Spotify Shuffle is random

Spotify: Deactivate Shuffle - This is how it works

If you start a song in the Spotify app on your iPhone or Android phone, a playlist is sometimes not played in the usual order. The reason for this is the random playback. If you want to listen to songs one after the other in a playlist, you have to switch off the shuffle mode on Spotify.

"Shuffle" is the English word for "shuffling". Spotify mixes the songs from a list for playback when the mode is switched on. It is not possible to tell in advance which song will be played next.

Deactivating Shuffle is not possible without Premium

Note: The shuttle function can only be switched off in the app only with a paid premium subscription. If you use the free Spotify Free membership, songs can only be played randomly.

If you want to play a certain song from a list, you have to skip the current playback. Note, however, that you will have to listen to commercials after a few skipped songs. You can bypass shuffle playback by searching specifically for the title and artist of your desired song.

Turn off shuffle mode on iPhone and Android

If you have a Spotify Premium or Family subscription, you can turn off shuffle mode on your iPhone and Android phone quickly and easily:

  1. Start the Spotify app.
  2. Play an album or playlist.
  3. Tap the playbar at the bottom. This will be enlarged and you will see the navigation elements such as the play button next to the album cover.
  4. To the left of the large play button there are two arrows running one above the other, which are marked in green. Tap the icon.
  5. If the symbol is grayed out, you have switched off the shuffle mode.

With some new mobile phone contracts, you can use Spotify free of charge for three months.

The setting will be adopted for your next playback. If you have switched on random playback when switching between two playlists or albums, the setting will automatically remain activated until you switch off shuffle mode again. In contrast to the free membership, premium users can see which songs are intended for random playback next.

To do this, first tap on the current title above the menu bar. You can recognize the queue icon by the three lines and the small play button at the top left. Here you can add your own songs to the queue between the randomly selected tracks.

Tip: “What's the name of this song?” - These apps know the answer.