Who or what would survive the nuclear apocalypse

Is there even a life that could realistically survive a nuclear apocalypse?

To date, enough nuclear weapons are known to make the world habitable for 98% or life forms. The 2% are deep-sea fauna, insects that can mutate quickly enough to adapt to the new environment, and rats that are also an exceptional breeding factor. And extremofiles bacteria.

A full nuclear replacement will cause a myriad of factors that should turn the earth into a desert.

  • Soot: All capital cities and military nuclear silos will be targeted first. Cities will turn into blazing infernos, adding the soot from their bonfires to what the explosions caused high in the air. This soot will contain every possible chemical and other radiation if the targets (like South Korea or Japan etc) previously had their own nuclear power plants. Add all of this to the radioactive dust that the ground explosion (think the military targets) creates.

And we haven't even used ALL of these monsters. In a FS nuclear war, at this point in time, nobody wants the other to leave a future advantage. This is a perfect "lose-lose" situation in which each side believes they can win for the keep.

  • COLD: Nuclear winter will set in soon once dust settles in the atmosphere. The once tropical regions will suffer from arctic temperatures. Global average temperatures will drop so quickly and so badly that they will exceed what humans suffered during the last great ice age when at least food was found and the air and water were clean.

If sunlight is greatly reduced for an extended period of time, radioactive black rains occur around the world, and the cold lasts longer, the food chain that depends on plants will collapse completely. Everyone dies on the surface of the earth, with the exception of cockroaches, flies and scavengers, who can feed on carrion and felt protected underground when war broke out on us.

And when the atmosphere is finally freed of dust, the ozone layer has depleted to such an extent that continuous, intensive UV bombardment occurs on the surface. Any human survivor permitted by God would slowly be killed and blinded by skin cancer.

Furthermore, and worse, these few survivors would remain grouped and scattered in small tribal enclaves that could not come into contact with one another over long distances (no technology and no animals to use to transport or transmit messages). With these enclaves, many men and women would just be sterile from radiation. Those who could give birth would produce misshapen monsters with a very short life expectancy, and these incredibly rare babies, who could reach sexual maturity in relatively good health, should soon start inbreeding, giving birth to faulty babies again. Extinction of mankind

So yes, life would survive, but it will be left to evolution and several million years before you can perhaps speak of a sentient species again. And this time it will come from rats.

James ♦

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