because until a few centuries ago, Latin was still an internationally spoken language!

I recommend Albert Martin's online Latin dictionary to anyone who has never had Latin themselves or cannot find their dictionary. Here you can quickly find the Latin equivalent of the German variant in the search mask. “Glück” becomes sonorous “Fortuna” and “Buche” becomes beautiful “Fagus”. But you have to decline yourself!

Take a look at market research

How are consumption decisions made? When it comes to this question, the choice of names for companies is of central importance. At the end of the usual W-questions like: “Who do I want to address with my product?” Or “What do I want to sell the product through?” Is the name! Imagine if a 5-star luxury hotel were to call itself “Expenso”. As a potential hotel guest, what do you associate with such a name? Exactly! "Expensive", that is, expensive. However, if the hotel were to give itself a name like “Deluxe Blanc”, what the potential customer suggests with the name would be more in the right direction. Namely, particularly high-quality equipment, even if "expensive" would actually fit.

What the farmer does not know, he does not eat!

Names can sound beautiful and be creative. But if they do not fit the product or the customer group, they are of no use! Imagine you want to sell a feel-good voucher with the name "être bien" in a discounter. The voucher is very cheap and they have found out through surveys on site that there is an interest in paid massages among the buyers. The voucher still does not sell because the target group does not speak French, so they cannot identify the voucher as such!

Decision-making aid when choosing a name

Would I like to have the business object and / or the family name in the company name?

-> If No, then either compose or generate fantasy names.

Example: the business object is constructionen and Malearn. So I name the company bauma

Does my target group value a reputable name?

Usually "Yes“For all business in the area of ​​financial services and for all those who have to do with security, law and order, then -> use Latin vocabulary

Do I want to work internationally, be trendy or do I work in the creative industry?

 -> If Yes, then use well-known English terms (e.g. "Consulting" for advice). For companies in the fashion sector, also suitable in French. Article image: © Benjamin Thorn / PIXELIO