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Amazon Policy on Child Restraint Sales in the United States

Important: When you sell products on Amazon, you must comply with all state, state, and local laws and the Amazon guidelines that apply to those products and product offerings.

On this page you will find the following information:

  • What is a child restraint system?
  • Amazon Policy for the Sale of Child Restraint Systems
  • How do I apply for activation for the sale of child restraint systems?
  • Documents that you must submit when you are approved for the sale of child restraint systems.
  • This is how you transmit the documents required for activation
  • Lab that you can use to get test reports
  • How do I request removal of products from Amazon fulfillment centers?
  • Consequences of violating guidelines
  • Report policy violations
  • Examples of types of child restraint systems
  • Links to other resources
  • frequently asked Questions

What is a child restraint system?

A child restraint system is a device specifically designed for use in motor vehicles to hold, seat, or position children weighing a maximum of 30 kg. Child restraint systems are mostly referred to as "child seats". These are divided into different types with different applicable standards. See some examples below.

What are Amazon's guidelines for selling child restraint systems?

We require sellers to provide documentation showing that the product meets all local legal requirements. According to Amazon guidelines, child restraint systems sold through Amazon must meet the certification standards set out below.

How do I apply for activation for the sale of child restraint systems?

Resellers must send an invoice and a picture of the product and / or packaging. Manufacturers must send in a picture of the product and / or packaging.

What information / documents do I have to submit in order to meet the requirements?

In order to meet the requirements of the Amazon guidelines, you must demonstrate that all child restraint systems that you sell through the Amazon website meet the established certification standards. To do this, submit the following information / documents for review in order to be activated for sale.

  1. Company Name
  2. Seller / Dealer ID
  3. E-mail address
  4. Phone number
  5. A list of the ASINs that you want to sell
  6. Product images, Consumer Registration Card, and manuals, if applicable (Images should contain all relevant safety information and markings required to comply with guidelines)
  7. Declaration of neutrality ("self-certification") showing that the US CPSIA requirements for lead (Section 101 of the CPSIA) are met
  8. Test reports from an internal or external laboratory showing that each product has been tested against the regulations listed below:
    productRegulation / standard requirement
    Baby seat with handleASTM F2050 and 49 CFR 571.213
    Raised child seats (backless and with belt positioning)49 CFR 571.213
    Forward facing child restraint systems49 CFR 571.213
    Rearward facing child restraint systems49 CFR 571.213
    Travel systems (convertible child restraint systems, including those with strollers)ASTM F833-15, ASTM F2050, 49 CFR 571213
    Fabric systems for restraining children without a frameSelling this item on Amazon is prohibited.

For more information on CPSIA requirements, see the following link: Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

How do I submit the required information / documents?

To submit the requested information / documents, send an email to [email protected]

Annotation: You certify that all of the materials you submit are truthful, authentic, and correct. Amazon can withdraw your authorization to sell if you do not meet these security requirements.

What labs can I use to get test reports?

Amazon now accepts laboratory reports from external or internal laboratories, provided the laboratory is certified to test products with regard to the listed requirements.

Some laboratories offer special Amazon test rates. A list of these compliance service providers can be found here.

How do I request removal of products from Amazon fulfillment centers?

If you cannot or do not want to object to the hiding of your ASIN, you have 30 days to create a removal order for your products in our logistics centers.

For more information, see the following help pages:

Consequences of violating guidelines

Violations of Amazon's guidelines for offering child restraint systems can have the following consequences, among others:

  • Cancellation of the offer
  • Temporary withdrawal of the right to sell
  • Hide your ASINs

Amazon reserves the right to take other necessary measures and to decide at its own discretion whether an offer complies with the guidelines or not.

Report policy violations

Amazon asks sellers to report offers that violate our policies or applicable law to our sales partner service. Choose Report a violation and include all relevant information so that we can conduct a thorough investigation.

Examples of types of child restraint systems (child seats)

Baby seats with handle

Baby seats with a handle have a seat back in a lying position (more than 10 ° from the horizontal). The Amazon Policy applies to seat frames for baby carriers with a carry handle and child car seats, including stand-alone seat frames that are sold without a shell or seat.

Raised child seats

Elevated child seats are either a backless child restraint system or a seat with seat belt positioning.

  1. Backless child restraint systems (i) consist of a seat platform without extended cushions for the child's back or head and (ii) have a structural element to restrict the forward movement of the child's body in the event of an impact.
  2. Seat belt positioning seats (i) position a child on a car seat to improve the fit of the seat belt on the child, and (ii) do not have any components, such as a belt system or structural element, that are used to restrict the forward movement of the child's body Forward impact were designed.

Forward facing child restraint systems

Forward-facing child restraint systems position a child in the direction of travel of the motor vehicle.

Rearward facing child restraint systems

Rearward-facing child restraint systems position a child against the normal direction of travel of the motor vehicle.

Travel systems

Travel systems include full-size, self-contained strollers with a compatible child car seat that slips into the stroller.

Substance systems

Cloth systems, also known as "cloth car seats," are products made from cloth (nylon, cotton, etc.) with straps, clips, and padding that are used to restrain children in the car. These products do not have any metal or hard plastic frames. They are foldable and light.

The sale of fabric systems on Amazon is currently not permitted.

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frequently asked Questions

How can I find out if I am authorized to sell child restraint systems?

Activated sellers will be notified by email.