Why is discretion important

Discretion and trust

In our business model, we live exclusively on discretion and trust. Because we hear and see things that could seriously harm you as an entrepreneur. This information must never be made public. We undertake to do this - also in writing by means of confidentiality agreements. You can expect 100% discretion and trust from us - and you will get it.

We treat all conversations and content with you with absolute confidentiality!

Trustworthiness is a great asset that a coach and consultant must first develop. Trustworthiness shows the mutual appreciation and respect that one shows towards one another. It is essential here that we also convince our clients of our character. We are doing this very well.

You can trust us

We are confidential and only pass on information that you have approved to the addressees you have chosen. Even the cooperation with us is carried out discreetly and non-publicly. We act as you wish - either as neutral consultants for strategy and growth or as Renovators.

Right at the beginning of our mandate, we discuss which role we should represent for you to the outside world.

And even when the going gets tough: You are our client - you can rely on us to row YOUR boat - and not that of other people just because the situation has changed! We have seen that too often and find it shabby….

In order to guarantee discretion and trust, we offer you a safe and neutral retreat! Take advantage of this retreat - it has helped many people. The use of our neutral retreat is also ideal for confidential conversations. Or to simply clear your head for highly concentrated activities outside of the usual work environment. This is useful, for example, for strategy development, restructuring planning, corporate mission statement development, coaching and mediation or the like.


We are often asked for references for our successful work. This is particularly tricky in our special task environment. Because our clientele does not want to be mentioned publicly. Discretion and trust come first in our cooperation. However, we have clients who are willing to share their positive experiences with us. We will be happy to establish mutual contact on your request. Because we are aware that neutral, independent opinions are also very important in order to build trust. Many other questions are also answered on our FAQ page.