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Innovative music experience

"Spotify" is one of the most popular music streaming providers. In combination with an Internet connection, the software offers an almost unlimited selection of current music tracks that you can manage in your own playlists and share with friends.

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Alternatives to Spotify

Depending on the intended use and the desired function, the following programs represent a good alternative to "Spotify".

You can find even more suitable alternatives in the list of the best in the "Stream music" category. The 100 best programs of all time, on the other hand, can be found in the download charts.

Spotify: Supported Platforms

You can download Spotify for the following platforms. Information about the last update: Spotify's Apple iOS version "8.6.28" was updated on May 19th.

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All versions of Spotify available for download can be found on the download page. There you will also find further details about the individual versions.

operating system
Spotify 8.6.28 for: Apple iOS
Spotify varies by device for: Android
Spotify 1.1.55 for: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Spotify 1.1.55 for: macOS
Spotify Windows app for: Windows 8, Windows 10
Spotify installation guide for: Linux

Spotify: App for Android

You can download the Spotify app for Android smartphones and tablets in the Google Play Store. There you will find the current version from May 18th. The version number varies depending on the device, you will only see this when you open the Google Play Store with your smartphone or tablet.

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Spotify rating in the Google Play Store Right now just corrosive. The player does what it wants. On the way the music just comes on, you just can't stop it. The picture does not change when you switch. The same song is always there, although a different one is playing. Every 2 days you have to throw the app down completely so that something works at all. Should be fixed really quickly, otherwise you will lose a lot of customers ...

Spotify: iOS app for iPhone and iPad

In the App Store you can download the version "8.6.28" of Spotify for iPhone and iPad. This was last updated on May 19, 2021 and is available free of charge.

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Spotify rating in the App Store You can save yourself without premium. - Have had Spotify Premium for several years now and have always been very satisfied, perfect app for music. Until recently, out of the blue, all my playlists with about a hundred songs each were deleted - I still don't know why - and I was logged out of my account a few days ago without warning and can no longer log in even after resetting the password ( but my father, with whom I share the account, can log in to his device with the same password). So now I was “forced” to try out Spotify Free. It's the horror, advertising after what feels like every third song, you can't even play individual songs or skip songs in an album / playlist. Incredibly annoying; So if you don't plan to buy the expensive premium subscription, you can safely save yourself the app.

Spotify: guides, tips and tricks

The use of any software sometimes requires more or less knowledge. We show you in simple Step-by-step instructionshow to use the various functions of Spotify correctly. Not what you are looking for? In our tip center you will find thousands of instructions for all common programs.

  • In this guide we explain how you can stream Spotify using the web player in your browser.
  • Do you want to download your Spotify songs as MP3 files? Netzwelt reveals how you can save entire playlists as an MP3 collection.
  • Do you want to empty the Spotify queue or delete individual songs? Netzwelt shows how you clean up the playlist.
  • In this guide we will show you step by step how you can start and join group sessions in Spotify.
  • Here's how you can change your Spotify username.
  • How to delete your Spotify account.
  • This is how you can redeem your Spotify voucher.
  • So you announce Spotify Premium.
  • How to reset your forgotten Spotify password.
  • In our instructions we will show you how you can load your own music files onto your smartphone or tablet and also play them offline.
  • We'll show you how you can use Spotify with or without a family subscription with multiple users at the same time.
  • At first glance, Spotify only seems to exist for music. But we will show you how you can find audiobooks and audiobooks on Spotify and subscribe to corresponding playlists.
  • Do you want to access your favorite songs on the go without an internet connection? We'll show you how you can find music on Spotify, download it and play it without an internet connection.
  • Using Spotify on Mac or Windows PC eats up a lot of memory. That's why we're going to show you how you can move the Spotify cache to an alternative location.
  • In our instructions you will learn how you can send texts and songs to Spotify friends without a Facebook account.
  • Do you want to use the music streaming service Spotify? We'll show you how you can optimally set up and personalize Spotify on iOS and Android.
  • In our instructions we will show you how you can delete the Spotify cache on Windows PC and Mac in order to increase your storage space again.
  • So that you don't just have to listen to your music alone, you can also share your songs and playlists on Spotify. We'll show you how you can share songs or albums with other users via Spotify codes.
  • Spotify actively supports you in finding new music. In this tutorial, we will show you how you can improve the corresponding music recommendations from Spotify.
  • So that you can put the numerous songs on Spotify in order, we show you how you can manage, restore and share Spotify playlists.
  • Do you like to listen to podcasts on Spotify and want to access them on the go? We'll show you how you can play the Spotify podcasts comfortably on your computer.
  • Spotify shows you an error message? In our guide we will show you how you can fix various errors related to Spotify.
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"Spotify" is a new and innovative way to enjoy music anytime. In combination with an Internet connection, the streaming software offers an almost unlimited selection of current music tracks that you can manage in your own playlists and share with friends.

  1. Spotify: Innovative music experience
  2. Operation and functions of Spotify
  3. Spotify: Premium version and mobile apps
  4. Spotify-Lite version available
  5. Our conclusion on Spotify

Operation and functions of Spotify

Spotify gives you access to a huge music library. The music is not downloaded to your computer, but streamed in real time. Thanks to the support of the major music labels, the Spotify music catalog contains millions of songs.

You can easily play current albums and songs using the search function or get advice on new music tips on the start page. You can easily manage your favorite songs in your own playlists. Prior registration with the provider is required to use all of Spotify's program elements. Optionally, you can also log in with an existing Facebook account.

Spotify: Premium version and mobile apps

Spotify is offered in two different versions. In addition to the premium version (around € 10 per month), there is also a free version that has all the basic functions. Buyers of the premium version are spared regular advertisements between songs.

In addition, paying customers can use the offer offline as well as a mobile version for Android or iOS with the full range of functions. The apps are also suitable for pre-loading and playing music without an internet connection. The streaming quality is limited to 128 kbit / s in the free version. The software's PC application is available for Windows and macOS. If you want to use Spotify via your browser, you can use the web app.

Spotify-Lite version available

In early July 2017, the music streaming service released the lite version of the Spotify app. This should keep the data traffic of the smartphone low and also place less stress on its memory. However, you have to do without functions such as downloading music and your own sequence of playlists.

Our conclusion on Spotify

Why buy music when it's permanently available online? Spotify is one of the largest streaming providers for licensed music. The music library is huge and is constantly updated. With the premium version, you can enjoy music both ad-free and offline on your PC and mobile devices.

The desktop software as well as the apps are very sophisticated and offer a high level of convenience. Alternatively, you can use the web app via your browser. By the way: In our music streaming comparison we have extensively tested the 10 best streaming providers.

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