What is the best cryptocurrency portfolio app

The best cryptocurrency apps for traders in 2021

With the rise of cryptocurrency, there are hundreds of crypto apps for Android and iOS. Some are wallets, others are with the rise of cryptocurrency, there are hundreds of crypto apps for Android and iOS. Some are wallets, others are exchanges. Others track prices or share cryptocurrency news. The average person, even if they are very interested in cryptocurrency, won't download more than a handful of them. So what are the best crypto apps in 2021? We've compiled a list of the top five apps based on reputation, security, features, and popularity.


Binance prides itself on being the top crypto platform based on trading volume. It's worth noting that it's one version of Binance for residents of the United States and a different version for everyone else. The mobile application offers most of the same functions as the Binance website version that you would access on your computer.

Binance primarily serves as an exchange. One of the standout features that makes it so popular is the ability to purchase various cryptocurrencies with one credit or debit card. Users can buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies using this method. From there, Binance provides access to more than 200 cryptocurrencies that can be traded.

A newer addition to the Binance services includes the ability to earn interest on cryptocurrency holdings. Binance Savings & Staking is integrated into the application and offers interest rates of more than 5%.

Security is not a typical issue for Binance as the platform has a secure asset fund for users. Traders of all skill levels can appreciate Binance as it has both a Lite and Pro version. The Binance app also contains a crypto wallet that is intuitive to use.


BlockFi is a little different from the other crypto apps on this list. It lets users earn interest on cryptocurrency or borrow money from cryptocurrency. It also enables crypto trading, like many of the other top crypto apps.

The standout feature of BlockFi is the interest-bearing accounts with industry-leading interest rates. The interest can be up to 8.6% APY and is compounded monthly. There is also no minimum balance to earn interest, which makes BlockFi accessible to everyone. In addition, BlockFi lets users withdraw their interest-bearing cryptocurrencies at any time. The only disadvantage is that these BlockFi interest accounts are limited to Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Tether, USD Coin, Gemini Dollar, Paxos Standard, and Paxos Gold.

Another unique feature is the ability to borrow USD with cryptocurrency as collateral. These are same-day loans with no prepayment penalty. You also only have interest-free monthly payments for the first year.

BlockFi supports bank transfers for ease of use. The dashboard is intuitive and the application allows the user to choose biometric login methods. Gemini is the primary custodian for BlockFi. Since the Gemini app also appears on that list, it's a safe option.

Block folio

Another type of crypto app, Blockfolio, tracks cryptocurrency prices. It also lets users keep track of their crypto portfolios. The application offers data on more than 8,000 cryptocurrencies. There is also the option to create a personalized crypto newsfeed and set up price alerts. This crypto app has millions of users.

Blockfolio's portfolio tracking capabilities are one of its main features. The application enables users to track more than 8,000 coins, tokens and altcoins, as well as more than 100 fiat currencies. This means users can keep track of all of their assets in one place. Portfolio tracking even includes a personal portfolio chart to keep track of users' investments over time. The “Transactions” tab also offers the option of booking rewards such as mining and airdrops without entering a record.

Another important function are the live stock exchange prices with market analysis. Blockfolio collects information from 300+ crypto exchanges. Users can view candlestick charts and order books in real time or set price alerts.

For security, Blockfolio offers the option to hide user balances and lets users add a pin for additional security. There's also 24/7 support, which is common with the apps on this list.


Coinbase is among the most popular crypto exchanges and wallets, as well as one of the best crypto apps in 2021. Coinbase has more than 35 million users spread across 32 countries. It enables users to buy, sell, or hold cryptocurrencies securely. As with most of the other applications on this list, the Coinbase app is fully featured, including the main components of the web platform.

Coinbase lets users buy cryptocurrency with a debit card or bank account and offers several options to appeal to all users. It supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Basic Attention Token, Litecoin, 0x, and USD Coin. This is less than some other crypto apps, but it does cover the most popular ones.

The dashboard on Coinbase is intuitive and shows information like the value at a glance. Price warnings and automatic purchases appeal to traders with different levels of experience.

For security, Coinbase stores more than 98% of its cryptocurrency offline. The remaining less than 2% has industry leading security measures. In addition to two-factor authentication, Coinbase makes it easy to deactivate the mobile phone application remotely from a computer. This is useful for stolen or lost cell phones.


Gemini is another of the best crypto apps that primarily serves as a digital exchange. It also lets you store cryptocurrency that you can then use in transactions. Other features include the ability to stop recurring purchases and create price alerts.

One of the great things about Gemini is the “safety first” mentality that has always been part of the platform and keeps it safe. The wallet and crypto storage system were developed by industry-leading security experts. All accounts must have two-factor authentication for added security. Extra peace of mind comes from the fact that Gemini is New York based and regulated.

Gemini allows users to buy cryptocurrencies by connecting their bank account and paying with fiat. There's also a Gemini Pay feature that works with more than 30,000 retail locations. This feature allows users to pay for transactions using cryptocurrencies instead of fiat.

Gemini is not only available for Android and iOS, but also for Wear OS, i. H. it is compatible with smartwatches.

While these are the top five crypto apps in 2021, there are dozens of others worth considering as well. Most exchanges and wallets now have their own apps on top of the mobile platforms available.