Men must use a facial moisturizer

Men shouldn't use their wife's creams

Berlin (dpa) l The times when a man only let water and soap on his skin are long gone. On the contrary: Today the gentlemen of creation also use care products, as Martin Ruppmann from the VKE Cosmetics Association in Berlin explains.

The association had determined this together with TNS Infratest in a representative survey. One in six (18 percent) said they used a special facial cream for men every day or almost every day. 16 percent use them three to four times a week, 12 percent once or twice a week. Overall, aftershave is the most popular with men - half would not be without it.

And why doesn't he just reach into his partner's cream jar? It's simple: men's skin is different from women's. The dermatologist Uta Schlossberger from Cologne names two important differences: "Male collagen fibers in the skin are cross-linked with each other." This more stable structure protects better against environmental influences, so wrinkles often only appear later in men.

"In addition, men's skin has more sebum glands than women, so their complexion is usually oily than women's skin and tends to be blemished," explains Schlossberger. Hence, a moisturizer is good for most men. And only in winter, when heated air makes the skin of the face dry and brittle, should you occasionally resort to fatty products.

Always use sharp blades when shaving

So there is little point in using the woman's cream. "Skin care creams for women, especially night creams or anti-wrinkle products, usually contain a higher percentage of fat," explains dermatologist Peter Weisenseel from Dermatologikum Hamburg. "This is rarely useful for men, as male skin usually produces a sufficient amount of fat."

In addition to the different skin structures, men have another unique selling point: their beard growth. For many, the daily shave is part of the number one care ritual - and it does not always go smoothly. "Skin irritations after shaving are common," says dermatologist Weisenseel. On the one hand, they are caused by the small injuries to the skin. This also allows germs to penetrate the skin better and cause small inflammations there.

Men should therefore always wet their skin and whiskers well with warm water, then massage in a generous amount of shaving foam or gel. It is important that very sharp blades are always used. "Don't shave over the same area too often, apply moisturizer or disinfectant after shaving," advises Weisenseel. Some also struggle with ingrown hairs. "These men should rather dry-shave."

However, many trend-conscious men are currently not shaving - they wear a beard. But this also needs to be looked after. "It is best to wash your beard once a day with a mild, pH-neutral shampoo," explains Schlossberger.